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Press Conference

Browns Draft Selections Press Conference - 4/30

On Corey Coleman's thoughts on OL Spencer Drango:
Corey Coleman: "I'm excited to have him you know. He's a really great player and person. He's really good, and I'm glad he's a part of this organization with me."

On Corey Coleman's past 24 hours:
Corey Coleman: "This has been really crazy and I know everyone is blessed to be here. I feel like I can speak for everyone – it's just an exciting time to be a part of this organization."

On if Corey Coleman is worried about making the team, considering the number of WRs the Browns have drafted:
Corey Coleman: "(Laughter) No, I'm not worried about it at all. I'm excited to get some competition. We can push each other and really just step up the level of the receivers and really come in and help each other out, too."

On when Shon Coleman began feeling ill and his response following it:
Shon Coleman: "It was coming out of high school right after I signed with Auburn. I had the flu and some lymph nodes popped up and we got it tested. That's when we found out. From there, that's when I had to get through the whole thing if I wanted to play football again. Getting from Point A to Point B was pretty much the only thing on my mind."

On if yesterday was really emotional:
Shon Coleman: "Yeah man, but it was exciting at the same time with just me getting to where I've been trying to get to the past couple of years. It was very fulfilling for me to be a part of this organization to find that out yesterday."

On his decision to go back to St. Jude's Hospital last night:
Shon Coleman: "It was big time for me to go back and reach out to kids and let kids see that moment. That's big in their lives and to just let them know that they can always chase their dreams."

On if he was an outpatient or just a resident for a long time while visiting at St. Jude's Hospital:
Shon Coleman: "No, I'm actually from Memphis, Tennessee, so we were fortunate enough to be 15 minutes from away to be able to go there every day."

On if Head Coach Hue Jackson's comments about wanting and trusting Kessler add pressure and his reaction to it:
Kessler: "Yeah, I enjoy it. I like the pressure. I had a great meeting with Coach Jackson back when I came and visited in March. It's just one of those things that works. When we met, I sat in his office for probably close to an hour and we watched football, we talked about football, we talked about character issues and things that he expects from a quarterback. It was almost like we've been together for a while. We kind of matched each other with everything that I believed in and all of his philosophies. It was a great meeting. I really enjoyed it. I think we both got a lot out of it. I was excited when my phone rang, and I knew that he was the one calling me. I was really pumped because of that meeting and the connection we had so early, just getting to know each other over a 30-minute to hour period. When I got here, it just kind of picked right back up again. We got to see him today and the rest of the staff. I'm just very thankful and very excited that Cleveland is where I ended up."

On Jackson's comments about Kessler adjusting to new coaches at Southern California:
Kessler: "I had five coaches in three years as the starter, five coaching changes. I came in, and I don't know if it's a good or bad thing about me, but I kind of got used to getting to know new coaches. When I met Coach Jackson, right away you could tell what type of coach he is, what kind of guy he is and I think we kind of hit it off right away because of that. He was a straightforward guy. We watched film, watched my film, and he didn't sugar-coat any of it. He told me exactly how he felt and exactly what I needed to do, how I can improve, and I took it as constructive criticism. I enjoy that. I enjoy being a perfectionist and my playing style. He was being very coach-ative to me and helping me, giving me different tips. In that short meeting, I could tell that if we build on that relationship that he can definitely improve me as a player over the years to come."

On Nassib's career at Penn State with all that has occurred at the school during his tenure:
Nassib: "My career at Penn State, there was never a dull day to say the least. My senior year, I was really trying… When people talked about 'Penn State football,' they were actually talking about Penn State football so that was the mentality I had as a senior year. I wouldn't change anything from my Penn State career. I was blessed to be there."

On if Nassib spoke with former Penn State and Texans Head Coach Bill O'Brien, given the coach's comment that Nassib wouldn't reach the NFL:
Nassib: "No, I have not. I think he's busy right now (laughter)."

On Nassib's resilience playing at Penn State during and after the sanctions and dealing with emotions:
Nassib: "I think of myself as a resilient person. I had a lot of fun at Penn State. There were a lot more ups than downs. I had a great time and a great experience."

On the Browns selecting high-character players and the vibe of the players on the dais:
Ogbah: "I have a great vibe from this group. We all came together. They brought us in to change this program. We all have a mindset to be better at what we do so I feel like we have a lot to prove to the Browns family for drafting us that we are very grateful and we will put in the work for them."

