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Browns' 2023 draft picks officially set

Here’s every spot the Browns are set to pick in the 2023 draft — and who was taken in those spots last year


We've known all offseason the Browns will have eight picks in the 2023 draft and what rounds they'll come in.

Now, after the NFL announced Thursday the spots for all compensatory picks, we know where each pick will officially be.

Here's every spot the Browns are set to pick in the draft, as well as which players were selected in those slots last year.

Round 2 (No. 42 overall)

2022 selection - CB Andrew Booth Jr. (Vikings)

Round 3 (No. 98 overall)

2022 selection - RB Brian Robinson Jr. (Commanders)

Round 4 (No. 111 overall)

2022 selection - OT Max Mitchell (Jets)

Round 4 (No. 126 overall from Vikings)

2022 selection - DT Neil Farrell Jr. (Raiders)

Round 5 (No. 140 overall from Rams)

2022 selection - OG Zach Tom (Packers)

Round 5 (No. 142)

2022 selection - CB Decobie Durant (Rams)

Round 6 (No. 190)

2022 selection - OG Justin Shaffer (Falcons)

Round 7 (No. 229)

2022 selection - WR Bo Melton (Seahawks)