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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - 10/4

LB Christian Kirksey:

On the statement made if the Browns beat the Ravens:

"We are just coming ready to play Sunday. I am not really out here trying to say, 'Oh, if we beat the Ravens, then we are putting ourselves in this position.' We are just taking every Sunday, one Sunday at a time. Just go out there and compete. Our biggest thing is to win. Win at FirstEnergy Stadium. That is our home turf. That is our focus. It is not too much of 'Oh, let's make a statement here. Let's make a statement there.' It is just win the game that we have coming up. That is the Ravens."

On finishing games:

"We just have to make the plays that come our way. The plays that we are supposed to make, we have to make them. We can't have any crucial plays, turnovers or just blown assignments. We have to make sure that we eliminate that. Hopefully, certain calls can go our way. That is something that I believe we definitely have to do, as well."

On DB Terrance Mitchell's injury and what he provided the Browns defense:

"T. Mitch, he was definitely bringing that energy. His way of having an eye for the ball, whether it was a forced fumble or getting an interception to clinch the game, that is something that he brings to the table. (DB) E.J. Gaines stepped right in when he went down and got an interception, as well. We have guys in that room that can have game-changing plays. We always preach that we are all starters. We are all in it together. If a guy, gets hurt or guys get hurt, we know that the next guy is ready to play just like he was the starter."

On containing Ravens QB Joe Flacco and his rapport with TEs:

"Just know where they are on the field. Take away his hot throws. Take away his main guys that he is targeting the most. (Defensive coordinator) Gregg (Williams) will put us in the perfect defensive call. If it is not, then we are just going to hop to and get the man in front of us. That is the name of the game. It is football. We know that they will be well prepared to face us and use their tight ends, especially No. 86 (Ravens TE Nick Boyle) is great at blocking. He is one of the best blocking tight ends in the league. We just have to make sure that we take their red dot guys and eliminate them from the game and make them beat us somewhere else."

On preparing for Flacco amidst familiarity after playing him regularly in the AFC North:

"You have to watch film. They know that we are watching what they are doing. They know that we are game planning. They know all of that so they are going to try to throw in a couple of wrinkles and things like that. We have to make sure that we are prepared to go out there and win on Sunday but go out there and win with purpose and go out there to make sure that we tell them that these guys are not going to beat us – somebody else has got to beat us."

WR Jarvis Landry:

On if the Week 4 loss stuck with him longer than usual:

"Yeah, it did. It was something that I am obviously still thinking about, but it is a new week. We have to try to push that start-over button again. Go back out there and have another opportunity on Sunday."

On if there was a sense that the Browns needed to ultimately win last week, given the situation:

"If you were to look at it honestly, with the opportunities that we have had to win games, you do not want to look back in December and be like, 'God, if we could have gotten that one.' It is tough. We scored 42 points. That is something to be optimistic about. We are facing a great defensive team this game. We will see. It will be a challenge for sure."

On the impact of dropped passes last week:

"Huge. Huge. I know that was, myself included. A lot of hidden yardage in there where if we catch the ball on some of those plays, we are getting first downs. I think one of them turned into an interception for a touchdown. Just little things like that. You take those seven points off of the board, and we are still winning by two or three points."

On QB Baker Mayfield taking responsibility for drops:

"I think that he holds himself to a high standard. Of course, there are going to be some throws that to us are perfect but to him he could have put it out in front a little bit more or whatever it was. It is something that for him that he is passionate about. He is always critiquing himself. That is what you want."

On his message to WR Antonio Callaway on the sideline after dropped passes:

"Just keep playing. I do not really say much to him because I understand the type of payer that he is and the type of capabilities that he has. I know that in some instances when you talk to a guy that is passionate or whatever it is, that kind of puts them under the bus for the whole game. He had a great attitude. He came back there catching the dig in the fourth quarter to give us an opportunity to score and take the lead there in the fourth quarter."

On if it is too much on Callaway's plate to fill an every-down role:

"No, I would not say that. I think that he is a baller. I think he can play this game at a high level. We all go through that process of being unsure sometimes and not really understanding. It is our job to pick up the slack. When he has opportunities to make plays, we trust in him that he is going to make them. There is no doubt in our mind that he is going to make plays and that he is going to help this football team."

On having confidence the Browns are on the cusp of success:

"Honestly, the points that we are scoring and the adversity that we are faced with. Being down several weeks and having an opportunity to bounce back and either take the lead or put ourselves into a position to win the game, that is definitely something positive to look at. From there, cutting out mental errors and turnovers. We do that with the defense that we have when we are up 14 (points), no team should have an opportunity to come back. We will see."

DB Jabrill Peppers:

On being frustrated yesterday:

"Frustration level is just when you give away games. That is definitely frustrating. We know our record should be better than what it is right now, but it is not. We just have to put our head down and work harder."

On being quoted saying Browns fans were 'wishy-washy' and if he has received backlash from it:

"I have not really checked, but I said the environment. This is the NFL. That is how it is. Love you when you are doing good, and they do not when you are not. We know we have to play better. Obviously, I was not talking about the fans as a whole, just more so the environment of an NFL franchise. We understand the City of Cleveland loves their Browns and wants to see us get back to how it is supposed to be, but that is just the NFL. They love you when you are doing well, and not so much when you aren't."

On if the type of NFL environment described is different from his experience at Michigan:

"Not really. Not really. I think that is with every major sport, but I have only played football at this high of a level so I can't really speak on other sports." 

On mentioning he receives some grief when out in public and if that bums him out:

"It does not bum me out. I do not really care what people say, but it is just another kind of situation when you walk up on another man. That is more of that, but I kind of expected it. Some people already feel a way about me because of my college choice. I just have to play better and make plays on the field to get them right. That is how it is in the NFL."

On if he feels attending Michigan factors into how he is perceived in Cleveland:

"A little bit of a factor, absolutely."

DB Denzel Ward:

On the Browns defense allowing 45 points last week as a step back from its previous production:

"Yeah, it was a little step back. We obviously can't give up that many points. It does not help our team win. We just have to make those corrections and play better defense next time."

On what the Browns defense can correct:

"Really just making our plays and in man on man, just making plays. Making plays."

On DB Terrance Mitchell's injury:

"That is a big loss. Terrance is a great player. We need him. Hate that we went down, but players have to step up."

On what Mitchell provided the Browns defense:

"He is a playmaker. He will get the ball out, force fumbles, a guy that intercepts, and he is a good cover corner, too."

On DB E.J. Gaines:

"He stepped in. He got an interception. That is what guys have to do – step up."

On if his play gradually improves or if there are ups and downs:

"It is football. I feel I am gradually getting better, but you are going to have games where you may not play as well. It is about how to overcome those situations in a game and playing the next play."

On how he played against the Raiders:

"Not good enough to win."

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