On Kessler's reaction to how other QBs were rated entering the draft, his efforts to not pay attention to it and if what heard fueled him:
Kessler: "I tried not to. On Thursday, I didn't even watch the draft really. We watched a little bit of it back home and turned it on and off while flipping through the channels. I knew Friday was more of a possibility for me, and if not then, then Saturday. I just always tried to block that out. The biggest thing for me was to control what I can control. That is how I performed at the Senior Bowl and my pro day and the Combine and different things like that. I also kind of used it as motivation. If I accidentally saw something or heard something negative, I used it as motivation, especially at pro day. I heard different things. I wanted to go out on pro day and prove that I can make all the throws and that I was going to work hard and be a guy that's going to get production. That's something that I always believed in. I've had numerous different offenses at USC, and I've kind of mastered those and handled all of the things that were thrown at me with adversity and the coaching changes and the stuff off of the field. The thing that always stuck with me was that I can't really control some of that stuff, but the things I can control is how I perform and how I prepare. I kind of took that same mindset going into this entire draft process, even when the season ended, leading up to this and all the steps I took to get to here."

On Kessler's experience with coaching changes at USC and if that will help his transition since the Browns coaches are new:
Kessler: "I don't know if it is a good thing, but I think what happened at USC prepared me for that and with different things that are thrown my way. For me and the rest of the guys up here, this a completely new staff to us, whether they have been here for a while or they are just part of the new staff coming in, and we treat it like that. We are getting to know them. We have a great connection already with Coach Jackson and the rest of the staff. I have really enjoyed, especially since my visit to now, getting to know everyone in this organization. They are really first-class guys. You mentioned the high-character guys, I think that's kind of the reason why we're sitting up here. All these guys up here love the game of football, respect the game of football and really work hard at it. We have all worked to where we are today and gotten to where we are at today. I'm excited to take that next step, as I'm sure the rest of these guys are, to turn this program around and do everything we can to help out."

On if Corey Coleman has spoken with QB Robert Griffin III since being drafted:
Corey Coleman: "Yes, he hit my head coach up, (Baylor Head) Coach (Art) Briles, and I got to talk to him. I am very happy to be here with him."

On what Griffin said to Corey Coleman after getting drafted:
Corey Coleman: "He is just really happy. He told me, 'Congratulations and lets' get to work.'"

On how Corey Coleman found the phrase 'If size mattered elephants would be the king of the jungle' in response to questions about his size:
Corey Coleman: "I heard it somewhere a long time ago. It just stuck with me."

On if Corey Coleman uses it as a response to people who question his size:
Corey Coleman: "Right. Yeah, I just think it's hilarious (laughter)."

On the how Ogbah and Nassib plan to change the Browns' troubles with QB sacks in recent years:
Ogbah: "We're going to change that. As you can see, he led the NCAA in sacks, and I was right behind him so we have a knack for getting to the quarterback. That's what we're bringing to the table. We're bringing that pass rush, getting back there and getting after him."
Nassib: "I'm excited to work with him and get some new D-line moves and really improve our game."

On if Ogbah and his family left Nigeria because of potential danger:
Ogbah: "No it wasn't really danger. It was just for a better life for the kids and for the family."

On how Ogbah feels after arriving in Cleveland:
Ogbah: "It sunk in, but it's an amazing feeling. I'm a professional now. It's my career down. I have to take it serious now. It's not college anymore and it's an amazing feeling that the Browns gave me a chance to play the profession I love. I'm just grateful for that."

On if Shon Coleman feels like become a better, given the time he had to commit to improving his health:
Shon Coleman: "I was actually away from the game for about three to four years, something like that. If you go back and look from my sophomore to junior year, there is a lot of improvement there. Just two years of starting, I don't think I have reached my prime yet. I have a long way to go as far as learning technique, getting better with these guys, working with them. I have awhile to go, but I am willing to work for it."

On lessons Shon Coleman learned after going through everything he has:
Shon Coleman: "I would say just be patient. It has taught me to be patient and whatever opportunity gets thrown my way, take it and run with it. That's what I did last year. I had the opportunity to come in and be a great player at Auburn, and I took it upon myself to work every day, to work at this and work at that just to perfect my crafts."

On if Shon Coleman has spoken with Rams OL Greg Robinson, who he played with at Auburn:
Shon Coleman: "Yeah, we speak from time to time. He has given me a lot advice as far as what to expect and how to lead, work and being a professional so he has helped me out a lot."

