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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - 7/27

RB Nick Chubb:

On being considered an 'old school' RB:

"Yeah, that is fine with me."

On RB Carlos Hyde calling him a beast:

"It makes me feel good. Carlos has played at a high level at Ohio State and at San Fran (Francisco 49ers). That gave me a great feeling having a vet say some good things about me."

On if his running style is similar to Hyde's:

"He is a beast, too. He runs hard and catches the ball very well, too. He is a great guy that I look forward to learning things from and looking up to the entire season for as long as we can be together."

On potentially having a more flashy style on the field:

"None of that. I am who I am. I really do not wear chains or anything flashy. I would rather wear my pads and my gear, whatever I need and just go to work."

On how he feels physically, given his past knee injury:

"I feel really good. That was three years ago. I am over that hump mentally and physically. Just ready to keep getting better every day."

On how confident he is that he can excel in a multiple-back offense:

"I am very confident because it has worked in the past for me. We went a long ways last year with splitting the carries and things like that. It has proven to work. It will be even greater here with the addition of other great backs. It will be fun."

On being General Manager John Dorsey's highest drafted RB:

"I feel great. Happy to be here now, no matter where they would have taken me."

RB Carlos Hyde:

On if he looks forward to putting pads on tomorrow:

"I will be excited to get the pads on tomorrow. I think I have had enough of the two-hand touch part of the game. It will be exciting to get the pads on, get a cleaner look of some of the run plays we will be running and get a better look at them."

On his offseason:

"My offseason, I stayed here. I trained here. I did a little fishing, went out to L.A. with the guys and got some work in with them. It was a good offseason."

On early impressions of RB Nick Chubb:

"(RB) Nick (Chubb) is a beast. Definitely brings a lot to the game that will get us some wins this season. Just overall a good player."

On Chubb's demeanor as a rookie:

"To me, he doesn't feel like a rookie. Usually rookies come in and are usually lost, just trying to feel their way out. I think Nick understands what is going on, I think he understands what being a pro is. He definitely has been on top of the playbook and on top of his game, so he has been doing a pretty good job."

On Browns coaches wanting to run the ball and if the team can stay committed to it:

"I can't sit here and tell you they are definitely going to stick with it because I do not really know, things can change. My hope is that we do run the ball a lot so I will be a really happy camper if we do run the ball."

On if offensive coordinator Todd Haley is stressing the running game:

"Definitely. Not just Coach Haley but (Head) Coach Hue (Jackson) does also. He says that also. It is good to know and hear from the head coach that we are going to run the ball a lot. We will see once the season gets here."

On sharing the ball with RB Duke Johnson Jr. and RB Nick Chubb:

"Honestly, it is really just the coach. Coach Haley is just putting us in position where we all benefit and where we all succeed. It really is on Coach Haley honestly."

RB Duke Johnson Jr.:

On what his 'load' will be in the running game:

"We are not sure yet. It is Day 2 of camp. We are still working things out. We are going to figure it out. Like I have said since I have been here, whatever my role is, that is what it is and I am going to maximize it."

On if his number of touches will be different than past years:

"There is going to be a difference, but it is just about getting the ball and allowing me to make plays."

On the feel of the team right now:

"The vibe is awesome. It is Day 2 of camp. You can ask me that question again on Day 15, 16 (laughter) So far, so good. A lot of positive energy. A lot of fresh legs. A lot of fresh bodies. Everyone feels good now. We will see what kind of character the team has come two weeks from now."

On any differences in Head Coach Hue Jackson's coaching style this season:

"He is the head coach, and that is kind of his job to oversee everything. He is laid back more. He has his hand in pretty much everything. Basically, he is having the chance to be the head coach that he was brought here to be.

On why he chose to stay in Cleveland and sign a contract extension:

"My life. I have been here since I was drafted. They gave me an opportunity to play football for this team and organization. They took a chance in drafting me. This is kind of just where I wanted to be."

On WR Josh Gordon's situation:

"I am definitely excited for him in this process. A lot of times, we get looked at as just football players and not actually humans. For him to want to take that step and want to get himself better before he comes back, I think it is awesome. I am pretty sure my other teammates said it, we are all going to welcome him back when he gets back. No love lost. We are going to love him even more. Being a grown up and being an adult, a lot of people would not have even asked for help and definitely would not have gone out in public and told people that he was asking for help. We appreciate it."

