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Press Conference

Andrew Berry press conference - 4/27

Vice President of Player Personnel Andrew Berry:

Opening statement:

"I will tell you what, between the two University of Miami alumni we added to our front office (Assistant General Manager Eliot Wolf and Vice President of Player Personnel Alonzo Highsmith), (RB) Duke Johnson (Jr.), (TE) David Njoku and (DL) Chad Thomas, we may need to plant one of those University of Miami flags outside of the facility now. We are really excited to add Chad Thomas to the roster. We thought that Chad at 6-5, 275 pounds was one of the most physical defensive linemen in the draft. We think his run defense will play immediately in the NFL as a left end in our system. He can kick down inside and rush the passer from inside, as well. We are really excited to add him to the team and think his best football is in front of him."

On if Thomas will play right away:

"We think he is a guy that can contribute right away. Realistically, he is going to have to earn every opportunity and earn every snap just like every guy that we bring in, but we think he is a very talented, strong, athletic defensive linemen that can play in multiple spots along our front."

On the DL rotation:

"As you guys saw last year, (defensive coordinator) Gregg (Williams) loves waving and rotating his defensive line. All of those guys will get plenty of snaps. We are excited about that young group as a whole. We think there is a lot of young talent in that position group."

On Thomas being one of the most physical linemen in this class:

"Really, it shows up with his hand use and his strength. He is a player when we talk about setting the edge or keeping contained in the run-game, he can really put on a clinic tape of being able to do that at one of the end spots. He is just a strong, long, physical guy that uses his hands well."

On if the Browns had Thomas in mind when trading down:

"We felt really good about moving back at that spot. We thought that Chad would still be available, and we were very fortunate that we were correct."

On Thomas' medical history:

"Our medical staff and our doctors, they do a good job with all of that. We are very comfortable with Chad's health. There are no issues from our perspective there."

On if there is a theme with the players drafted, given there have been multiple walk-ons and players who have fought through injuries or medical questions:

"Certainly, a number of the players we have taken so far do have a common theme of having been able to overcome adversity. We do think that translates on the field, as well because football is a very tough sport as well. First and foremost, the reason that we took Chad is because he is a really good football player and we think he is a really great fit for our organization both on and off the field." 

On the Browns interior line depth:

"We love the talent and depth at that group. You can never have enough big guys. We talk about it all the time that along the line of scrimmage that it is really the foundation for your team, and if you have six, seven, eight, nine guys that can play and play in waves, it really makes it easier for the second and third levels of your defense."

On if there is a connection between the trade of DL Danny Shelton to the Patriots and drafting Thomas:

"I wouldn't read too much into connecting any pick to Danny Shelton. With each singular move, we will do what we think is in the best interest of the team, and tonight we are really happy to add Chad."

On the Browns roster changes since free agency:

"Undoubtedly, it is an exciting time. We have so far – look, the weekend is not over – we have added a number of both veterans and younger players that we think can add competition and add talent to a number of position groups and bolster the roster as a whole. We are excited to see what that looks like once we actually hit the field not only during OTAs but eventually into training camp and then into the regular season. Certainly, we are excited about the guys we have added so far, and we still have a lot of work to do not only this weekend but as we enter into the season."

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