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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - 8/26

DB Terrance Mitchell:

On his forced fumble against Philadelphia:

"That is what I do. If I can't get an interception, I try to go for the ball every time."

On balancing his tendency to take risks without being susceptible to big plays in the defense:

"I don't know how they got that. They got it all wrong. Just playing with instincts, knowing and trusting yourself."

On his reputation as a ballhawk and how interceptions are created:

"It has to do with being in good position. Most of the time, quarterbacks have a 50-60 percent completion. That 40-50 percent chance is an opportunity for the defense to get it."

On if believed he would be a starting CB when he joined the Browns this past offseason:

"Every team that I have ever been on, I felt like there was an opportunity there. It will all add up if I do what I need to do to make it happen. There is still a lot or work to be done. It is still really early."

On his reaction when DB Denzel Ward was injured against the Eagles and then learning it was not a serious injury:

"You never want to see your guys down. I do not want him to be hurt at all. I was focused on my right side getting the play. We have a lot of depth at cornerback so it is always the next man up."

On the Browns CB depth and competition pushing him:

"It keeps you on your toes. That is just the NFL. Everywhere I have been, there has always been another guy. Everybody is competing every day. Your job is never safe."

On playing for defensive coordinator Gregg Williams:

"It has been cool. He is staying on us. He is holding you accountable. Not only coaching but he talks to us on the mental aspect of the game. That is a good thing. That keeps us focused."

On Williams' fiery personality:

"He is who he is."

On the potential of the Browns secondary:

"We could be really good. We just have to keep working hard. Just keep working."

On how much easier it is for the secondary with DL Myles Garrett creating pressure on the QB:

"Not Myles alone but the whole D line, everybody. Myles, they make our job easy."

On if he played against WR Josh Gordon in the offseason:

"I went against him a couple times."

On competing against Gordon:

"He is one of the top receivers in the league."

On if he is excited for Gordon to return:

"For sure."

OL Kevin Zeitler:

On if he is 100 percent healthy:

"I am feeling good right now and I am excited to be back on the field with everyone and get back to work."

On the importance of preseason games and how tough it has to miss out so far:

"It is tough. I have always taken a lot of pride in practice and always being there with my guys so this year has been a real new experience for me. As much as that sucked, it was a blessing as we were able to build depth. (OL) Spencer (Drango) was able to get a lot of reps, we were able to rotate guys and get different looks. I think in the end, it will only make us stronger."

On if he will play against the Lions:

"That is (Head) Coach's (Hue Jackson) call. That is Coach's call. I need as many reps as I can get so whatever he thinks. I have played a lot of football over my career so we will see what he says when it gets here."

On OL Joel Bitonio's transition to LT:

"That is a tough situation. Joel is one of the elite guards in the NFL, and he has had a lot of success there. They are asking him to do a big task, but if there is any guard in the NFL that can do it, he can. I am pretty sure he has the quickest feet in the NFL, and he has done a great job so far."

On if he has seen Bitonio make progress at LT:

"Yeah, definitely. He is getting more comfortable every day."

On chemistry with OL Chris Hubbard:

"I think it is going to be quick. We had a great [rapport] during OTAs and everything, and I have been in meetings. I have been here every day so we all understand the offense and what we are supposed to do. It is a little bit about getting my timing and technique back, and we will be good to go."

On what Hubbard offers the offense:

"I think he is great. He is very calm. He is very talented. He does things that complement me well so I think we are going to be a very good right side when it is all said and done."

On what QB Tyrod Taylor's veteran presence provides the offense:

"That is huge. Just having a guy that has led teams to success, a guy who knows when to make the right throw, make the right decision and do things with his legs, I think it makes all of the difference in the world, and it is going to lead to good things."

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