On Shon Coleman keeping his positive attitude and what kept him motivated to keep his NFL dream alive:
Shon Coleman: "Just putting God first, first and foremost. Faith brought me a long way and just having support from my family and the fans and everything. It was really hard having to work out and thigs like that while doing treatment, but at the end of the day, I found a way to do it and that's why I am sitting here right now."

On Shon Coleman's relationship with WR Ricardo Louis:
Shon Coleman: "We have a great relationship. He played great last year. He is a big time athlete as you could see at the Combine. I am ready for him to get up here and make the plays that he made at Auburn."

On if Kessler has discussed what the Browns expectations are for him as a rookie QB, given there are five on the roster:
Kessler: "We haven't gotten that far yet. Obviously, I know that. I know that we have some great players and some great quarterbacks on this team. For me, I have always been a competitor. Especially at USC when I went in there, (Cardinals QB) Matt Barkley was the guy at the time, and I was just a freshman coming in. The mindset I took was that that's my job and I am coming for that job, but at the same time, I am not arrogant about that. If I come in here, guys like Robert and (QB) Josh (McCown), guys that have been playing for a while, I am going to be a sponge. I am going to learn as much as I can from them and take everything I can and use that to my advantage. At the same time, the competitor in me comes out and it doesn't matter who's up, I am always going to compete as hard as I can. I think that is the goal of everyone that comes into an organization to compete at a starting spot. If that is reality or not, that is the mindset you have to have to prepare as a starter. I am not going to change that now. I'm going to continue to do that. I am excited. I think that competition makes you a better player, and there are a lot of great quarterbacks on this team. I'm excited to get in here and get a chance to compete."

On if the draft selections believe the Browns can reach the playoffs in the next few years:
[All five players raise hand]

On why Kessler believes the Browns can become a winning team, given the team's history:
Kessler: "The biggest thing is moving forward. For us at USC, we had some tough times. There was a year where we wree supposed to No. 1 in the country. It was before I played, and we ended up going 7-7 or 7-6, and it was some dark times. We had sanctions. We weren't producing like we should've and all of these other things going on. I took upon myself as a leader to kind of step into that role. Then, the very next year, we're 3-2 and (former Southern California Head) Coach (Lane) Kiffin had just got let go. It was tough. We could've gone downhill and everything could've collapsed, but I took upon myself and some of the other guys on this team – (TE) Randall Telfer was there with me, also – we kind of stepped up in front of the guys and ended up winning 10 or 11 games that year. It's obviously tough for me – I haven't gotten here yet, I haven't actually gotten around these guys; we still have to earn our respect and if you want to be a leader as a quarterback you definitely have to work for it – but I think the tools are all there just being around the coaching staff and watching the guys and Coach Jackson with everything that he preaches. You just feel it. You feel the vibe. You feel the positive energy. I'm pumped. I'm excited to be a part of it and I really do believe this program is going in the right direction just from the short time that I've gotten to know this staff, the front office and everybody involved. I think it's going to be a great journey. I'm excited to kind of get here with the rest of these guys when we're kind of starting to get going. It's going to be fun ride."

On if Kessler feels pressure to compete with QBs who were selected earlier in the draft, specifically QBs Jared Goff and Carson Wentz:
Kessler: "No. I've been a competitor my whole life. I've played against Jared a couple of times. I know my skillset and I know what I can do. I know I can make all the throws. I know that I can lead a team. I know that I can come in and be a guy that's going to work as hard as or even harder than anyone in the building. That's the mindset I have and everyone obviously everyone has the same mindset. You've got to prove that day in and day out and for me I've always been an underdog. I come from Bakersfield, which it's not known for a whole lot. I've worked for everything that I've got. I was third string my sophomore year behind a guy that was supposed to be the next starter there. I kind of put my head down, kept my mouth shut and worked as hard as could. I ended up becoming a three-year starter when I wasn't supposed to. Coming into this process, I've always kind of kept that blue collar work ethic throughout my whole life. That's kind of why I was so drawn to Cleveland. I love the fans and everything around it and all the sports programs are kind of blue collar and it's a hard-working town. I think that's why it's a perfect fit for me. I kind of use that as fuel and motivation of not being one of the top quarterbacks coming out. Like I said, I'm going to continue that work ethic and I'm excited to get started."

On Corey Coleman's familiarity with Jackson and coming to a team that values WRs:
Corey Coleman: "It means a lot. I am real close to Hue. We talked before the draft a couple of times. I came on a visit here. He is really smart, really intelligent, and I am just really happy to be here. I know that he is going to do something really special for this organization."

