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Browns' new goal? 'Keep the train rolling' after snapping winless streak 

The Browns snapped their winless streak last week with a win over the Jets. 

Now, when they travel to Oakland this weekend, they'll try to put together a winning streak of sorts for the first time in what might as well be an eternity.

It's the next step for a team that seems like it's finally on the upswing after two dismal seasons. Coach Hue Jackson said he'll expect a whole new level of focus from his Browns going forward 

"I need more of that," he said Wednesday. "You're not sliding in here under the radar (with) people thinking you're not a good team. I think we have a team that, if we keep growing and keep getting better, that someday people will say that we're a good team. We're not that yet."

Good teams, after all, can stack wins together. And the Browns haven't been able to do that in almost four years. Cleveland hasn't won back-to-back games since November 2014, when it won three straight against the Raiders, Buccaneers and Bengals. 

For all the good vibes flowing in Berea — and reasonably so for a Browns team that broke a 19-game winless streak while demonstrating so much promise in Thursday night's comeback victory over the Jets — it won't mean much if Cleveland can't build on that success. 

"I think it's really important," second-year defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi said. "You want to keep the train rolling."

"It's nice it's good to come out and get a win and now we have to try and stack it. We haven't had that in a while," veteran offensive lineman Joel Bitonio added. "It means nothing if we go out there and lay an egg against Oakland."

Jackson, who believes last week's win over New York is something of a harbinger of things to come, said the Browns still have a long ways to go to call themselves one of the league's better teams. 

They can start to change that, however, in Oakland. 

"We haven't earned that," he said, "but I think we have the makings if we keep working if we don't get caught up in what everyone says and thinks and all of that stuff and keep working like we always have. 

"I think we've got a chance," Jackson continued, "to have a team that we will be very proud of."