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Press Conference

Browns coach Hue Jackson conference call - 9/17

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

On if the Browns traded WR Josh Gordon to the New England Patriots:

"Yes, we have. We have moved on. Josh is now a member of their football team and On we go."

On if the Browns fair compensation for Gordon:

"Yeah, I think (General Manager) John (Dorsey) got the best deal that he could get. Like I said, he is gone now, and we are going to move on and coach the team that is here. We are going to get ourselves ready to play this Thursday night."

On trading Gordon now and concerns Gordon may 'flourish' with the Patriots:

"I can't worry about that. We have to do what we think is best for our organization and our football team, and that is what we did. Josh is no longer here so I do not even want to comment about what could be or what could not have been. He is on another team now."

On if the Browns now must sign another WR like free agent Dez Bryant, following the Gordon trade:

"No. We will continue to look. John will continue to search high and low and see if we can find somebody to add to our team, and we will keep going from there."

On if there is concern asking WRs to move up on the depth chart:

"No, I am not concerned about that. Obviously, everything is taken it account. Obviously, (WR Antonio) Callaway needs to play. We are looking forward to him playing. Josh was a starter, there is no question about that, but Callaway was going to play and he has played. This gives him the opportunity to have more swings at it. Hopefully, he will be ready for that role."

On what led to the decision to trade Gordon now:

"We have done all we can do for Josh. I just thank Dee and Jimmy Haslam for doing everything that they could. We tried to create the right environment. It just did not work out. Sometimes, it just does not work out. Sometimes, you just need a different change of scenery. Hopefully, things work out for Josh. We support him that way and wish nothing but the best for him."

On if there is a 'sense of relief' that Gordon is no longer on the roster and the elimination of potential future distractions:

"I hate to term it a relief – I am glad that there is closure probably to say. Let's just say it that way. I am glad that we are now in a space to where we are not thinking of those things – what could be and what could not be – and we are coaching these guys that are here and trying to get these guys to play at a high level and win football games."

On signing K Greg Joseph and if it will be a challenge to have him ready for Thursday night:

"It is. Let's be honest, it is a quick turnaround. These are the decisions that we make that we think are the best thing for the team and rightfully so. Obviously, we have to find someone that can put the ball through the uprights. We have had this situation happen now for a couple of weeks. We have to keep searching and keep looking."

On reports that K Zane Gonzalez had an injury:

"I knew nothing about an injury whatsoever so that was new to me."

More on the decision to trade Gordon:

"It has been said, I think that the most important thing is that he is not here so for me to dive into what was, what should have been and all of that does not matter. He is at the Patriots now. We are coaching the guys that we have. We have to move forward."

On reports Gordon's injury occurred during a promotional photo shoot prior to Sunday's game and if that ultimately led to the trade:

"I think what is most important is that we made this decision as an organization, regardless of what the factors were, to move forward and to sever our relationship with Josh, wish him well and let him move on to another team. That is as far as I want to go with that."

On if he believes that Gordon did not want to play for the Browns and the Browns agreed that was the case:

"I do not think that was the case. I do not feel that was the case. I just think there were things that we felt that were not what we want to have happen here. We just made the decision that this is what is best for our football team at this time to move forward."

On signing Joseph after also hosting tryouts with veteran Ks:

"We felt real good about his workout. He did an excellent job. A young player, he has the chance hopefully to be very consistent as we move forward. He has a strong leg obviously, too. He fits all the criteria that we are looking for in a kicker. We feel good about him, and obviously, he has to go do it."

On signing a rookie K who might have nerves in his first NFL games:

"No doubt, hopefully, that will not be the case (laughter). We will have to work through that very quickly. His No. 1 job is to get that ball through those uprights."

On if he considered two-point conversions after Gonzalez's first missed PAT, as well as running one more offensive play prior to the attempted game-tying FG with eight seconds remaining:

"With eight seconds, it would have been really tough. We felt that it normally takes 10-12 seconds to pull that off to where we felt we would have a chance. They moved out guarding the sideline as it was and then all kinds of things go through your mind. When you think through it, should you have went for two a couple of times and see if you could have had him settle down a little bit? Again, he has a job. The kicker's job is to make extra points and to make field goals. I think we played it as well as we could, but obviously, always a day after, you will think through a lot of different scenarios, but I thought we played it the best we could in real time yesterday."

On if kicking indoors gives more confidence attempting longer FGs:

"Yes sir."

On if losing a game when a K misses multiple attempts feels differently than other losses:

"No, they all sting. There is not one that stings more than the other to be honest with you. These things are tough, but we are getting through it. I do not think they are any different. It is a loss. It still counts as a loss, and we have got to get that righted."

On updated injury status from yesterday's game:

"No, I think right now there is nothing to really talk about that is going to have an impact on anything. We have the normal mix, but it is too early of anything that might impact the game on Thursday."

On clarifying if Gonzalez was hurt and did not report it to the team:

"I do not know that. I knew nothing about that. I heard [about the report] today, but I did not know. That was not reported to me that Zane was hurt."

On clarifying if team doctors told him Gonzalez was hurt:

"No, no. I just think because there have been a lot of reports that my phone starts blowing up when I hear that [reports] are saying that [players] are hurt and those types of things. No, I did not know and nobody had ever reported to me from our medical department that Zane was hurt."

On if he considered using timeouts prior to halftime when the Saints had possession:

"Yeah, but we wanted to and we were trying to play for in case we got the ball back. It was trying to conserve in case we got the chance to go down and score points ourselves."

On preferring to have timeouts if the Browns received possession with time remaining to sustain a drive:

"I would rather have the timeouts and be able to have them when we have the ball in case we needed to use them, yes."

On how much Joseph can practice in the next two days:

"We are going to try to give him as much as we can. Obviously, we have to get him with (P) Britton Colquitt who is the holder and Charley (Hughlett) who is the long snapper and short snapper on field goals and PAT snapper. We just have to work through it and get him as much time as we need to make sure they are on the same page and see if we can get this young man kicking for us on Thursday night and be successful."

On heading into a primetime game with a 0-1-1 record despite chances to win both games:

"I feel good about our team. As I said yesterday, there is a good football team in that room. We just have not won yet. They are battling hard, and we played two really good opponents. We are going to play another one this week. It is not going to get any easier. We just have to keep working, and we have to find a way to get these games won. Our coaching staff is working diligently to try to help with that, but the players know they have to go do it. We are going to keep putting them in positions to do that."

On how a team learns how to win when they do not win:

"I will tell you one thing, we have been though process. There was a time where we were not close so we are close. I feel good about the next hurdle for us – just go do it. That is what we have to do."

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