On Corey Coleman's route tree capabilities and working to expand more, given the concepts Baylor uses:
Corey Coleman: "It's so funny that people say that. From high school, I ran an NFL route tree. I have ran every route then. I had to make a transition when I came to Baylor. It wasn't the same but I made the transition to routes that I did run. It is going to be a transition from college to the NFL. I'm just going to have to adapt and get used to the situation. I think I will be just fine, though."

On Corey Coleman coming the same city as DB Joe Haden and the Cavaliers' LeBron James.
Corey Coleman: "Those are two legends here, and I'm just honored to come to Cleveland. I've talked to Joe a lot. He's with Jordan and I'm with Jordan. We have a close relationship. LeBron James is a legend here, too. He's done a lot for Cleveland. For my name to even be in the same category, I am just honored."

On the culture in Cleveland and with the Browns:
Corey Coleman: "It's crazy, man. The fans here are amazing. They're really happy. They're ride or dies who will stick with us all the way so we know what we are going to get with that. The feeling, it is just a loving town. We're just all – I can speak for everyone – we will do our best to change this organization around."

Ogbah: "It feels like a family atmosphere. It is just like Stillwater. It feels like everybody is really close with each other. You can tell that a change is coming, and that is what I feel, too. I feel like we are ready to make that change for you guys."

Nassib: "This is my first time in Cleveland. I haven't seen the city or downtown much at all, but, I'm so excited to be here and with these players that I am up here with. I get to work with (defensive line) Coach (Robert) Nunn. Everybody is ready to work, and I am really excited to be here."

Shon Coleman: "Very family oriented, just like what we had at Auburn. It was the same deal. The staff and everybody that I met with today is all on the same page, trying to go in a new direction. This is pretty good."

Kessler: "What I touched on – the positive energy. When you get around the program, you can kind of feel that vibe and energy, and it feels so positive. Everyone is just so excited to get started and the players feed off of that. Like what Corey said, the fans are awesome. All I keep hearing about is the Dawg Pound and how exciting it is, and I love that. I love playing in college games where the fans were so into it, and the city of Cleveland, apparently, has that. I'm excited to get the first taste of it."

On why Shon Coleman was compelled to stay in contact with St Jude's Children Hospital:
Shon Coleman: "It is big time for the kids to see. Even last night, me being there, trying to help and give back, they did so much for me, I think it is my job to help with fundraisers and group events. I am always down to try to give back."

On what Shon Coleman will remember most from his draft party last night:
Shon Coleman: "We got to visit with the kids before the party. It was awesome. They had a great time. I had a great time with them. When they look at me, I am like Superman to them (laughter). It was awesome for them to just see that moment."

On if Shon Coleman is motivated by knowing little kids look up to him:
Shon Coleman: "Yeah definitely. Just me trying to keep moving forward and be successful in the league, kids look up to those type of things. There are a lot of kids that want to play baseball, football or whatever it is, and for them to see that, I think that will help them along the way."

On how special Nassib's weekend was for him and his family and if he has bragging rights over his brother, Jets QB Ryan Nassib, since he was selected higher:
Nassib: "This weekend has been awesome. We freaked out last night. Was it last night? (laughter). It feels like it was a week ago. It was amazing. It was so special because we had so much family and friends at my house. No, I am not going to hold it over his head. Absolutely not. I am just really happy to be here and be a part of the NFL."
On if Nassib will be able to lean on his brother for guidance:
Nassib: "Yeah, definitely. With all things, he is the first people I go to. He was pretty pumped last night to say the least. He didn't know where I went so he was screaming at me like, 'Where did you go? Where did you go?' (laughter) It was pretty cool."

On if Griffin can overthrow Corey Coleman:
Corey Coleman: "I guess we are going to find out (laughter)."

*On if the 2016 Browns draft class is ready to get the organization moving in the right direction:          *
Corey Coleman: "I feel like this is something special. Rebuilding, we have really talented guys and they are willing to work."

Kessler: "Just building off that, with all these guys coming in, it's almost like a college recruiting class in ways. You come in and we're going to be the first class with the new coaching staff and we're going to be really tight and really close. We are going to go through offseason work outs together and rookie minicamp and all these different things. Just kind of the whole rookie process, I know that is really going to bring us together. Like I said, for the future of this team, hopefully a lot of us can contribute whether it is right away or some time down the line, but I think it is going to be cool in a couple years when this program is going in the right direction to look back and see what we accomplished in the time we have. Like I said, me and these four other guys up here right now are very excited to get started and whoever else we bring along with us this year, we can't wait to get to work."

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