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Press Conference

Baker Mayfield postgame press conference - Browns vs. Falcons

On if he knew he completed his first 13 passes or if it just felt like he was in a great rhythm:
"I just felt like I was in a great rhythm. We were moving the ball well. I just felt like we were progressing as a team."

On Head Coach Gregg Williams and offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens saying to cut it loose and that they had his back:
"It comes down to just doing my job. Them saying they trust me enough to let the ball go, I was brought here for a reason so just go do my thing. That obviously makes me feel comfortable when they say that. It comes down to me doing my job, getting the ball out of my hands. We did a good job of having guys open, finding the holes in their defense and getting completions."

On if he felt like the team was coming together after last week:
"We have been very close for a little bit. We just finally played well on all three phases. We played together, and the defense was getting stops. We complemented them and scored so that is the good part of what we are doing right now. We have been very close. We capitalized on it this week."

On the wishbone formation:
"It was something, wasn't it? (laughter) It is just a different look. It is something that we worked a little bit. It was great. Even though we had a turnover, if we would have completed that ball, everybody would have been saying, 'They are brilliant.' Since we had an interception, they are probably going to throw Freddie under the bus and say stuff like that. It is something different. We threw a different look. We moved the ball well. It was just a thing to switch up the tempo, and I think it was great for our offense."

On if RB Darius Hilliard through the pass in practice during the week:
"[He threw the ball in practice] better than that, yes (laughter)."

On the Browns' offensive weapons:
"We can do a lot of things. With a healthy (WR Antonio) Callaway and (WR) Breshad Perriman, we can do a lot of things. We have guys that can stretch the field. Then you have consistent guys like (WR Rashard) Higgins, and (WR) Jarvis (Landry) is one of the smartest players on the field so he is able to adjust and do things within our offense. We play off of that with the receivers. We have a lot of talent, and we are able to do that. That is why you guys have said that we might need receivers and all that, but I have trusted those guys and you saw it today. They were able to do their job. When they do that and when we do that, it is something special. When you add in our tight ends, we can be very explosive."

On RB Nick Chubb's 92-yard rushing touchdown:
"It was a great handoff (laughter). Other than, that I do not have… No, we made it look like a run that we ran on the last series to the strong side of the formation. When I handed it off, it parted like the Red Sea. The whole right side of the line did a great job. (OL) JC (Tretter) had a push-by block. He was in the clear after that. I had a pretty good view of it."

On how much the success of the passing game impacted the run game:
"They help each other out. That is what we talk about. Being able to run the ball first because it opens up the passing game. Then when you do that, it just helps each other out. You have to play complementary football with all three phases – offense, defense and special teams. You have to do it on offense, as well, within passing and throwing."

On the direct snap to Chubb and if gadget plays make the game more fun:
"If it works, nobody really questions it and they are like, 'Wow that is a great scheme., great timing for it.' You just throw mixes in there so you break your tendencies a little bit and do certain things to try to find an advantage. On that one, you are trying to snap the ball when they are not ready, thinking that we are trying to hard count them to get them to jump offside for a first down and then looking like we are frustrated. It is just different stuff."

On earning a win after a four-game losing streak and the next step:
"We have to build on it. Like I said earlier in the week, we have to find the positives. We had a lot of positives this week. It is going to be about how we handle that – not realizing or thinking that we made it because we haven't. We have a long way to go, but there are a lot of things that we did well today. We just need to consistently do that being able to look at this film and learn from the negatives that we had. The bright note on that is we did not have very many [negatives]. Learn from that. Eliminate those and get everybody healthy in a bye week and come back really strong after that."

On Chubb playing well after a slower start to the season:
"He has been waiting for his time. He is a patient guy. He is not going to speak a lot anyway, but he has been waiting for his time, I can tell you that. I am very happy for him. He is playing at a very high level. The best part about it is he never expected anything else. He is happy with what he is doing. He is going to keep trying to do that and running hard for our team. He is getting extra yards. He is creating plays and breaking a lot of tackles."

