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Press Conference

Browns coach Freddie Kitchens talks Mack Wilson, Drew Forbes and more after 2nd rookie minicamp practice - Press Conference

On standout players from rookie minicamp:

"A bunch of them have. They pick and choose from yesterday to today. It wasn't as active in the secondary today. These guys, they are learning. They are getting initiated into what an install is in the NFL and having to get it installed in the morning and go out and execute it in the afternoon. Some of them have to just learn how to do that."

On QB David Blough:

"He is accurate. He is relentless. Some of the characteristics you would like in quarterbacks. I don't know how much you can teach accuracy. You can fool with it a little bit, but if they are accurate in college, they are usually going to be accurate in the NFL. He is competitive."

On expectations for Blough:

"Just show improvement. Just like everyone else. Everybody likes to treat the quarterback position differently, but that position is like all the rest. They need to show improvement, they need to work every day too and see where they are the end of this."

On the number of special teams players and if that is a focus area for improvement:

"It is going to go through the biggest change is that we are going to be better on special teams. Personnel wise, we will be better. We will be better on special teams. I promise you that."

On if he has seen P Jamie Gillan punt:

"Not yet. He has been dealing with a little thing. We don't want to press anything right now. We will see. There is plenty of time for that."

On if he likes Gillan's nickname 'Scottish Hammer':

"I love it. It beats me having to give him one (laughter)."

On CB Greedy Williams making plays today:

"Greedy just needs to continue to get better just like everyone else. This is their second day. They need to keep competing. Football is a game about one-on-one matchups in a team setting. Greedy needs to win his one-on-one matchups. When we are playing man coverage, the person doesn't need to catch the ball on Greedy. If balls are getting caught on Greedy, just like (CB) Denzel (Ward), it needs to be zone coverage."

On the Browns selecting CB Donnie Lewis in the seventh round:

"He demonstrated an ability to compete on an every down basis. He loves the game of football, and that is something that we look for. It is unfortunate that he is not able to be out there with us right now, but he will be here soon enough and we will see what he can do."

On Gillan's injury and how long he may be sidelined:

"It is not very significant. It is more of a precautionary thing than anything right now."

On not having much to evaluate with Gillan until he does punt:

"We don't need to panic. It is May and we have OTAs, minicamp and training camp. We have a lot, and we have 91 spots."

On if the Browns' coverage philosophies will change significantly, given Gregg Williams' played a significant amount of press-man and defensive coordinator does not play as much press-man:

"Who is giving you that? I don't know where you're getting the stats from. Yeah, I don't know that. I guess we will have to wait until September to figure that out."

On if the philosophy for CBs changes with Wilks as defensive coordinator:

"No. Our philosophy at cornerback is to play the defender and [their] guy doesn't catch the ball. Hopefully, that is the way it was last year. I don't know, I will let you judge that. I know Steve Wilks pressured almost half the time when he was a defensive coordinator at Carolina. If you pressure, usually it is zone pressure or it is a man pressure. It can't be anything other than that. I don't know. You would have to give me the stats for anything other than that, and you are relying on the fact that the stats from last year is accurate, . There is a lot misconstrued information there I think."

On DE Myles Garrett saying Williams told him to focus on only two rush moves last season:

"First and foremost, Gregg Williams was a good football coach. He has been a good football coach in the National Football League for a while, if that is the angle here. As far as Myles is concerned, we need to get good at our craft in all areas. I think Myles will be the first to tell you that. We will give him every opportunity to master his craft, and therefore, we expect the production to go up. We expect the production to go up on the whole defensive line, the linebackers and the secondary. The production all over our football team needs to go up. The negativity – I am not blaming anybody here – surrounding some of the aspects of the team last year, we were 7-8-1 so that may be justified, but moving forward, we are not worried one bit about last year on any area of last year offensively, defensively, special teams or anything. Everything that we have, we have to goal in mind of getting better in everything. Whether it is press-man coverage, whether it is Myles rushing or whether it is the Scottish Hammer, everybody is getting better. Last year is last year. No two teams are the same. I have said that numerous times. You are not going to pick up where you left off. We are not interested in revisiting last year at all. We were 7-8-1. We didn't do [anything] last year. We didn't win anything. We were third in the division. I don't know where all of this is coming from. Just because the Super Bowl is our goal does not mean that is where we are right now. We are a team just like the other 31 teams, and we are focused on training camp, OTAs, minicamp and getting better when those guys are back in the building."

