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Press Conference

Baker Mayfield breaks down how Browns performed vs. Colts at joint practices - Press Conference

On today's practice with the Colts:

"Good first day's work. We still have a ways to go. We have to be a little bit more physical, but I thought we tempo-ed well. We played a lot. We kept the ones in there for a long time in the 'move the ball' period. Did some good things, but we will see the tape."

On if it is helpful to practice against another team and if the energy level changes:

"Absolutely, anytime you get to hit somebody else and not your own teammates where you know exactly what they are doing because you are practicing against them so many days in a row, it is always great. Just seeing different looks and different things and being able to take it back to you Day 1 reads and your rules is great for us to see."

On competing against a top team like the Colts:

"It was great. Anytime you can compete against some of the best, that is when you get better. Iron sharpens iron. That is the way to do it. Coming out here is a good thing for us."

On if RB Nick Chubb has improved as a pass catcher and if Chubb is more comfortable catching passes:

"Absolutely. I think as the year went on last year, he got better and better, knowing what type of offense we were continuing to evolve into. He has worked on that, and he is making some good plays for us. Conceptually, he understands what we are doing in the pass game, too."

On WR Odell Beckham Jr. not participating in as many team periods recently and the impact:

"It is getting guys ready – the next man up mentality. Obviously, he is going to be ready to go when it is time to play. Him sitting out and doing some of the things mentally is him getting used to the offense, seeing things and hearing us communicate it and so when he comes out there, he can be full speed and know exactly what to do. It is great for those other guys to get out there and get a chance to see a change of pace. The more guys who are ready to play with the first group, the better."

On building a strong chemistry with WR Rashard Higgins last year and if he is missing out on the opportunity to do that with Beckham:

"No, I think that will come with time. Higgins and I, that came because he was my guy on the second team offense last year and all the reps in the offseason. No, it will come with time, just like (WR) Jarvis' (Landry) and my chemistry grew, as well."

On coaches rotating RGs and him not expressing concerned with the state of the position:

"That is why they make that decision and not me. I am doing my job. I am doing my job just like you are doing yours."

On the Colts first team defense:

"They have some good players. Seeing (Colts LB Darius) Leonard out there, (Colts S). Malik Hooker, I played him in college. He used me in college. They have good guys. (Colts DT) Margus Hunt up front. They have a good scheme. They play really hard. You see the way they practice, they finish every play. It is fun to compete against them."

On WR Antonio Callaway's suspension:

"Obviously, very disappointing, but I think Callaway has made some changes and we have seen the progress with him. Him being hurt right now hurts more right now because he could be getting reps with some of our guys sitting out of practice. I think [the injury] hurts us a lot. It is giving guys other opportunities to play, but I expect Callaway to come back better than ever."

On why Higgins can be so productive with him, given he is not the fastest guy:

"He is not (laughter). I think it is the understanding of what he is good at. He is not going to take the top off of routes. He has to understand our concepts and be in the right spot at the right time. Just understanding what he does best because not everybody can do everything. You have guys who you have your role, and he knows that if he is a back shoulder guy and he has those choice routes down and have the right decisions so you know where he is going to be. That is what he has realized and is taking advantage of."

On TE Demetrius Harris:

"A big athletic body. I missed a shot down here in the red zone period to him. He is a guy who can go up get it. We are just expanding on his run blocking ability and continuing to grow with him in the offense. He is a guy who can make some plays that not everybody can."

On RB Kareem Hunt's practice:

"It is great to have Kareem out there, the special talent that he is and to get out there with us because he is going to have a long wait until he plays. To get some reps with us to where that itch gets back for him."

On evaluating his performance throughout training camp:

"I feel like I am trying to get better each day and doing a lot of things better each day. I am seeing the game better than I was last year so it is slowing down to me."

On if his understanding of the Browns playbook is exactly where he wants it to be:

"There are definitely steps I still want to take with protection-wise and continuing to grow with that, but I feel like I have made tremendous steps throughout the offseason with that stuff. Just continuing to get back in the flow of things of having live reps against defenses. It is continuing to get better."

On the reaction to his viral video shotguninng a beer:

"Are the Indians are in first place? Tied? They lost today? Man. It is just the City of Cleveland. We are all in it together. That is what the city is about. Just having fun."

On his recent quote that he believes he was born to play in Cleveland and if he knew the connection would be so strong when he first came to Cleveland:

"No, that is something that until you actually get here, you don't realize what the city brings to you with the energy and the passion. It is something special."

On what makes the connection with the city special:

"The 100 percent, you are all in, you are with us or against us attitude. It is pretty similar to how I am and how I have been for a while. It is fun to be here."

On the best reaction he received to the viral video:

"Always Stone Cold Steve Austin approving it. It is pretty cool."

On Colts QB Andrew Luck not being able to practice:

"Obviously, I wish Andrew the best and hope he is healthy, but we are split up on different fields so it is not like I get to see him. Hopefully, he gets healthy soon."

On his recent comment about hype and others wanting the Browns to fail and if he feels the team has a target on its back:

"I think we do have a target on our back just because of all of the people we have brought in, where the culture is headed and our expectations as a whole. People expect us to do well. It is not like we are going to surprise people this year. They are going to come in and give us their best shot."

On if he likes that teams will give the Browns their best shot:

"I do because we have to come in every game ready to go knowing that people are going to be ready to play us."

On if the confidence in the team this year feels different due to the changes:

"I wouldn't say it as much because of last year. Right now, it is we believe in what we are doing, the coaching staff put together and we believe in everybody and we trust what they are calling and their schemes. I would say it is a little bit of last year of being comfortable and knowing what we did offensively but this year having a different staff and really trusting that."

On if the physical nature of this year's training camp has been a culture shock and if the Browns expected it under Head Coach Freddie Kitchens:

"Absolutely, [it has been physical]. No, I think part of the culture change is definitely beating some of that out. Being a tougher team, being that mentality of coming out and realizing that we are going to be the tougher people every day and work for it. I think it has caught some people off guard a little bit, but me being around Freddie last year, not so much."

On if the Browns locker room is behind the physical practices:

"Absolutely. I think we have guys who are bought in right now. That is the best part about it."

On if any Browns players have complained about the physical practices:

"Not that I know of. I don't really get hit so I can't complain (laughter)."

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