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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - 8/12

DL Carl Nassib:

On if he is an 'Instagram guy':

"No, I am not. I used to be. Got rid of it."

On receiving 10 percent interest returns, referring to a segment in last week's Hard Knocks episode:

"I do not think that anybody is even giving two percent interest. The way it was edited made it seem like I said that. I was talking about gains on stocks and other investments."

On his interest with investments:

"This offseason, I did a lot of research about finances and stuff like that because I did not study that in college. I felt like I wanted to share that with my teammates and the younger guys and help them out because it helped me out a lot."

On the team's performance against the New York Giants:

"Good. The team did a good job the other night. I think that we have a lot to improve on. That is what preseason is for. A lot of promising things so I am excited."

On how he feels this season compared to this time last season:

"I feel stronger than I have ever been. I am excited to keep improving and working with the guys. Everybody is doing a good job."

On if getting stronger was a priority this past offseason:

"Last year, I played more 3 technique than I have ever had in my career. I wanted to be able to do that better this year."

On if he gained weight:

"Yeah, I am a little heavier."

On being in the same defensive system this season:

"This is actually only the first or second time that I have had the same defensive coordinator two years in a row. When you do not have to reinstall the playbook, you just play fast and know your assignments like the back of your hand. I think that it is going to give us a huge advantage. We can even improve on last year."

TE David Njoku:

On the preseason opener at the New York Giants:

"It was great to win, but there is still a lot more work to do. We are just going to take it one day at a time, one practice at a time and just try to get better each day."

On bouncing back from a difficult practice early in training camp:

"It is training camp. Things like that are going to happen. We are out here to practice and get better every day. I do not really see that as an off day; I see that as a day of learning. After that day, things have been going well. Just trying to work hard every day to be the best that I can be."

On how his confidence has grown entering Year 2:

"Definitely more confident. Being a rookie, things come at you pretty fast and you are trying to slow it down. After a year of learning and playing NFL ball, things have definitely slowed down, and it is easier to notice things faster than it was last year. I definitely think that it helped.'

On performing well in his home state of New Jersey last Thursday night:

"It is always great doing things like that in front of your family and friends – people that you care about. I would probably be just as happy if it were anywhere else."

On how many friends and family attended the preseason opener:

"20-30 people."

On if having a tough practice was a turning point for him earlier in training camp:

"No one really wants to have a bad day in practice or in a game, but those happen. It is how you bounce back and how you act after that. I just kept working, along with our whole team. Our focus is to get better. I believe that I am getting better."

On the new offensive system with offensive coordinator Todd Haley:

"It is pretty different. Football is you run the ball and you throw the ball. We are doing the same things but just in different ways. I am enjoying it, for sure."

On the Browns running game against the Giants:

"We can't have that. We did not really do well in that area of our game. We are just trying to get better in all aspects, as well as that one."

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