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2020 NFL Draft

Browns hold No. 2, 32 picks in 2016 NFL Draft

Cleveland will have its highest pick in 16 years when it steps to the podium for the first time at the 2016 NFL Draft.

Because of their 3-13 finish, the Browns hold the No. 2 pick, falling behind only the Tennessee Titans, who also notched a 3-13 record. The Titans win the tiebreaker because of their weaker strength of schedule in 2015 (.494 to .532), but the Browns will receive the first pick in the second round. The teams will rotate the first pick in the subsequent rounds, with Cleveland picking first in the fourth and sixth.

The Browns essentially hold two first-round picks for the third consecutive year. There are only 31 picks in this year's first round because of the NFL's penalty on the New England Patriots, so the Browns hold the No. 2 and 32 selections.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam touted this part of the team's immediate future when he explained why he believes Cleveland's head coach opening is an attractive one.

The last time Cleveland picked this high in the draft was 2000, when it held the No. 1 pick for a second straight year. The last and only time Cleveland had the No. 2 pick was in 1991, when it selected defensive back Eric Turner.

The Browns carry all of their picks into the 2016 draft and could receive a handful of others when compensatory and conditional picks are announced in the coming months.

The first 20 picks in the first round are set. The rest will sort itself out as the playoffs unfold.

2016 NFL Draft 1st round

  1. Tennessee
  1. Cleveland
  1. San Diego
  1. Dallas
  1. Jacksonville
  1. Baltimore
  1. San Francisco
  1. Miami
  1. Tampa Bay
  1. New York Giants
  1. Chicago
  1. New Orleans
  1. Philadelphia
  1. Oakland
  1. St. Louis
  1. Detroit
  1. Atlanta
  1. Indianapolis
  1. Buffalo
  1. New York Jets

21-31 to be determined by playoffs

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