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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - 8/20

OL Austin Corbett:

On the Browns running game success against the Bills:

"We were really solid on our hard-combo blocks. We were getting some really good movement and just pushing the front until we got to the second level. I think it was good just to dial up some more things, and two preseason games in you can't just say we are pass or run. You have to be able to do both, and we have done both now and it is just a matter of putting them together."

On improvements from the first preseason game to the second:

"Game 1, just kind playing in the NFL. It is just getting it down and understanding how the game works and just really the speed of the game. Game 2 really slowed it down in my mind. I was able to just play and not really think too much."

On if he is on pace to accomplish what he needs to be prepared Week 1:

"Yes, it has just been a daily progress. I have just been trying to pick one of two things a day to work on and just carry it over every day. Playing these two games and now coming up with this third preseason game, we are going to have the opportunity to get a lot of reps with our first group. That will be good just to play with them in that real live situation and do so in an extended way."

On his transition from playing T in college to G in the NFL and his current comfort level:

"The first NFL of reps at guard, everything was just so much faster. Now, it has gotten to a point where it is not as fast as I once thought it was. I still have the time. I still have the patience. I think coming from tackle has helped me kind of understand that patience. It is just a matter of sit back, be able to get your read and just your hands just have to be a lot quicker and you can't give up any ground."

On if it would be easier to move from T to G or G to T as OL Joel Bitonio is doing:

"I think the thing that is helping Joel is that he has played tackle before so he understands it. I think tackle to guard would definitely be the easier option if you are going to do it, but Joel has just done such a great job at this point playing back out at tackle. He is going out there and doing everything he can to make sure that we are winning."

OL JC Tretter:

On the importance of winning early to start the season:

"Like I said earlier in camp, we have a lot of confidence in what the group of men in the locker room, the coaching staff and the front office can accomplish. It is about putting it on film and actually executing it. We can think that we have all of the talent in the world, but until we start showing people what we can do, it does not really mean much. Starting off fast and getting wins under our belt early is going to be really important to this team."

On the Browns offensive line's chemistry:

"We are still growing together. With (OL) Kevin (Zeitler) getting banged up, we have moved guys around. (OL) Spencer (Drango) has done well. Hub (OL Chris Hubbard) has come over and done well for that right side. We got into a groove running the ball last week. We want to keep that growing and keep that building. Coming together as a group takes a little bit of time, and I think that in the next couple of weeks, you will start to see that grow more and more."

On injuries and shuffling impacting the Browns OL's ability to develop chemistry:

"It is not ideal, but it is a part of the game. Guys get banged up and guys miss time. I am not too worried about Kevin getting back. That is the nice thing about him being here all of last year. He is a pro's pro. He is going to be very well prepared. He knows exactly what we are doing, the things that we have changed and how we are blocking things. He pays attention and understands it. I do not see much of a worry about a last second, 'Now we have to get Kevin ready.' Kevin is always ready. I am not worried about that at all. Once Kevin is ready to go, I think that we will be off and running."

On adjusting to his new weight and his performance:

"Everything has gone well with that. I have held my weight now, and it is about maintaining it. I think that is has helped. At the end of the year, you kind of look back and see what worked and what did not That will be something that I will have a better feel for at the end of the season than right now. It is still pretty early."

On OL Austin Corbett:

"I think he is playing well. He has done well in run blocking. He is a really strong kid. There is a step that he made from Week 1 to Week 2. It is similar to what I talked about in the offseason from when he came back from that break and kind of understood everything and had a lot better grasp of how things run. He has developed really well, and it has been really nice playing next to him. I think him between me and (OL) Joel (Bitonio), he does a really good job of talking to both of us and understanding how we see things blocked and lead our steps in a certain way. He has done a really good job of meshing between the two of us."

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