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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - 8/15

LB Christian Kirksey:

On DB Jabrill Peppers:

"He is out there making plays. A year under his belt gave him a chance to learn, be more knowledgeable of the game. I feel like now he is just comfortable. He is playing free. I am excited to see him out there making plays, especially in this training camp."

On Peppers playing closer to the line of scrimmage:

"He can play multiple positions. We can move him around, too. He is the type of guy where whatever (defensive coordinator) Coach (Gregg Williams) asks him to do, he will do it and he can do it well."

On LB Mychal Kendricks:

"He brings a lot of energy, a lot of knowledge of the league. He has been in the league for seven years. What he brings to us is versatility. Just like the other guys in the room, the guys can be interchangeable and play multiple positions. It is something that Mychal can do, as well. He has brought nothing but positive energy and knowledge for us."

On if he says anything to teammates after scuffles in practice:

"No, they are grown men. It is the dark days of camp. Fights happen."

On if he gets involved and says anything to the collective team when scuffles occur:

"It is a contact sport. You are hitting each and every day. It becomes repetitive. I am not going to go bring the team up and say that you can't fight. That is your brother. You fight, and you move on with it. There are no hard feelings. It does not lead into the locker room. At that small period of time, you are just having a disagreement or are just tired of hitting each other. That happens. It is training camp. There was nothing surprising to me that happened yesterday. It happens."

On the core group of LBs of Kendricks, LB Joe Schobert, LB Jamie Collins Sr. and him:

"It is more than just the four of us. That whole linebacker group, our guys go out there and play. You have seen (LB) James Burgess (Jr.) and what he did last year when Jamie Collins (Sr.) went down. We have a lot of guys that can get in there and play. I feel like you can switch up the rotation with who is on the field and who is not. I am excited about this group."

On LB Genard Avery:

"He has been a learner. He has been anxious to learn more about the game. He is explosive. He is a workaholic. He works his butt off. From him coming here in OTAs then leaving and coming back, he has cut a tremendous amount of body fat down. He has gained more weight, but it is more muscle. He is an extremely hard worker. He has done nothing but great things for us so far."

On DB Jabrill Peppers:

"Very energetic, very vocal and very enthusiastic player, and he is a guy that is going to fly around. He is a guy that likes to blitz, and he likes to be close to the line of scrimmage."

On if he was familiar with Peppers before he came to the Browns this offseason:

"Yes, he was the No. 1 prospect out of high school or something like six or seven years ago? Obviously, everybody knows who Jabrill Peppers is. I do not think he could be missed by a group of 1,000 people. Everyone knows who he is." 

On if he has settled back into playing S:

"Yes, I have just been getting my body back in season form, season shape, put on a couple more pounds and get back to my natural position. My body is feeling good and my body is feeling like it is ready to go."

On transitioning back to S and if it takes time to get back into rhythm or if it is 'like riding a bike':

"I would just say that it takes time to just get used to different angles, different pursuit angles and just different ways you are looking at the game. I do not feel like it was a big jump. It is just like riding a bike. When you get back on it then you can just go."

On if playing corner has helped him at S:

"I can understand whenever certain corners are in stressful situations. I can understand when a certain team is looking for certain matchups from certain guys, that corner press-man. I can kind of just understand that perspective. It really might not show much in practice because we do not gameplan and we are not focused on certain plays and players. It is a lot of Xs and Os and kind of just get things done and just learn the playbook right now."

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