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2020 NFL Draft

Browns draft radar: Georgia RB Todd Gurley

As the 2015 NFL Draft nears, is ramping up its coverage to ensure fans know everything about the team's potential picks.

The Browns have two of them in the first round, of course, so there's plenty of turf to cover.

On the radar will give you a glimpse at the nearly two dozen names being mentioned in the same breath as the Cleveland Browns. Today, we dive into the only running back on our list, Georgia's Todd Gurley.

Vitals: 6-foot-1, 222 pounds

Who's linking him to Cleveland?

Why the Browns would be interested: From a need standpoint, Gurley doesn't exactly jump off the page. The Browns have two young running backs, Isaiah Crowell and Terrance West, both of whom had productive rookie campaigns. But coach Mike Pettine has been repetitive saying Cleveland's plan on offense will stick to controlling the line of scrimmage and run the football. Who better to execute that plan than Gurley? The former Bulldog can carry the rock and carry it explosively. Before he went down with an ACL injury, Gurley was considered by many to be the most talented player in college football. compares him to Marshawn Lynch.

Why he could be around at 12 or 19: Durability is the concern, and it isn't a light one. Gurley missed three games in 2013 with an ankle injury and tore his ACL last season. The other reason is most NFL franchises don't value running backs as highly these days – a combination of the position having a short shelf life and the league now being heavily geared toward passing.

Why he won't be around at 12 or 19: Just pop in the game tape from his career at Georgia. Gurley has power, speed, can break tackles, make defenders miss, hit home-run touchdowns on long runs, change directions on a whim and is agile while still being a vertical, North-South runner. Celebrated film analyst Greg Cosell said you can make the argument Gurley is the best overall player in the draft.

Stat to know: Gurley fumbled the ball only three times in 510 carries at Georgia. Quote to note: "I'm not here to be No. 5 overall or a second-round pick. I want to be the best." – Gurley

The last time: … A Georgia running back was selected in the first round was in 2009, when the Denver Broncos took Knowshon Moreno.

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