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Press Conference

Browns player press conference - Tretter

C JC Tretter:

On how Head Coach Freddie Kitchens has done keeping the team together:

"I think he has really kept us and the whole idea of 1-0 has not changed. That idea of this day being the most important day, each day going into a game and then obviously that week's game being the most important. We are not really looking beyond one week at a time and are just really focusing and dialing in on what we can do this week."

On if he feels Kitchens has everyone's attention:

"Absolutely. Absolutely."

On how much the Baltimore defense has improved since their Week 4:

"They are still a talented group. I think they have gotten better. They do some different things. Obviously, they have added some different personnel, but they are a talented group overall. They throw a lot at you. There is going to be a lot of communication needed, a lot of studying and a lot of understanding and just having everybody be on the same page."

On if the Ravens will look to bring more pressure this time around:

"They will blitz from anywhere, and that is the thing where there is not really any read or understanding of where they are going to come from. You have to be ready from everywhere. They just do a really good job, and how their offense have played, they have had the ability to play with a lead for the most part most of the season and kind of unload a lot of exotic blitzes and make you work and study a lot of different things. It will be a good test for us, but I think we are all getting on the same page and we will be ready."

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