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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - 7/28

QB Drew Stanton:

On advice for QB Baker Mayfield coming into training camp:

"That this is just a process that you go through. Training camp is different than college, fall camp – however you want to qualify it. We are here and this is our job now. I think that you just wait for the opportunities that you can have the most impact with him. Really, that is with everybody. I am here to fulfill a specific role. In that role, I am comfortable. My goal in the spring was to learn this offense, to master it and to learn it the best I can and communicate and ask questions with (offensive coordinator) Todd (Haley) so that I can be a resource for not only Todd but for (QB) Tyrod (Taylor), for Baker and for everybody so that this offense can start trending up and can be as good as can possibly be."

On if Mayfield looks different now compared to OTAs and minicamp:

"Without a doubt. That is one think that I tried to tell Baker from the onset, every single day it is going to slow down. He is going to get more comfortable. As a quarterback, you need to see stuff. You need to understand stuff. You need to experience stuff. You are going to make mistakes. The whole goal in all of this is not repeating those mistakes. We are fortunate to have a really good quarterback coach, Coach (Ken) Zampese, that is coaching him up on the technique side of things, as well as try to get this offense down. He has done a great job. Are there going to be bumps? Of course, but I think that he has done a really nice job of coming out here and having a great control of this offense in a short period of time."

On Mayfield's accuracy:

"I think that accuracy comes with being comfortable. He is getting more comfortable. You can see that each and every day. There are certain routes that are asked of you in the NFL that are different in college. He had really good accuracy in college, and I would imagine his percentage was high – I do not know what it was. You can see his arm strength. All of those things that you look for, he has everything that checks those boxes. People get caught up in arm strength, but a lot of it in this league is making sure that your feet are right. He is working on the little nuances, those different things that are asked of him. Being able to rely on Tyrod, being able to rely on someone like Ken Zampese and Todd Haley, these are unbelievable resources on top of the talent that we have offensively. It is a rarity for a guy that is a No. 1 overall pick to have this much talent around him.

On if playing time in the preseason will be necessary for him:

"I will delegate that one to the coaches. I know what I signed for. I know why I am here. If they want me to play a full game, I will go out and do that. It is always nice to be knocked around a little bit in the preseason. You want to get hit a little bit just so when you do go out there, it is not completely foreign. I was fortunate to finish the year last year starting those final two games. Still a little bit in the back of your mind but I think the big thing for me in my perspective in this point of my career, you just want to get out there and operate. You want to be able to have a touchdown drive. You want to be able to get into a little bit of a rhythm and communicate and get on a play clock, break a huddle, do all of those things, see different run checks and see different protection checks. Those are really dress rehearsals for how we communicate as an offense, the in-game adjustments that we need to go out and win football games."

On the QB RV:

"The RV started back in the spring when we had the rules committee for Baker on Day 1. One of them was that we needed to get an RV. It was an idea the (former Lions QB) Shaun Hill implemented with (Lions QB Matthew) Stafford when we were in Detroit. We did training camp at the facility. It is parked in the back. It is just some place that you can go, get out of these four walls that start to close in on you after a certain period of time. There are no secret meetings going on. It is not excluding anybody. Everybody is welcome. It is just a place to go unwind, get away from here for the time period that we have off. Nothing more and nothing less."

OL Joel Bitonio:

On potentially playing LT:

"In the spring, I took a couple reps there, but since I have been back, it has been all at left guard for me."

On if he would volunteer to play LT or if he discussed it with Browns coaches:

"I think it is something that is pretty far down the line. Right now, I am really focused on playing left guard and trying to get whoever is playing next to me ready to play left tackle. We have some options there. Right now, I do not think it is a thing where I have to volunteer for the spot. If we go down the line and something needs to happen, we will see what happens there. For right now, I am just thinking about the first day of pads and playing left guard."

On OL Shon Coleman's development:

"He is doing fine. It is hard to tell without pads on. We have not played football yet. In a couple days, we will kind of see where he is at. He has great competition every day. He goes against (DL) Myles Garrett most of the time, and if he can go out there and be OK against that guy, he is going be pretty good when he goes out there on Sundays."

On how he can help Coleman:

"I think it is a communication thing. If he knows what he is doing on every play, he can just focus on his ability to do the play instead of thinking about the play. We go out there, and I make sure he knows what he is doing. We have good communication. I help him on the double teams and things of that nature. I think if you get him in the right mindset and he knows what he has to do, he can be a good player."

On OL Austin Corbett's transition from playing LT in college to playing G:

"It is different, for sure. I think things happen a lot faster inside. You have to get used to quicker bull rushes, quicker moves, a little bit more double teams on the inside and stuff like that. It is more your footwork game and not stepping on each other since you are kind of not on an island as much. He has been doing a good job so far, and I know they are going to move him around a little bit today so he will be getting reps everywhere."

On the Browns RBs and the line's ability to contribute to the running game:

"We have some guys with (RB Nick) Chubb, (RB Carlos) Hyde and (RB Duke) Johnson (Jr.) and then (RB Matthew) Dayes and some other guys we brought in have all been good. We have some talented running backs. For us offensive lineman, we have to give them as much time and as much space as they can get. They all have a little bit of different styles, but at the end of the day, they are good running backs. You give them a lane, and they are going to make something happen. It is our job to keep it open and give (offensive coordinator) Todd Haley confidence that we can run the ball and we are going to be getting four-five yards a pop, and then hopefully, break one later in the game."

OL Austin Corbett:

On his first training camp:

"So far, so good. Two days in. Have not gotten to play true football yet. That will happen today. The whole team is really excited to get the pads on and play."

On the OL finally being able to put on pads:

"It definitely feels weirder without pads on the offensive line. At the same time, we are still going full speed. We have a job to get done. Same with the D line. Now that we have the pads on to make it official, it is going to get real. I am excited."

On where he has been playing during practice:

"I have gotten reps at both left guard and left tackle. Right now, we are just trying to figure out the spot where I am going to end up. Whatever the team asks me to do , whether it is the left side or even the right side, that is where I am going to work. Just getting a position figured out."

On challenges switching and playing on the right side of the OL:

"It is just flipping everything on the left side of your brain and your body. Just trying to get the balance right on the right side, it is just a little bit different. It is just something you have to do. You get some live reps and you start to figure it out. It is tough, but at the same time, it is football. It is your job and what you are getting paid to do so you are not allowed to complain."

On if he would be disappointed to not play LT, given that is where he played throughout college:

"No, I played for four years of left tackle in college, but I have an opportunity to play in the NFL. There are only five positions so I am very content just being on the line."

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