LB Christian Kirksey:

On LB Jamie Collins Sr. returning to the field:

"It is nothing but love. Whenever you see your teammate back at full force, especially one of the dominant players in this league and on this team, it is definitely nice to be able to see so I am glad he is back. That is one of my great teammates, friends off the field so I am happy to see him."

On how defensive coordinator Gregg Williams' defense benefits the team:

"When you get comfortable in the scheme and comfortable with coaches, the relationship gets stronger and your trust is there. We had a lot of young guys playing last year with a new defensive coordinator and all of that stuff. Now, more and more people are confident. They have been in the scheme for a year. Now coming into Year 2, we know what to expect, have the respect for the coaches. I think this is just good for us to really settle down into the type of defense we are playing. Then adding other veteran players like (DB) Damarious (Randall) and (LB Mychal) Kendricks. I think this second year definitely will be good for us."

On what led him to send his playoff tweet:

"Just seeing the work ethic in these guys. I have been here for going on five years. This team that we have together right now, is one of the better units that I have been around. Just seeing the type of guys added to the team – the draft picks and all of that – it is just a different feel. I think the coaching staff they have put together, General Manager (John Dorsey), everyone is one the same page. I was very confident in that tweet, and I stick to it. I truly believe that."

On differences in the Browns offense with QB Tyrod Taylor:

"Just simple things like those guys going during the offseason when they are on their own time during the break, and they are getting together and they are running routes doing things together. I have not seen that in my years of being here. Just the added weapons from the receiving group to the offensive line, we have a lot of weapons. This offense is definitely fully loaded. Just the way they are going out and practicing, attacking the day in the film room and on the practice field, you just see a change. I am excited to see them for the season."

On how LB Mychal Kendricks will fit in the LB rotation:

"I think our linebackers in this room are interchangeable. We can play different positions in that linebacker group. We can all play MIKE, WILL and SAM. We have different talents that some people are stronger in, and we have certain play calls that will maximizes someone's strength. Adding as many weapons as you can is the best thing to do."

On if he would be disappointed to not play every snap this year:

"I am a team player. Wherever they need me to play, whatever they need me to do, I am going to do it. As far as being out there on the field, I take pride in being out on the field every time the defense is out on the field, but I am here to win games. I am here to take this team to a championship and do my part by leading as best I can."

DB Denzel Ward:

On signing his rookie contract:

"It was a dream. Since I was a little kid, I always wanted to make it to the NFL. To get to this position where I am at in my career – making it to the NFL, being able to sign an NFL contract – it is just an exciting feeling. Just ready to get to work now.

On how important it was to get the deal done by the start of training camp:

"It was very important because I did not want to miss out on any time. I wanted to make the conditioning test, and I wanted to be out here with the guys practicing. I did not want to miss any time so I am just glad that I got it finished before then."

On being in the starting lineup this early into training camp:

"That was definitely one of my goals. I wanted to come out here and compete and show my teammates and coaches that I have the ability to be in the starting lineup and just prove it to them, really."

On showing his skillset early with the Browns:

"I just have a competitive nature to myself. I just want to come out here and compete, make plays and do what I can to help this team win."

On what he has to do to become an elite NFL cornerback:

"I am new to the league so I do not think that I can really answer that. I just have to find out what I can get better at every single day and stay in the playbook and keep learning."

On if he plans to continue to help out his mother now that the rookie deal is signed:

"Definitely. My mom has done a lot for me. I have been paying her mortgage for her house so I am going to pay that off. Whatever I can do to make it easy for my mom, I am down to do it."

On holding his own against WR Jarvis Landry and Josh Gordon during OTAs and minicamp:

"I am very comfortable with who I am as a man and as a player. Those guys are elite players, great guys and great players, but we all put our shoes and pants on the same way. Just come out here and work."

On the challenge of consistently going against Landry:

"He made a great one-handed catch on me in practice. I had to get him back, though. He is a great player. He makes a lot of great catches, and he is competitive. I love going against him."

On if there are a lot of WRs like Landry:

"I hope not (laughter)."

On getting help from the veterans in the Browns secondary:

"They have been teaching me a lot, especially guys like (DB) Damarious Randall. Even off of the field, he has been helping me with the playbook and learning. Just everything like giving me tips out on the field when I do something wrong or need help with something."

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