On Chubb catching the ball out of the backfield:
"That helps because we have thrown the ball to (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr) so whenever he is in the game, people are expecting us to throw it to him. Having Chubb and the ability to throw it to him, as well, mixes it up for us."

On if he knew during warmups that he was going to have a successful day:
"No. Warmups, not really, but when I woke up this morning, I was feeling pretty dangerous (laughter). I just woke up feeling really dangerous (laughter)."

On if he was thinking about scoring a touchdown when RB Dontrell Hilliard's halfback pass was called:
"I envisioned myself catching a one-handed pass over somebody, something spectacular like that, but the reality is I am not that athletic. It could have been big. It could have been a great play. It was taking a shot. You have to take your shot plays within the game. You have to be able to put yourself out there and just try to make a big play."

On capitalizing with a TD after a defensive takeaway:
"Huge. We talked about how we scored late in the first half that last drive we had. Coming out and knowing that the defense would be out there first, if we can have a double score is what you call it. They get a turnover right there or stop them and then we go in and score right away. That is huge momentum, especially coming out of halftime. That was big for us just really taking advantage of the opportunity."

On managing the clock:
"I have been used to playing fast and trying to be up-tempo. When we are doing that, we are playing aggressive and we are really good when we are doing that. At the same time, when you are playing an offense like they have, you have to be able to eliminate some possessions. Take time off of the clock. Be able to keep them on the bench and keep them cold to where they are not in a rhythm. We were able to do that today. Use some clock. I am not sure exactly of the time of possession, but we were able to do that a little bit better today."

On Chubb's comment about respect for his leadership and the significance of the team believing in him:
"To me, there is nothing better than that. As a quarterback and as somebody that wants to be a leader of this team, it does not get better than that."

On if the Browns rookie class is starting to come into its own:
"I feel like we have had guys making plays. Obviously, (DB) Denzel (Ward) early on in the year was making a ton of plays for us. We knew the potential that we had, but now that Nick is in there starting and I am playing a lot more, as well, it is just that we have guys that are doing their job. We were all brought here for a reason and being able to have the opportunity to do it and showcase what we are capable of doing."

On his mindset when the Browns were up 28-10:
"Managing the clock but also not playing too conservative. If you get up another score, then it is really out of reach. Trying to find the happy medium within that. Not give them too many opportunities to score. Just put it away."

On not surrendering a sack or turnover:
"It is huge. Obviously, I am very happy about it, but those five guys in front of me are a lot happier, too. They played really, really well today. We are pretty happy about that. I think (offensive line) Coach (Bob) Wylie is going to take them to Hyde Park and out for a meal because they had no sacks and 150-plus rushing yards. Like I talked about last week, that was one of the positives was the offensive line play. We built on that this week. They played better. We have to continue to do that."

On if OL Greg Robinson's play at LT gives him extra confidence:
"Yeah. I think when you are not having to worry about the rush as much, you are able to get comfortable back there and just I was able to be decisive and get the ball out quickly. It helps having Greg in there. He played great again."

On how the Browns offense has changed over the past two weeks:
"Guys believing in themselves, not hesitating and not flinching, just going out and doing your job and doing it as fast as you possibly can."

On being on the positive side of a Chubb explosive performance, referring to facing Chubb and Georgia in the Rose Bowl last year:
"OK, alright (laughter). Sorry, I just starting seeing red (laughter). It is a lot better when he is on my team. He is a physical runner. He is able to impose his will. The runs that sometimes end in just four yards, he is turning them into six and seven-plus. It hurts a defense. It does. It takes a toll on them late in the game when they are realizing they have to gang tackle, they have to bring more people in and they have to swarm to the ball. It is really good to have a guy like that on your team."

On where he sees himself next Sunday during the bye:
"Healthy and on my way back to Cleveland."

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