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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - 10/1

RB Nick Chubb:

On if he excited to potentially receive more carries after his performance yesterday:

"I am always excited just to be featured more. No matter where it is on the field – special teams, running the ball or catching the ball – I am up for it and I am happy to do it."

On what led to his two long rushing TDs:

"Definitely the blocking up front. Those were two wide open holes that anybody could run through. The line gets their props, and the receivers blocking down field. They all play a role in explosive runs. I think that is where it starts. Those guys did a great job for me. On the second level, I took it on myself to get into the end zone."

On where he has improved throughout the season:

"Pretty much everything, all aspects of the game. Running the ball is one thing but knowing pass protections and who to pick up and how to block and catching the ball, also. For me, a rookie running back, special teams is also huge. I am a primary guy on punt team and on the kickoff return team. Just have to do my job in all phases."

On handling the outcome of Sunday's game:

"Those hurt. Definitely a hard pill to swallow. Being up a majority of the game and then it coming down to overtime and losing it, it hurts. It is hard to get over, but you have to move forward."

On if being close to winning serves as motivation:

"I definitely think it does. We keep coming up short. At some time point, we are going to get tired of it and just fight to the finish and going to find a way to win games."

On if he displayed his natural speed on the TD runs:

"Yeah, I guess so. I did break the angle or whatever. Just training hard, working hard back at home and here. The training staff makes sure that we are squatting and staying explosive throughout the year. I think that it all plays a part in that."

On his potential if he gets more carries:

"I do not know. Who knows?"

On what he has learned from RB Carlos Hyde:

"I have learned a lot from him and (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.). Carlos always talks it out. He always makes some kind of great run, and it just gives me energy. I want to get in there and have fun with him. Every time that he comes to the sideline, I tell him, 'I am going off of you.' He makes big plays and motivates me to go out and make plays for the team, too. With Duke, Duke is a very versatile player and can pretty much do anything that you ask. I take notes from that, being able to not only run the ball but catch the ball and all of those things. I am just learning and taking in everything that I can from those two guys."

OL JC Tretter:

On the Browns remaining positive through adversity in a game:

"Yeah, I think we have a lot of grit on this team. Even last year, you saw it. Obviously, last year we were not able to get any wins last year, but we never stopped fighting no matter what the circumstances were during the game, and I think that mentality has carried over. Now with the added talent and experience, that effort late in games you can come back from almost anything. We lost our 14-point lead, and those are sometimes tougher to bounce back from after you have it and you lose it. Just that we kept plugging along and kept pushing, and obviously, we come back and there is no quit and there is no rolling over on this team. We have a lot of experienced players now. We have a lot of hard workers now that will not let that happen. We will just keep pushing along."

On Mayfield showed bouncing back from the turnovers and facing the Raiders defense:

"I think Baker played really well. Obviously, the turnovers will kill you in this league and that is something we can correct, but handling the emotion and the experience of the first start in a hostile environment, he did really well. I think protection wise, this was probably our best week of it so far this season. Everybody is in involved with that – the offensive line, running backs, tight ends and Baker, as well, protecting himself, getting the ball out and understanding where the free runner is going to come from and all of that stuff. Baker did a really good job for his first full week of preparation going into a game."

On the fumbled snap:

"I am not getting too much into it. It deals with our silent count mechanics so I am not going to put that out there, but there was a miscommunication and I can't have that happen. We just have to correct that. I do not see that ever happening again, but there was just a little miscommunication, but I am not going to get into what happened. It is just based off of how we do our silent count."

On if Mayfield's demeanor trying to keep everyone together was surprising from a rookie:

"No, Baker is that type of guy. That is what we have seen through the training camp and through the season. He is energetic. He is positive. He is never going to let a bad play, a bad quarter or anything like that kind of get to him. He is always expecting to make the next play. That is something the offense, the receivers, the offensive line and the running backs can all feed off of. Understanding that no matter what happened in the past, we are one play away from breaking it back wide open."

On developing the knockout punch to put a team away:

"I think you just have to learn to put your foot on their throat. You can't let teams in this league [stick around]. Everybody is too good to let a team kind of stick around. You have to be the one that kind of finish them off, and they are not just going to – just as we were talking about – we are not going to go away. We are going to keep fighting and that is how every team is built. They are experienced football players who no deficit is too big to come back from so you have to be the one to finish them. You are not going to expect a team to roll over and just hand you the victory."

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