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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Taylor, Gordon

QB Tyrod Taylor:

On where the Browns offense can improve for Week 2:

"Fine tuning some of the details in the passing game, as well as in the running game. Guys understood where things went wrong. Conscious effort to fix those things this week so that we can progress as an offense."

*On if he saw opportunities when watching the film from Week 1: *

"Absolutely. Definitely left some plays out there, myself included, that we can be better at and we need to be better at that moving forward."

On if any plays that stood out to him:

"No, there was not anything that really stood out. There was definitely some things to learn from. That is behind us now. It is more focus on the Saints at this point."

On building chemistry and operating the offense more smoothly in Week 2:

"It will be a step for constant improvement each and every day. Of course, it is a new set of guys working with each other for the first time in a game mode. We are learning each other each and every week. The quicker we are to speed up that process, the better off we will be as a team. We will continue to keep getting better week in and week out."

On if he considers himself weather-proof after playing in Buffalo:

"I guess you could say that."

On if the weather conditions in Week 1 were worse than anything he has experienced:

"No, sir."

On how to involve WR Josh Gordon more, despite defense's coverage plans:

"We can do a better job of getting him the ball and getting him opportunities to make plays. That starts with myself."

On attempting to get Gordon the ball on shorter routes:

"Yeah, sounds like you are trying to give away a gameplan here."

On why he is confident in the Browns offense:

"When you look back at the film, which we did, there were things that we beat ourselves on. Hats off to a good defense, but there were some things that they did not necessarily take away from us, and there were things that we can clean up and get better at. I have all of the confidence in the world that we can do that moving forward."

On elements watching the Steelers film that excited him:

"Exactly what you just said, being a hair away on a couple of opportunities from lighting up the scoreboard. There were definitely some plays out there to be made last week. That game is behind us now. We are talking about the Saints."

On Saints DE Cameron Jordan:

"I played against him a couple of times. He is a very good player. Of course, he is one of the top pass rushers in this league. He has a great motor. We definitely have to do a good job of handling him this week."

On Jordan's biggest strengths:

"He is very quick for sure at the line. He does a number of moves. We have to be prepared to be able to handle his attack this Sunday."

On developing timing with RB Duke Johnson Jr.:

"Continue to keep getting better at practice. Continue to keep building that chemistry throughout practice. That way, it carries out onto the game."

On Saints QB Drew Brees:

"I definitely appreciate the way that he plays the game from a size perspective. I am very similar in height. Definitely watch him in the offseason when the time presents itself. He has had a great career. Has done a lot of good things in his career. Him getting the ball out fast is definitely something that has helped him out throughout his career. I definitely appreciate the way that he plays the game."

On the Saints defense allowing 48 points in Week 1 and if that was a 'fluke-ish game':

"I would not say that you see it as a fluke-ish game. Take it for what it is. You learn from the game, and you see where you can try to attack and exploit some of those areas, as well."

On if playing in a dome 'changes a QBs mindset' since there is no concern for weather conditions:

"It is a fair game so yeah. Pretty obvious."

On noise challenges playing in a dome:

"We have to be prepared for the noise level. First time going on the road. That is something that we have to practice this week. The noise levels, of course, you can simulate as much as possible, but us going out there and fighting through that throughout this week will definitely prepare us."

On if the Saints defense surrendering 48 points in Week 1 creates excitement at the opportunity to also score many points:

"Absolutely. You look at the game and see if there are some things, some shot plays or some areas that you can attack the defense, as well. Try to do some of the things that Tampa was able to do last week."

On if the Browns offense can improve significantly in Week 2 after the team's first game as a unit:

"I think that between the first and second game – of course, for a new group that is playing together – you definitely have room to make a tremendous improvement. That is what we have to do this week. Continue to keep focusing on the details, learn from what we did not do so well last week and harp on those details throughout the week so that we can go out and execute at a high level this weekend."

