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Press Conference

Browns coach Hue Jackson press conference - 9/14

Head Coach Hue Jackson:

On if the Browns potentially run the ball often to help manage the clock, given the Saints' offensive ability:

"It is something you think through. You look at all of the different scenarios to try to slow them down. Hopefully, our defense can play well first and foremost. They are going to score points. We know we need to score points. The game is going to have its moments, whether you look at it as the game starts to unfold do you need to run it more, do you need to throw it more or whatever that is. I think we have all of those plans at our disposal."

On where the Browns running game needs to improve Sunday and confidence that it will improve:

"I think it will. There is no question. I know it will. It is the yards per rush. We want to improve that. You take out the quarterback runs, and I don't think we ran it very well. The numbers are a little inflated. It is 177 [rushing] yards, but at the same time, I watch the tape and we can do some things a little better."

On who will start in place of DL Emmanuel Ogbah:

"It is either going to be (DL) Chris Smith or (DL Anthony) Zettel."

On if Zettel is ready to play, given he was recently acquired by the Browns:

"He is. He is a guy I think we are going to have up this week."

On Smith's performance last week:

"Obviously, he was out there competing. He was accountable. He did what he was supposed to do. As I told him this week, I want more production out of him."

On LB Christian Kirksey's status:

"We will see. I want to work through that the right way because we have another game that is really close. Let's see exactly where he is and let's make the right decision for him, the team and everybody. We will work through that tomorrow."

On how the Browns offense performed in practice this week and confidence it will improve in Week 2:

"I think it is Week 2 of not preseason football but NFL football. I think our guys after the first week playing against a really good opponent understand the next level we have to push it to to have the success we want. Obviously, we were able to score 21 points with the help of our team. At the same time, we want to make sure they are carrying their weight, too. The guys have worked hard this week. The communication has been good. The execution has been better. We need to continue to do those things."

On if he expects OL Desmond Harrison to make significant improvements in his second game:

"I do. He is going to have to handle a different set of circumstances that are going to present itself, but I do. He is focused. He has worked hard. He understands that he has to get better. The thing I like about him is that he is very accountable. He doesn't run from things that he didn't do right. He wants to get them fixed and correct it as fast as he can. Normally, guys who want to do that stand a good chance of making those things happen."

On QB Tyrod Taylor's practice this week and confidence he will perform better on Sunday:

"The one thing I do like about Tyrod, regardless of what the game said, is he is very consistent. He came in, he is eager and obviously, playing against a really good opponent, which we will every week. 'Let's dive into the gameplan and see what I need to do and where I need to get better at in some areas.' He worked at those things with the rest of his teammates. He is going to hold himself accountable. That is one thing I do like about him. With the rest of the guys, he wants to play better so I am sure he will play better."

On Taylor's career showing his accuracy is better than last week's completion percentage:


On if the Browns practiced inside to day to get used to playing on turf:


On offensive coordinator Todd Haley mentioning the offensive scheme may need to be dialed some and if it would be beneficial to get the ball to an accountable veteran like Duke Johnson Jr.:

"I think all of our players are skill guys who can make plays. They have to make the plays when the opportunities come. What we didn't do as well this past week was make sure those guys had those chances, We have worked very hard at that this week to make sure that we are not defending just one guy but that we are defending our offense and that every guy has an opportunity to come out and contribute to winning. Sometimes, a lot of that is dictated by the defense. I think we get that. We have to go give those guys who can make plays opportunities to do so."

On WR Antonio Callaway developing and if he can play more and make significant improvements in Week 2:

"I think he can. This week, when I look on the practice field, I see all of those guys being in different packages to give them a chance to go out and showcase their talent and ability. All of our skill guys are really excited about going and playing this weekend."

On if Ogbah may only miss one game and if he may potentially return soon:

"It is possible, yes. We are just going to take it week to week and see where we are. I know we have a quick turnaround so let's just see where we are after this week for him."

On if he likes seeing WR Jarvis Landry play with an edge:

"Oh yes, I like a fiery guy. It is something you can point to as long as we are doing it the right way, and he does. He obviously played as hard as he could to help the team put themselves in position to win, and that is what you want to see. Everybody has to play with that kind of passion and that has it in them that way. We need to go out there and play like that because I think it is contagious. I think other guys see it and think 'OK, I can do that too,' as long as we are doing it the right way. We can't have penalties because of it. We can't do things that are going to hurt the football team."

On if he ever has to talk to Landry to calm him down or if he is able to control his emotions:

"No he is able. That is one thing I have been most pleased with. He understands there is a line you can't cross and do not go too far. He is probably one of the best actors I have seen. Academy Award throwing his hands up last week a few times. At the same time, he understands that you can only do that so much. At the end of the day, you still have to play football. If we get calls, we get them. If we do not, we have to keep playing."

On Landry's opportunity to play in Louisiana:

"I think he is excited. He is well known in that area. He wants to go down there and play the best he can play and rightfully so. I have not had to say much to him. I think it is important to our whole football team to go play well on Sunday and do everything we can to win a football game."

On DB Denzel Ward's mental toughness, in addition to his physical toughness:

"He is [tough]. It is surprising, I do get amazed just watching him play, not the interceptions but just him throwing his body around in there trying to tackle and making tackles. He does not shy away from anything. He is very even-keeled when you talk to him. He does not get too down. He does not get too high. He did a really good job last week. He has to play better again this week, and here is another opportunity for him to get better."

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