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Press Conference

Baker Mayfield postgame press conference - Browns vs. Chiefs

On if changes made on offense were effective:
"We are still running the same offense, but I think we just tried to do what we are best at. Offensively, I think there was a lot more good in this game than we had in the past. I think there is a lot to build on, but there is obviously so much more room for improvement. When you are playing a team like that, you have to stay in the game. You have to give yourself chances. You have to do the little things right. You have to chip away, take time off of the clock just because of the offense that they have. There was a lot of good on offense, but we just have to keep getting better."

On keeping focus, given coaching changes:
"We had to block out the outside noise. We had to focus in and had to do our job on Sunday. All of the distractions could have been an excuse, but I do not think any of the guys handled it that way. They handled it in a professional manner. They handled it the right way. They came out, and we just have to be better. We have to do everything right. We have to focus in. When stuff goes wrong, you have to play the next play."

On RB Duke Johnson Jr.'s performance:
"Duke made a bunch of plays for us today. Obviously, he is one of our playmakers. Whenever we get a chance to get him going… Those are the types of plays we expect him to have. That is what he is capable of. That is what he has shown time in and time out when you get him involved that much. We have to continue to build on that. I say there is a lot to build on, we had (OL) Greg Robinson start at left tackle. He played well. Stuff like that. There is positive right there. We just have to see that positive because you could very well throw in the towel at this point, but that is not what we are going to do. That is not what we are about."

On if he believed the whistle blew before being hit on the sack when he ultimately left the game for a few plays after the medical spotter called for him to be evaluated for a concussion:
"I would have to look at it. I really do not think so. I think the rule is if they see me messing with my helmet, they are going to take precaution. When you get hit in the head, your helmet moves around so I am going to shift it so it fits correctly. They are going to take the precaution. It is just interesting how it works. I had to come out of the game and take the exam. It takes a couple of plays."

On the officials not throwing a flag after he was hit in the head:
"I will have to look at it."

On if the Browns need to aspire to be like the Chiefs offense to be successful in the NFL:
"No, I think that we do is perfectly fine. We just have to be better at it. They have guys who are making their plays. Their quarterback is putting it in the right spot. He is giving them a chance to win. We just have to be better. We are not going to abandon ship with what we are doing and try to do the Chiefs offense. We just have to trust our guys, trust our playmakers and do our job."

On if the Browns need to adjust to be more like the Chiefs offense in the long term:
"They are not doing anything unbelievable that they invented. They are getting their guys in good positions. They are running screens and executing them. They are getting one-on-one matchups and taking advantage of mismatches that they like. That is the type of thing that you are seeing. That is what every offense tries to do is put them in a good position to win."

On offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens calling plays and if it was a point of emphasis to involve Johnson more:
"I would say that the only difference with Freddie and everything is there was so much more communication during the week. We wanted to make sure that everyone was on the same page. He was very vocal about if we are not comfortable doing something as players, then we are not going to do it. There was a lot of back and forth throughout the week, talking about the little details and things here and there. I think that is why we played better on offense today. It was we are going to do what we are best and continue to get better at that. We said we were going to get the ball in our playmakers hands, and that is why you say Duke more involved. It was good to see some of those other guys involved, too."

On if he liked the aggression attempting multiple fourth down and two-point conversions:
"Yeah, I loved going for it on fourth down, especially when we are getting it. That definitely helps. I do not think I would answer it that way if we did not get those. When it comes down to the two-pointers, that was one of those things that we talked about. We were going to go for it on that drive when we scored. After that, you are kind of playing catch up, but we were also playing catch up over all in the game so trying to earn points back."

On moving around more inside and outside the pocket today:
"We moved the pocket a little bit. We got the ball out fast. They have some pass rushers that they speed rush off the edge so anytime you have guys like that, you are getting the ball out quick and that frustrates them. We did that, moved the pocket, some boots and some different stuff here and there. On the scramble drill late in the game, the interception, I just have to have vision of the whole field. The corner has his eyes back inside because he is playing Cover 2. We have what we want. We just have to be able to execute."

On General Manager John Dorsey helping build the Chiefs and if that offers hope for the future of the Browns:
"Absolutely. We believe in what he is doing. We believe in the guys that he has brought in here and everything they are about. It is about building culture. That is where it starts. He established a culture there. He brought in the right pieces. You have to get people to believe in that. It doesn't matter who you have if you have that fixed, then you can go a long way. We are working on that. Like I said earlier, we have to keep getting better."

On if there were fewer plays in the gameplan:
"No, I think we had just about similar if not a couple of more. You have to be able to execute it. We can't change what we are doing. We just have to do it."

On if he feels extra pressure when playing against a high-power offense:
"When we get the opportunity, yes. There were some open plays that we just have to take advantage of. You feel pressure because of the score in the game but not that we need to earn it all back on one play. We just have to do our job. Some of those plays that we had open guys, I have to hit them. Just have to take advantage of the opportunity."

On Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes' performance:
"He threw for a lot of yards. I think he played well. Obviously, they came out with a win. I know Patrick well enough to know that even if he did not play well individually, a win is a win. You have to see the positives in that. I was able to see some of the times that he was stepping up into the pocket extending plays. It is what we all know that he can do. He just does it every day."

On Head Coach Gregg Williams' approach to leading the Browns:
"Trying to block all of the distractions. We have to stay together as a team. To not use it as an excuse. To get better each week, to realize that there is a lot of ball left in this season and to see where we can take this thing. Like I said earlier, it is about the culture, and he is continuing to do that. Right now, it is more important than ever."

On if RB Nick Chubb is starting to settle into his role as starting RB:
"Absolutely. I think that the more carries that you get him, the more that he gets going. He is a physical runner. Very rarely is it one person that brings him down. He just keeps those legs churning and gets the extra yards that make a difference."

On if losing is starting to wear on him:

On how to keep losing from wearing him down:
"Have to go to work tomorrow and have to get better. That is why I said that there were a lot of positives. You have to find those positives. You have to build on it to where eventually the positives outweigh the negatives and you are not dealing with losses, you are dealing with wins and then you are trying to eliminate the negative stuff. Right now, we are at a point where we need to keep getting better at what we are good at and go on from there."

On positive takeaways from the game:
"(OL) Greg Robinson starting at left tackle and playing well. In the first half, we had four drives – two touchdowns and a field goal. That is better than what our first halves normally have been. That is a positive. I just think we did our job better today but not good enough. We have to keep getting better."

On if there are positive takeaways from his individual play:
"Absolutely. I think that I took a big jump from the past weeks to today. I have to continue to do that."

On the feeling when the he and the offense are establishing a rhythm:
"It is just exciting for the team. Whenever I get going, normally everybody else gets rolling, as well. It is football. If your quarterback is playing well, normally the rest of the offense is, too. It is a great feeling. That is the consistency that I am trying to find so that we can find that."

On if sees himself achieving the same accolades in his future that Mahomes is currently accomplishing:
"I do not think I am watching him directly comparing myself to him. I have always respected him and his game. We do some things similar, but at the same time, we are different players. I do not know. He is making a lot of great plays so I would love to do that, too."

On biggest areas of improvement for him today:
"I think just communication on all fronts. We were all on the same page more. We were able to use a little bit of cadence. We were able to push the ball down field. There were still shots to be had. I will continue to learn these guys and put it in the right spot for them."

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