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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - 8/19

WR Jarvis Landry:

On having WR Josh Gordon back in the building:

"It is great. We have been looking forward to it, and now that it is finally here, everybody is excited of course." 

On if he has been able to sit down with Gordon:

"No, not really. We just have been going through our day, going through our meetings, walkthroughs and stuff like that. That has really been it."

On how good Gordon is:

"He is a proven receiver in this league. Obviously, he is a playmaker. He is a guy who is going to give us the ability to do a lot of things. I know that we are excited about that."

On the Browns running game against the Buffalo Bills:

"As a receiver, understanding the game, it has to be a great balance. Some games, we are going to have to throw the ball a majority of the game. Some games, we are going to have to run the ball. At the same time, when you have that balance and the running back is getting to the second and third level, that is what you love to see."

On if he had a sense in the spring that Gordon and he can be two strong co-leaders of the WR group:

"Yes, we have to be. We are the two of the older guys in the room so for us to step up by example, if it is things that have to be said, getting them adjusted and moving forward and making plays."

On watching Gordon during the 2013 season:

"Absolutely. I think when you have a year, especially the one that Josh had, it brings everybody's eyes to it. He is an extremely great talent in this league, and he is physically gifted. It shows. That is what you want to see."

On what he was doing in 2013:

"I was probably a junior in college at LSU. I was drafted that following season."

DB Jabrill Peppers:

On the Browns defense's performance against the Bills:

"Too many penalties. Too many yards given up. Guys not in their gaps. Too many mental errors. Overall, I think the first team had a pretty dominant night. There are still things were can get cleaned up, but we forced them three-and-out on their first four possessions. That is what you want. At the end of the day, we definitely did our job getting off the field with those three-and-outs."

On how well he is developing in his position and if he 'is loving it':

"It is coming along fine. Yes, it is football (laughter)."

On if he enjoys being closer to the line of scrimmage:

"It is definitely more fun, but at the end of the day, it is still football."

On how defensive coordinator Gregg Williams will use both DB Derrick Kindred and him:

"He is. Definitely, different packages. We are both pretty versatile guys who can play the strong, nickel and free. We have (DB) Damarious (Randall) and (DB Briean) Boddy(-Calhoun) who can play corner, nickel and free. It definitely gives him some versatility, and he is a mastermind with that so he is definitely going to figure something out."

On how he would feel not being on the field every snap:

"At the end of the day, I am here to help this team win football games. That is my main concern."

LB Joe Schobert:

On WR Josh Gordon returning and its impact on the defense:

"I think that it is a big boost for the team having Josh back in a healthy state of mind, a healthy mindset. We know it is best for him. He is going to help our offense, take the top off of the coverage and be more explosive than they already have been."

On if the team felt an impact when Gordon returned last season:

"Definitely. He adds an immediate homerun threat that the defense has to account for. Even if they are not throwing the ball, the defense has to take him into account. Hopefully, it opens up seams inside where guys like (WR) Jarvis (Landry) and our running game can exploit."

On if it is a relief having Gordon back, given it is no longer a question as to when Gordon may return:

"I think the first couple days of camp when obviously all of the media was asking questions about Josh because of his situation, that was probably the only time where there was any sense of that. I think that the last couple of weeks of camp, everybody has gone to work, everybody has been doing their jobs and has not really thought about it or focused on that at all. Having him back is a huge boost for the team, but I do not think anyone will have any relief for anything like that."

On the Browns LBs' depth:

"It is awesome. We have a lot of guys who can make plays, guys who can do their job and make plays that they are not supposed to make because they are exceptional athletes. Having a room like that and a competition like that boosts up the whole room, which in turn boosts up the whole defense. It just gets people excited. In the game, we started to establish our own swagger and our own mentality for the season. We are starting to see the first couple of steps to that. Hopefully, leading into this game, we will take another step leading up to Pittsburgh."

On LB Genard Avery:

"He is a willing learner. He takes everything in. He listens. Obviously, if you see him out here, he is a human bowling ball. He takes it and goes 100 miles an hour in any direction he wants to go. There are not a lot of people in the NFL that can stop him if he gets going where he wants to go. I am excited to see what he is going to do this year. He has a lot of potential. He works hard, he is a hard worker so it should pay off."

TE Devon Cajuste:

On if he could have predicted the reaction to his Hard Knocks feature:

"I did not think that it would get as big as it did. I thought that is was just a story that I was trying to tell. I am not the first to have that story. However, it is an inspiration to have so many people support me."

On the Browns fan base's support at the Bills game:

"There are not words really to describe that feeling. With what the stadium erupted with, I kind of absorbed all of that inside. It was probably one of the coolest moments."

On if his dad attended Friday's game:

"He was not."

On Browns fans whistling to him during the game, mimicking the exchange between him and his father:

"I did hear a couple of three whistles. There was guy right behind out bench that did it. I snapped my head and was like, 'Did my dad surprise me?' I was like, 'No.' The guy just pointed at me and I was like, 'Hey.' I am like, 'Oh man, I have to change up the whistle.'"

On if it is comforting to hear the whistle from Browns fans:

"Definitely hearing that, it reminds me of the support that I have. The stadium giving me that, I can't put words into that."

On balancing fan support while competing to make the roster:

"I do not really separate them. Honestly, they want me to make the team just as much as I want to make the team. It is just kind of pooling all of that support and utilize it. It is not them and me. It is us. Yes, I am the one that has to be out on this field. However, I have to take that and absorb that."

On his teammates also embracing him as seen in the Hard Knocks episode:

"Yes, it is like another bonus. Especially coming from the core group, which is the team, that type of support, I can't really put words to it. Having so many people support me in something that I have been dealing with for the most part with very, very few people in my life, and now to have the world's support in that, you can't really put words to it."

On having his story told after spending time in the league:

"Yes, and I hope that it inspires others. I have gotten a bunch of messages of people thanking me. Even here on the staff, there have been a few people that have come up to me and been like, 'Hey, I have had a similar situation' or even my Uber driver. He just mentioned, 'Hey, I just want to thank you for that.' The fact that I am touching people and it is opening them up and they feel inspired, that is the point."

WR Damion Ratley:

On his first NFL training camp:

"It has been good. It has been fun. It has been exciting to learn stuff that it new. I have been in reality shock with the play book and all, but after you get it down, you get to play fast and have fun."

On who he has leaned on for advice:

"I have been getting advice from a couple of people. You just have to come in here with an open mind and try to be great no matter what. No matter what, it is going to hurt. It is going to be a grind. You just have to push through it and try and be great."

On WR Josh Gordon returning to the team:

"It is lovely him being back. He adds another vet to the room and another coach for us. Just having him back, it stops the outside atmosphere of, 'When is Josh coming back?' He is back now, and he is ready to play. Getting him out there is going to be fun. Get to learn from another guy besides (WR) Jarvis (Landry) now. It is good having him back."

On if he previously watched Gordon in the NFL:

"I watched a lot of plays that he made already. I have seen tape of him. I watched him play live. I have seen him play. He is a great player."

On if he has learned anything from watching Gordon:

"I try to take things from everybody's game. I have learned every day you go out there, you have to learn something new and keep getting better every day. One percent better every day is what I shoot for. It is a learning experience every time. It is fun. Just him in general, there are certain things that you learn from him and certain things that you learn from Jarvis. Just kind of put two and two together and be great."

On Gordon's play:

"He is a monster. He is big. He is fast. He is physical. He has hands. Everything. He is an all-around athlete."

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