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Browns coordinator press conferences - Amos Jones, Gregg Williams

On if DB Jabrill Peppers found his effectiveness in the return game last week:

"Did he lose it (laughter)? That is kind of being facetious. I think the biggest thing is that everybody kind of took an intensity to it and took a little bit of pride amongst themselves. The guys had a lot of energy throughout the course of the week. It was a nice day and all of that. Everything kind of tied into being an advantageous day to catch a ball and run with it and block a little bit."

On if Peppers did anything differently as a returner last week:

"I think he worked the same as he has always done. He was always a good hard worker. I did not see anything noticeable during the week. He might have paid a little more attention to getting vertical. When he brings his pads, he is going to bring them low. Those kinds of things. He maybe had a little bit better vision of what was going on around him. I think that helps always with a returner especially. The longer that a guy gets into his defensive position in the NFL, much like I had with (Cardinals DB) Patrick Peterson in Arizona, sometimes you just have to go take a step back and look at it as a runner and not just as a returner. Those types of things help in that respect."

On how injuries are impacting the special teams units:

"First of all, attrition is always going to get you so you always have an in-game backup. I came here with the mindset that was probably one of the biggest things that the years in Pittsburgh and Arizona taught me. I think we had 270 substitutions in Arizona in a five-year period. We are getting pretty close to doing that here. You always have to have that next guy up mentality player wise and coaching wise. It is devastating when you lose a player early, particularly like we did with (WR Rod) Streater last week, but that is another man's opportunity. It is not anything that we do not prepare for. I have never not been a coach in college, high school and pro ball that we rep guys so that when I have to go to them on the sideline, they know exactly what is getting ready to happen. That is why they are attentive in meetings and we hold them accountable in that respect. From the standpoint if the next man up, it is not lip service. It can't be particularly in this league because you are only dressing 46. You have to be ready for that. Devastating when you lose a guy at any point in time, but when you lose him on the first punt of the game, it kind of throws everybody into a loop. What is the best avenue? Sometimes moving a guy to another position that he has probably worked in practice can kind of offset losing a guy completely in terms of not having a guy that is the best available in that respect."

On if K Greg Joseph was better in warmups last week:

"100 percent. 100 percent better."

On if Joseph was missing kicks in warmups two weeks ago or if his routine needed improvement:

"No, his routine was fine. You have to kind of take the same mindset with particular because of his youth. You want to see him make them in practice. You want to see him making them when he is kicking his sticks in practice. Your goal is for him to come out, whether it be with the sticks or it be with the team, you would like it to be in the 90th percentile. I think that was the biggest thing last week. It is the calmness about it for him. As a coach, you are always going to have a little butterfly, but it is kind of one of those deals there where it is something you want him to be able to go smoothly through the progressions of it so he does not get over anxious or start trusting something he should not be trusting or trying to do something he should not be doing. (Former Browns and NFL K) Dave Zastudil always said it, 'Trust your line.' That is what he kind of lived by and what he told the young (Buccaneers K) Chandler Catanzaro ironically when I had him in Arizona. You kind of just have to trust the first kick. Even if it did not go in, you kind of have to see what happens but do not panic. Do not hit the panic button and just start kicking all over the place."

On if he liked how Joseph bounced back after missing kicks against Baltimore:

"Yes, and I expect him to continue to grow this week. New adversity. You go down to the warm weather, different field and all of those things. He has to continue to progress. Each week is going to be different to him until he gets all of these stadiums mastered."

On Joseph being accurate with distance on kickoffs for touchbacks and helping that accuracy translate to FGs:

"Completely different. You have a tee [on kickoffs] – the ball is spotted off of the ground [on field goals] – and you are not going to hit the dirt when you swing through. It is really the leg strength on the kickoff is accentuated by the fact that you have a tee so the ball is higher so you are going to hit the ball in the sweet spot a little bit more and sometimes they are more consistent. Catanzaro is an 80 percent kickoff touchback guy. Those kind of guys that I have had that have strong legs, that is the elevation part of the tee is completely different really than a guy kicking a field goal off of the ground. They have to transition because of the height. Greg has a strong leg. Hopefully, he can continue to muscle it through because we know what is getting ready to happen with the weather and stuff like that. All of those things factor in. That is why if we kick a touchback, we are coaching on Wednesday or Monday when the team comes back in the kickoff coverage team as if that play was ran. We decide what we think they are returning, and we spend a lot of time coaching them on 'This is what you better be looking at' because eventually, somebody is going to bring those balls out or they are not going to be end zone balls and we are going to have to make sure we cover right. You kind of just have to keep coaching them in that respect because the touchback is good – it does not put a lot of pressure on the coverage team – but eventually, you are going to see teams that bring balls out or the weather is going to dictate that the ball is not going to go into the end zone."

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