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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - 8/6

WR Antonio Callaway:

On if the trade of WR Corey Coleman impacts his playing time:

"It helped open the door for me to have more opportunities to show what I can do at the next level for the first time."

On his first NFL training camp:

"It is going pretty well."

On if he expects to practice with the first-team offense:

"Yes, sir."

On challenges transitioning from college to the NFL:

"Just the schedule. You have to come up with a routine, something that you can do every day. You do not want to get up every day and be doing something different so I just came up with a routine, something that I can do every day."

On practicing against Browns DBs:

"We all work. The cornerbacks, they are very competitive. The receivers are very competitive. In our room, we are trying to beat our defense and get them better. In their room, they are trying to beat us and get us better."

On DB Denzel Ward:

"He is a great corner. He is fast, too. That helps him a lot at his position."

On taking reps as a punt returner:

"It has been good. The ball is a little higher than in college. I am getting used to it, getting the feeling back."

LB Jamie Collins Sr.:

On his knee and if he is able to participate every day now:

"I am out here every day. [The knee] is good."

On how disappointed he was getting injured last season:

"It was very disappointing. Obviously, I got hurt and could not play."

On what he personally expects this year:

"To be better than I was yesterday."

On what the Browns LBs can do with the talented personnel:

"Push each other and become the best linebacker group we can become no matter who is in there – every day, every day grind."

On if playing DE as a pass rusher feels different than playing LB:

"There is D end and there is linebacker. We both rush you know so it is just a title. We are all rushing to get to the quarterback."

On if he likes rushing the QB:


On playing with impact players like DL Myles Garrett:

"I have a great relationship with all of the players, all my brothers that I am out there playing because we are out there together, fighting and trying to accomplish one goal – that is to win. You have to have that bond and relationship with everybody, not with just (DE) Myles Garrett. He is a great player. He is one of our key guys that we need, but we are all trying to push each other to become better."

On if he considers himself one of the leaders on the team and leading by example:

"Yeah, I would like to think so, but that is not for me to determine. I let other guys determine that. I do not call myself anything. I'm not that type of guy. I just do what I have to do, and if guys follow, then they follow and I correct."

RB Duke Johnson Jr.:

On if the trade of WR Corey Coleman creates receiving opportunities for him:

"No idea. We have not spoken about it. I do not think that trade has anything to do with me. I guess that the organization wanted to go in a different direction. Now, the next guys has to step up, regardless of who that may be."

On lobbying to play more lined up at WR:

"I would rather play wide out. I think that I enjoy wide out and have more fun playing wide out than I do playing running back."

On if it is easier to catch a ball at WR compared to RB:

"No. When the ball gets there, catching is catching. It depends on how much separation you create between yourself and the defender. Same to me."

On his development running routes lining up as a WR:

"I have been working on it for a while now. Some are harder than others, but for the most part, I can do most of the things."

On if he learns the routes by sitting in on WR meetings:

"No meetings. I have to learn them all on my own."

On creating separation against opponents:

"Game-planning, watching defenders and watching where they move. Just kind of having a knowledge of the game."

WR Jarvis Landry:

On how a fresh start may help WR Corey Coleman:

"I wish him the best. I knew Corey before I got here. Honestly, it is unfortunate, but at the same time, it is part of the game, and I just wish him the best."

On if he saw the trade coming:

"I did not. You never do as a player because it is not your job to make those types of decisions. I just have my head down focused on coming out here working just as everybody else has."

On if he has communicated with Coleman since the trade and what did Coleman said:

"Yes, I spoke with him. Really nothing much. Obviously, he was drafted here. He wanted to finish his entire career here, but it did not work out like that. I just wish him the best, and I know he can be successful in this league."

On if asking WR Antonio Calloway to step up is significant after not playing last year:

"It is the NFL. Regardless if you are a rookie, a 10-year player or whatever, you are expected to come here and perform. That is what we want out of every single guy. It is too late to think it is not. Hopefully, he comes in and steps up. We need him to."

On if he has been impressed with Callaway:

"Absolutely. He continues to work hard. He has been bouncing around a little bit position to position, but at the same time, he has embraced it and he keeps working hard every day. That is all you can ask."

On the impact the trade with have on the team:

"Having (WR) Corey (Coleman) in the room it helps us out, but at the same time, now that he is not here, we have to move past it. We have to move on. We can't dwell on losing a guy. I do not see it having any effect on the team."

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