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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - 8/13

WR Jarvis Landry:

On if he has spoken with WR Dez Bryant, in addition to social media interaction:

"Not really. We are just trying to figure it out. If he wants to be here, then obviously we will [welcome him with] open arms. We would love to have him. He would be a great addition to our team and to our offense, for sure. Right now, all we can do is focus on what we have."

On what Bryant would bring to the team:

"Attitude. Obviously, effort. You look at the plays the he makes down the field and underneath – he can really do it all given the opportunities. I think that (offensive coordinator) Coach (Todd) Haley would do a really good job of trying to get him the ball if he was here. If not, we have got guys that can make plays here, too."

On if Bryant wants to come to the Browns:

"I do not know. That is not my decision. That is his choice. If he is here or wherever it is, I support him as a friend, as well. Wherever he goes, I am happy for him."

On if Bryant would be satisfied to be a second or third WR with the Browns:

"Again, that is not something that I could figure out or give you a true answer to. In this offense, everybody is an option. It is just about who makes the plays."

On if Cleveland is a good place for WRs, given the coaching staff, system and personnel:

"I think so. Just looking at Todd's history and his background, especially with what he did in Arizona with (former NFL WR Steve) Breaston, (Cardinals WR) Larry (Fitzgerald) and (former NFL WR) Anquan (Boldin) with those three guys. I think it is an opportunity for us all to get better. If we add a guy to the room, awesome. If not, then we still have to keep it moving. We will see how it goes."

On WR Antonio Callaway and helping advise Callaway:

"We just have to be smart. For us, everything that one guys does reflects on the unit. It reflects on the team. It reflects on the organization. We just have to be smart. That, honestly, was my only advice – just be smart, take care of yourself and understand that what you do reflects yourself and your family, but it also reflects this organization."

On his speech to the WRs room featured on Hard Knocks:

"Honestly, my inspiration was that if you are not hurt and you can practice, practice. Nobody gets better on the sideline. The team does not get better that way, and you put stress on other guys. That was really my biggest thing. If you can practice, practice."

On who the speech was directed toward:

"It was directed to and throughout our whole team. I know that I said it in the receiver room, but it was directed to the whole team. I think that it is going to allow us to create a mindset and a culture. If we are going to change the culture, that is where it has to begin. We can't be having favors or taking days off or stuff like that. We have to practice and put in the work to be great."

OL Joel Bitonio:

On if he feels like a LT yet:

"I am getting there. You finally play in a game and starts to become more of a reality. Practice is practice. I am getting there. I think that every day I get a little more comfortable. I feel more comfortable in my stance, positon in the huddle and things like that. It is getting there."

On his performance against the NY Giants:

"I did OK. I was getting back there. I felt a little bit not 'uncomfortable' but just a fish out of water in the sense that I am actually doing this in a game against a good pass rusher. I only played eight plays so it was kind of hard to get into a great rhythm, but there are things to work on. My hands were a little wide. I am used to going against (DL) Myles (Garrett) in practice, and he is flying up field so I am used to getting back, and I was a little bit too far back with (Giants DL) Olivier (Vernon). He is little bit more of a power guy. There are just little things to work on. There was some good stuff to come. I felt like that last drive when we scored a touchdown, I was starting to get a little bit more comfortable and kind of wanted to play another drive or two, but it is preseason. We have a lot of games to play."

On former NFL OL Andrew Whitworth transitioning from G to T and if he has spoken with players who made similar transitions:

"That is one of the only ones I have ever heard of. Most guys who have played guard in the NFL don't move out to tackle. It is usually the other way around. I haven't really [met] with anyone about that. I have talked to tackles who have played tackle for a long time but haven't really gone the other way with guard to tackle."

On Pro Football Hall of Fame OL Jonathan Ogden making the transition:

"That guy is also like 6-9, 360 [pounds]. Those are two of the best guys who have played the game in a long time."

On the Browns running game against the Giants:

"We were not great in the run game. We have been hammering it in walkthrough and practice this week. I think that our double teams were not super crisp. We had some missed identifications with some calls out there. We just were not very successful. It was one of those where it was the first game where we are trying to get into a rhythm. I think that we will be better this week. We have really emphasized it. Unfortunately, the first team only had two runs in there. We had a couple of plays where the brought a safety off of the edge and it kind of stuffed us. It was not a great running game for us. We want to take pride in our double teams and our physicality. That is something that we have been working on the past couple of days."

On OL Austin Corbett and if any of that is attributable to them both playing at Nevada:

"Maybe a little bit. We practiced together for maybe a semester when I was there. He was redshirting so he would always give me a look on defense and things like that. He is a good player. I think that when a couple of good players get together, you can have some good double teams and stuff. We get along. We have worked at it. It has been good. It has been fun to play next to him because he kind of understands what I am thinking because he has played tackle before, and we both have kind of played both positions. It has been good."

On if it is getting easier or harder to compete against Garrett each practice:

"A little bit of both. Somethings I am like, "OK, I think that I have this figured out.' Then he will do something that I have not seen before and I am like, 'Wow, that is a tough move. Hopefully, he does not do that one again.' It has been good. It is hard because it makes practice hard, but it also is going to help in the games when we go out there."

LB Mychal Kendricks:

On status of his ankle and if he is 100 percent:

"It is good. 95 (percent)."

On missing practice time early in training camp:

"I have been in similar situations where injuries take place and you are out of practice so all you are getting is mental reps. I am a guy that learns from the sideline as well as being in between the white lines. This far along in my career, I am getting the same amount of repetition just mentally."

On if he was ready to play earlier than when he was cleared to practice:

"There is always the want to, right? There is your mind, your heart and then there is your body. Obviously, wanting to come out here and compete is something that I want to do. If physically the guys that they have in place for the team – our trainers, our doctors – if they feel that being held for the greater good of myself and the team is what's needed, then I am obviously going to listen to that."

On how his leadership can help the Browns after winning a Super Bowl last season:

"I think I can just share my experiences and give back what I have learned through my years in the league and being a Super Bowl champ. All I can do is try to make those around me better through example and just sharing those experiences and sharing those little nuances that made the difference in the season."

On his impressions of LB Genard Avery:

"Rookie, very talented. Reminds me a lot of myself when I was young. Very strong, very fast and passionate about the game. The want to and all of that is there, but there are a lot of things to learn as a rookie. That is what I am here for. That is what guys like Kirko (LB Christian Kirksey), (LB Jamie) Collins (Sr.) and anyone who has played in the league more than four-plus years is going to be there for to help him come along."

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