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Press Conference

Baker Mayfield postgame press conference - Browns vs. Jets

On how it felt to bring joy to the fans:
"Any win feels great. It is hard to do. Having success at this level is hard to do. The best part about it was that we were here at home. You guys could feel the energy of the crowd and how badly they wanted it, as well. We have to play for each other, but at the same time, this city deserves it. We have to have that mindset, going to get it no matter what is happening. So it felt great."

On his mindset when entering the game:
"Treat it like any other time. I have to go do my job. Don't overthink it. Live in the moment. It is that time. I have to command the offense. I have to command the team. I have to bring a spark and give us a chance to win. That is my job so that is what I was focused on."

On if it felt like his 'coming out party,' given Head Coach Hue Jackson's reference to it:
"For everybody else to see around here. I feel like people have been talking about it for a while. I have just been waiting for my moment. I have been patient. I have been in a good opportunity, put in a good situation with the guys around me – veteran QBs and great coaches that I can learn from. I was never whining or complaining about playing time. I just want the team to win, no matter what the cost is."

On the sense of urgency entering the game trailing 14-0:
"We had a whole half to play and some change in the second quarter. Just wanted to chip away. All points are good points at that point. You have to battle back and have to chip away at that point. There was a sense of urgency absolutely of Being the aggressive team and putting them on their heels. At the same time, we were not trying to push too hard."

On his mindset after the successful 2-point conversion:
"Anytime you can get the crowd to be a factor, kudos to the crowd. They played a factor late in the game. Anytime you can get them to be your 12th man. As cliché as that sounds, it is the truth. Whatever we have to do to fire them up to affect the other offense, it is great."

On how this game ranks against his other big wins:
"This one is definitely up there, being the first NFL game that I have played in. First regular season one that actually counts. It is definitely up there for me. I have had some great memories, but I am just getting started."

On the key to the spark he helped provide:
"Just being ready to go. I think being decisive on where I wanted to put the ball, just attacking. Like I said, you want to put them on your heels. When you do that, the offense builds confidence. The defense will see that. They start to build that, as well. The crowd gets into it when you get all three phases like that, it is pretty tough to stop."

On keys to his quick release:
"Seeing things, [releasing] quickly and just trusting your guys to be in the spots that they are supposed to be in."

On the lack of energy in the first half:
"Anytime you are not having success, there is no reason to celebrate a bad play or when you are not having success. You want to have success. We talked about it. Football is hard to have success. It is tough to do your job." 

On if felt he had to provide a spark due to the lack energy:
"No, not right off the bat. I was never trying to put too much on my shoulders. Just trying to do my job and get the ball out in their hands. When you can do that, they are going to make plays for you. These guys are the best in the world at what they do. That was my mindset. That is where I was at. At the same time before I was even in, my job was to be there for the team and helping anyway I can to win. Just coaching the guys on different looks and being the extra guy when the coaches aren't there or (QB Tyrod Taylor) Ty's watching tape or looking at different defensive fronts or coverages. We all have a job here. Tonight, we did a good job and pulled out a win."

On the Bud Light coolers opening and snapping a 19-game losing streak:
"Dilly Dilly! to the Cleveland fans (laughter). It comes with it. It is not the only win that we are going to celebrate. It is a building block for us. We did some good things, but there is still a lot that we can work on. That is the great part about it. We are nowhere near where we want to be, but we are in a good spot to build a foundation and keep going."

On if he spoke to NY Jets QB Sam Darnold after the game:
"A little bit. It is pretty hectic right there after the game. I told him, 'Good game. Keep playing well. Keep pushing.' We are in the same spot – rookies playing in our first NFL games. He is playing well. He is leading his team. I am proud of him."

On if there was additional satisfaction out-dueling Darnold:
"No, it is never about playing one person. It is about getting a team win."

On if he expects to be the starting QB and his reaction if he goes back to backup QB:
"Not focused on that. Singular focus. Going to enjoy this one. (Offensive coordinator) Coach (Todd) Haley said, 'It is like winning twice. You win on Thursday, and then you get to watch everybody lose on Sunday.' (laughter). I am going to enjoy it right now and then we will see how it goes next week. That is the mindset that you have to have. You have to hit the reset button when the weekend is over and we are back to work. That is all that matters."

On if he told WR Jarvis Landry to throw him the ball on the 2-point conversion:
"I think that is how the play was drawn up."

On Landry saying that he told him on the sidelines:
"We knew we were going to call it. I was the first read so I was hoping he was going to throw it to me."

On why it was not called on the first 2-point conversion attempt:
"Not in the right spot."

On OL Joel Bitonio saying that the play was made toward the end of training camp but Taylor always ran the play and his confidence in the play given his lack of practice with it:
"Never taken a rep of it, but watching Ty do it all through practice, it is not too hard to walk up to the line and call a cadence and kind of just stand there.'

On ever envisioning his first NFL game to go this way:
"The result – a win, yes. That is how I have always wanted it, but the circumstances of what I was going in with, you never want to go in after one of your captains gets hurt. You never want that but the result is what we wanted. We will watch the tape. The thing about it is, you are never as good as how it feels after the game and it is never as bad. I will be excited to get to the tape and see what we can build on."

On receiving a game ball and sensing how much this means to the team:
"For starters, the first game ball he gave was to the Haslam family. The thing was he talked about was they stuck with them through thick and thin. It's been tough for him so it meant a lot. There is a lot of pressure on him, and he's put a lot of it on his shoulders. What we need to realize as a franchise now is that everybody has their job. It's not all on one person. It's not all on me right now. It's everybody. You have your 1/11th on offense, and you have special teams and defense as well. We have to work each day to have success and that's just the way it goes."

On if he has talked to QB Tyrod Taylor yet:
"No, I have not."

On his message to the guys in the first huddle:
"Just do your job. I'm not going to try and overdo it. I'm going to be myself and lead with a fire and passion."

On trying to get Browns players fired up before entering the game and how that translated on the field:
"I have always been like that. I have always been a guy to keep positive energy on the sideline. The most important play is the next one no matter what happens. Before the game, getting guys in the right mindset and confident, you play well when you're confident. People can say cockiness or whatever, but there are results when you play with a confidence and you believe in yourself. That is what I always try to do with my guys and it's what I've always done. I just tried to carry that over when I was in."

On his statements at the Cabout being the one who can turn the Browns around:
"It might have been it (laughter)."

On his message to people listening to the press conference on the radio:
"Cleveland deserves a win, but we are not done yet. Don't break the Dilly Dilly coolers too hard (laughter). Just enjoy it. We deserve it, but at the same time we're just getting started."

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