On how long the Browns will need to adjust to Wilks' defense:

"There is always an adjustment. There is an adjustment from me to Hue (Jackson). There is an adjustment halfway through the season from me to Todd (Haley). There is always an adjustment. These guys are resilient enough that they will take the adjustment in stride and run with them."

On the Browns' schedule tomorrow and if the team will have exit interviews with rookies:

"We will meet with them tomorrow. They are here tomorrow. Yes, we have another practice in the morning."

On if he has an idea of how many tryout players will be signed for OTAs:

"No, I don't. We will have those discussions as a staff, [with] personnel and everything in the next 24-48 hours."

On if T Drew Forbes is one of the most organized players he has seen:

"I will tell you this. I saw his locker. He is [organized], but I will say this about our offensive line – this may be the best group in this setting, the minicamp, tryout guys, free agent guys – this is the best offensive line I have ever been a part of and I have been in the league 13 years. I have never seen a group collectively this good. We can actually function on offense, and sometimes in this kind of camp setting, that is hard to do."

On if Forbes did anything special to make an impression during his visits with Cleveland:

"His size and the tape. I learned a long time ago from Bill Parcels to just tell me what is on tape. His tape told me everything I needed to know about the kid."

On if LB Mack Wilson has an opportunity to stand out, particularly given he played at Alabama:

"The one thing about the National Football League is it has a tendency to level the playing field with a bunch of guys. It doesn't matter how you got here. You are going to have some guys from Alabama, Ohio State or wherever, and you are going to have some guys from Presbyterian College. The playing field is still 100 yards and 53 and one-third yards wide. The field is the same. The NFL has a knack to leveling that playing field so Mack is just like the guy from Presbyterian College. He is working every day to get better. It is not the same as Alabama. It is not the same defense, terminology and all of those things. This game is more for mental gymnastics than anything else. Today, we installed something and came out here, and the production wasn't the same as it was yesterday because they had an extra so long for yesterday's practice and not so much today. That is just a glimpse of how it is in the National Football League."

On if certain positions are easier to make the transition to the NFL from smaller college programs:

"I don't know. You have different gurus who say that certain areas are easier to make that transition, but I don't see it because it is still one-on-one matchups in a strategy situation and they are still competing against guys who are in the NFL. I don't think it is easier in one spot than the next. Of course, when you hand the ball off to a running back, he has run the ball before. It doesn't matter what the play is, he is still making players miss or running defenders over so in that instance, yes, but as far as knowledge of the game, knowledge of protections and the quarterbacks' reads and things like that, no. Sometimes gurus like to say [some positions are easier for the transition]."

On OL from smaller colleges who have sustained long NFL careers, in reference to Forbes:

"Definitely because like the level playing field I talked about, they could be good at West Texas A&M, and it is either going to be exposure or they are going to get exposed. That is what we are going to start to see when we get in the mix with other NFL-type guys. You are either getting exposed or exposure."

On S Sheldrick Redwine:

"He is aggressive. He is very intelligent. He transitions well to the ball. Those are three characteristics that safeties need to have."

On if the Browns' 2019 draft class is meeting or exceeding expectations during rookie minicamp:

"I don't really want to judge anybody off of two days without pads on, but none of them are going home right now (laughter). I'm really not trying to be funny – you just don't have enough information to gather. When the installs start adding up, then you can see how someone processes the information. As the days start tacking on, you can see how they implement the information. I think we need a bigger body of work before we can ever determine that, but as far as the stretching and things like that, they all look the part, yes. They look the part, they move around the part. They seem to be getting it. Sometimes, it just needs to click with guys."

On a Twitter reference to General Manager John Dorsey knowing a draft pick wasn't fit for the NFL within two days in Green Bay:

"I will have to get with John on that one (laughter). Coach (Bill) Parcells used to have a saying where he would call people like that 'instant evaluators' because you don't give them a chance to prove any different. John is not like that, but he must have really messed up on that one when he said it (laughter)."

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