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Browns' First and Ten volunteer movement launches Huddle for 100 efforts to give back to community

In celebration of the NFL's 100th season, the Cleveland Browns are encouraging fans to give back to their communities through the team's signature First and Ten movement and Huddle For 100 initiative.

Browns First and Ten

Since 2014, the Browns signature First and Ten volunteer movement has been encouraging fans to give back to their communities by volunteering at least 10 hours every year. In addition to fan involvement, Browns Give Back is an important initiative involving all Browns players, coaches and staff who each season #give10 by volunteering their time with various organizations throughout the world. The Browns are proud to continue their commitment to give back to Northeast Ohio with an emphasis on education and youth football while engaging the community through their signature First and Ten volunteer movement.

NFL Huddle For 100 Initiative

Throughout the 2019 season, the NFL will be celebrating its 100th season with the #HuddleFor100 initiative. Fans are encouraged to choose a cause and contribute 100 minutes of their time to better their community. The goal of the initiative is to reach 100 million volunteer hours by bringing together fans, players and their teams as they "Huddle" together to serve their communities. In conjunction with the NFL 100 program, the Browns will be leading several initiatives to unite the team and its fans in service. The following are ways that fans can join the #BrownsHuddleFor100 movement.

Share Your Cause

During the 100th season, the 32 NFL teams will be competing against one another each week to see whose fans record the most service hours. By tweeting pictures of service activities and volunteer work with #BrownsHuddleFor100, fans can create points for the Browns as they strive to raise the most hours committed to the initiative. Each point represents one hour of service logged by fans so make sure to pick a cause, get involved and share how you are joining the #BrownsHuddleFor100 movement!

Join the First and Ten Movement or Volunteer with a Browns Community Partner

For fans interested in getting involved in the #BrownsHuddleFor100 movement, it's also easy to become a part of the Browns signature First and Ten volunteer movement. Through First and Ten, fans are encouraged to #give10 hours of their time each year to bettering their local communities. Fans can sign up by clicking here to take the pledge to #give10. By joining the First and Ten movement, individuals can also find connections to several of the Browns community partners. These groups serve individuals of all backgrounds in the Cleveland community and have great opportunities for anyone interested in volunteering through the First and Ten or #BrownsHuddleFor100 initiatives. Click here to learn more about the Browns community partners and to see which ones might interest you!

Browns Youth Football Camp at the Berea Facility on June 19, 2019

Huddle Events

The Browns will host multiple "Huddle" events that fans are encouraged to participate in this season. The first "Huddle" event will kick off during the Browns Training Camp when the team hosts the 2019 Browns First and Ten Blood Drive on Saturday, July 27th. During the blood drive, fans are encouraged to visit one of the 12 donation sites to help support the American Red Cross and their mission to save lives. To thank donors for their support, the first 500 fans who donate will receive a free t-shirt. Fans interested in participating in the Browns First and Ten Blood Drive can visit the Browns Give Back website for event updates that will be available soon.

More "Huddle" events will be announced in the coming weeks so check the Browns community website frequently for important updates.

Huddle For Youth Football

As part of their commitment to assisting the development, safety and growth of youth and high school football throughout Northeast Ohio, Browns Give Back will "Huddle" with local teams to promote the sport. Throughout the season, youth and high school football programs will receive access to special camps and clinics, grant donations and other VIP experiences. Fans are encouraged to visit the Browns community website for ongoing updates of how the Browns "Huddle" for youth football.

Huddle For Education

Through their dedication to improving the quality of education for students in Northeast Ohio, Browns Give Back will "Huddle" for education. This means investing in youth and keeping kids in school every day so they can succeed. More details will be released throughout the season so fans are encouraged to check the Browns Give Back website for future stories.

Join the Celebration

2019 marks a big and exciting year for the NFL and its fans. As an organization, the Browns hope to share the celebration of this historical milestone by engaging our fans and community. Fans are strongly encouraged to join in the festivities by sharing their volunteer work with #BrownsHuddleFor100 on social media and frequently visiting the team website for updates on "Huddle" activation projects and events. Individuals with questions concerning the NFL Huddle For 100 initiative can contact the Browns community relations department at

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