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Austin Davis press conference: Browns vs. Steelers

On missed opportunities to score in today's game:
"Yeah, I feel like that was probably the difference for us on offense, just not able to get the ball in the end zone for whatever reason. Playing a team like Pittsburgh, a playoff football team, a very good team, we have to get the ball in the end zone and can't settle for that many field goals. At the end of the day, we were still in it at the end and had a chance. That's what we wanted to do."

On Steelers LB James Harrison's interception:
"It was just a bad decision, bad throw. That's all on me. He undercut it. He made a good play on it, honestly. I think the only thing I could do there was just move around a little bit, scramble drill and see if someone gets open in the end zone, but that was just a bad play on my part."

On if he expected the intense pressure of the Steelers defense:
"We felt like just looking at their pressure packages that they've had all year that that's something they would get to, and they were having success with it. Whenever a team's having success bringing pressure and you're not being able to get behind them and make big plays, you have to expect it to keep coming. I thought we got better as the game went, picking some stuff up and moving the ball down the field."

On the feeling in the locker room with the rumors surrounding the team:
"It is tough because regardless of how a season goes, you spend a lot of time with the guys in the locker room and you almost become like family. That group will never be together again, that specific group. No, the season didn't go the way we wanted. We didn't win games like we wanted to. You have a lot of good friendships and a lot of good brothers in there that you build relationships with. That is the tough part about this business, whether it is the coaching staff or whether it is the players, we are all well aware that there will probably be a lot of changes going into next year. Every one of those guys will all bounce back wherever they land or if they are back with Cleveland, they will be ready to go next year."

On reports that QB Duke Johnson was in Las Vegas last night:
"I did not hear that report. I am not going to comment on that."

On if he could imagine trying to transition to WR as WR Terrelle Pryor has and if he views Pryor solely as a WR now:
"When you are in the game, you just play ball. Terrelle has a big body and can box out corners and make plays in traffic. Anytime you get a man pressure or something, you just put a ball up for him, and obviously, he made the big play down the sideline and made some other good plays for us. He has a chance to be a really good receiver. Just like anything else, it takes time; it takes reps. I thought he got better as the year went along. He came back and did a nice job."

On how difficult coaching changes are on a team:
"You can't put your finger on one thing, but anytime you have a tough year like we have had, there is going to be changes and everyone is well aware of that. That is no secret. No specifics. Who knows? Who knows what will happen? You just have to come back next year ready to roll." ​

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