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Browns player press conferences - 10/3

LB Joe Schobert:

On the Ravens:

"I think they are doing a good job running the ball. Off of that, taking play action shots, especially to (WR) John Brown. No. 13 is getting deep and getting behind the secondary, and (QB Joe) Flacco is hitting him."

On the Browns special teams' performance this year:

"Just like every unit on the field, there are mistakes being made – offense, defense and on special teams. Special teams, unfortunately, it is a one play thing. You could make a mistake, and you do not get a second chance to come back and play it over again. You have to just live with it. That is why it is hard. You play in the open field in open space. When somebody makes a mistake, it can be more glaring then on offense or defense."

On errors on special teams potentially being magnified in close games:

"Definitely. When you only have one play to make a chance or make an opportunity, it is definitely magnified."

On if there is extra emphasis on pressuring QB Joe Flacco, due to DB Terrance Mitchell's injury:

"I think there is a normal emphasis on getting home. Like every quarterback, you want to get pressure in his face and make him move off of his spot so if he does take his deep shots, he is a little bit off and less accurate and we can go make plays it. Obviously, John Brown is somebody that you have to take into account with his deep speed and his ability to track the ball, and Flacco can really throw it out there and make him go run under it and catch it. I think that getting in his face, making him throw off of his back foot can definitely help us in those situation."

On the return of Ravens TE Hayden Hurst:

"I think that they are very tight end heavy, more so than what we have played on offense. They do a good job of utilizing all of their tight ends and all of their skillsets. I feel like each tight end has a different type of skill set, and they find ways and they scheme ways to take advantage of it. We really have to be on our Ps and Qs in that aspect. We have seen what this kid can do a little bit in the preseason. He is a very good receiver. He can make plays in the passing game. We just have to be ready for it."

On keys to containing the Ravens TEs:

"Definitely with tight ends, a lot of schematics go into that, too. Play action passes, being able to have you eyes on your key and not letting them bite on your play action and not letting them get a step behind you right in the middle of the field because that is the easiest throw for a quarterback right in the middle of the field over the ball. Just be able to take away their known playmakers when there are known playmakers. Say you are going to play somebody man to man, a guy that can catch the ball, do not let him catch the ball. You just have to step up in that regard."

OL Joel Bitonio:

On advice to OL Desmond Harrison on Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs:

"We are trying to get him a crash course. I try to get in touch with (former Browns OL) Joe (Thomas) this week and try to get some tips if you can. Suggs is such a good player. He is a Hall of Famer. He has done a lot of stuff from his leader of the defense, leader of their team and it is going to be a big test. I think his biggest test of the year. I think he has slowly improved this year and he keeps getting better, Desmond. It is a big test for him, so have to see some and get a lot of film for him, get a lot of practice for him, but he is ready for the challenge and he is going to try to be his best this weekend."

On Suggs' consistent productivity:

"His attributes, his athletic ability and his power, and he is just a crafty guy. He is really smart football guy. You might not see it with his personality, but the way he reads plays and makes things happen is pretty impressive. He will gamble a little bit, but he will know when to gamble and make those plays."

On Mayfield in his first start:

"He did a good job. We had some explosive plays and I know some of it was running the ball, but he had a couple of deep passes, as well. Just some big things happened. He brings a lot of energy to the team. I know he will tell you himself, i was not all his fault by any means, but you have to take care of the ball better on offense. We scored 42 points. We felt like we could have had over 50 if we took care of the ball a little bit better, but he is doing a good job. He is taking command of offense, and he is exciting to be out there with."

On ability to improve communication and being on the same page to avoid turnovers:

"Yeah, I think a few of them are easy. Some of the fumbles, we just have to take care of the ball a little bit better. Some of the interceptions were off a drop or off a miscommunication of a route. Those are things we can fix. As we talked about it today, we want to not have the same problems twice. If we can fix those and improve off that, then we will be a better offense."

On the Browns' resiliency in the first four weeks of the season:

"It has been big. I think it shows that we will always have a chance to be in a game. You saw with the Steelers, we were down by a couple of touchdowns. We tried to fight back. The Raiders, we had about three of four drives there where it was looking bleak. If we did not do a very good job and that was tough to be a part of but we came back, we got ourselves the lead. Eight-point lead with a minute left. Thought we had a first down to win the game, and we just got to finish on those. I think we can always be in games, and now, we just got to finish and take that next step."

DB E.J. Gaines:

On if he has seen Ravens QB Joe Flacco get in a rhythm:

"Yeah, he definitely looks like he is back into his true form so he is definitely slinging the ball out there a lot more, and their running game has not been where they wanted it to be so he has definitely had to do a lot more with his arm. He has done well this year so we definitely can't let him get comfortable back there."

On Ravens WR Michael Crabtree:

"Crabtree, another veteran receiver who has made a lot of plays in this league, so we can't let him get going either. Definitely contain those receivers. They have a lot of explosive plays this year so just holding them and containing them."

On filling in for DB Terrance Mitchell, who was productive in the first quarter of the season:

"Terrance, he is a great player. He has been making plays for this football team all year. That was hard to see that happen to him. It is up to me now to try to get in there and make some plays. Also, we have a great defense so I know my guys will be behind me have my back and everything. I am excited to get out there and make some plays."

On how his familiarity with defensive coordinator Gregg Williams' defense helps:

"I think it helps me a lot. I have played in his schemes for four years now so I pretty much know what he is going to call and how the games are going to go. It is just up on our defense and how we are going to perform."

On how excited he is to start:

"Oh, I am excited (laughter). I am really excited. This will be my first start this year so go out there and make some plays for this team."

On how exciting it will be to start his first game with the Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium:

"It will be exciting. Like you said it is my first game out here, and these fans are wild. I have not got to really perform in front of them yet so I am excited to do that for sure."

DB Damarious Randall:

On how much mental toughness is required to play with an injury and how to develop it:

"I do not know. Everybody is different. Just the pain, I can tolerate. I am going to try to be out there as much as I can and just try to get as many mental reps as I can throughout the week."

On if he was pleased with his performance against the Raiders, given he played well despite not practicing that week due to injury:

"No, There are a lot of things that we can clean up. There are a lot of things that we can get better at as a whole. We did not win the game. I feel like I have to do more."

On if his injury will linger throughout the season:

"I do not know. I am just going to take it day by day. Today, I am going to take some mental reps."

On his confidence in the defense following DB Terrane Mitchell's injury:

"Very, very confident. (DB) E.J. Gaines is going to have this full week to prepare and to basically get ready for the game. I feel like that will be a big step for him."

On Ravens QB Joe Flacco this season:

"You just see a more motivated guy, a more confident guy, a guy that seems like he is healthy now. I know that the last few years he was a little banged up with his back. He seems healthy and he seems like he is ready to go."

On playing with injury against Oakland:

"I was just trying to play as many plays that I can with the pain that I was dealing with. I am just going to try to take it day by day, play by play."

On returning to S this year:

"Free safety is fun. That is something that I grew up doing. That is just something that I am naturally built and born to do. Just loving it, though."

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