On if Gordon has a different speed on game day:

"For sure. He is a fast guy. Learning his speed each and every day so that we can be better at connecting, of course, on the deep ball because those plays spring open our offense and ultimately put points on the board."

On if he is surprised by Gordon's speed, especially given his size:

"For sure. I like the fact that he is running that fast. I have to continue to keep building chemistry and getting him the ball."

On WR Rashard Higgins 38-yard reception in Week 1 and hoping Higgins has more opportunities:

"Absolutely. Hig is definitely someone that we depend on in this offense and a lot is asked out of him. Making that play in Sunday's game was definitely a confidence booster for him. We are going to need him to keep making those plays when the opportunity presents itself."

On if he was surprised to see Gordon in on the first offense play:

"No, I was not. How could I be surprised? I know the gameplan."

On if an incompletion that fell short to Gordon was due to miscommunication:

"Yes, it was. It was a miscommunication. I will take the blame for that. We will be better at it moving forward. That game is behind us now, three days away. We are looking forward to the Saints."

On if taking a hard hit early in the game affected his play:

"No ma'am."

On Saints CB Marshon Lattimore:

"He is patient at the line. He has had a ton of success in this league and has built confidence. He is confident in his ability. You have to be strategic with the way that we attack him."

On comparisons between Lattimore and DB Denzel Ward:

"Both of them are definitely patient at the line and have a very high skillset. You have to be strategic with the way that you attack those guys and try to get shots on those guys."

WR Josh Gordon:

On if his timing with QB Tyrod Taylor is a work in progress or in place:

"I think that you always work to get better each at practice. That is what practice is for. The game just has uncontrolled variables. We just have to adapt to them as fast as we can."

On his number of targets compared to his snaps in Week 1:

"I think I went out there and served my purpose and did whatever I was supposed to do, whether it was to distract the safety or get somebody else open. More than anything, I did not even thing about the targets until somebody mentioned that at the end of the game. I am just going to keep on running until I have the opportunity."

On if the gameplan last week was to use him as a decoy:

"I would not say that. I just think that it depends on who we are playing and the uncontrolled variables that I mentioned earlier. You have to adjust to it. Going in, you might be a part of it, and later on, you might take less of a role."

On if the Steelers game planned to take him away:

"They played bracket coverage a little bit, but it is not anything that we are not prepared for or something that we have not practiced against. There is a lot of activity going on the field all at once."

On potentially serving as a decoy for the opposing safeties compared to being the prime focus of the gameplan:

"The focus can be exactly that. It can be a distraction for the defense to be focused on me and allowing (WR) Jarvis (Landry) to get open, allowing (WR) Rashard (Higgins) to get open and allowing the run game to develop. If that was the case, then I have no issue with it."

On the interception at the end of the fourth quarter:

"I was not really sure what had happened back there in the pocket. I am sure that plays could always be better. We are chasing perfection. When you fall short, that just shows that there is room to grow. Whatever happened back in the pocket, I was just running my route and the ball came out. I have to adjust to the ball as I see it. If it is short, I have to try to make a play on it, try to knock it down or something. The guy was in a good position to come down with it unfortunately."

OL Chris Hubbard:

On Saints DE Cameron Jordan:

"He is a smart guy. He has been in the league for eight years. He is going to take chances. He is quick off of the ball and athletic. He is still striving to be the best defensive end that is out there."

On Jordan's biggest strengths:

"The thing that he does well is that he mixes is up every time. That is special. Some guys can be one-dimensional. With him, he can mix it up at any time of the game. He can lull you to sleep. You just have to be well prepared for him. We respect what he has to bring to the table."

On challenges for the Browns OL in a loud dome:

"One thing, you can't let the crowd take ahold of the game. If you do, you are able to have pre-snap penalties and different things that can catch you off guard. You could be late off of the ball and things like that. This week of preparation is the main thing to get ready for the silent count, make sure that you are getting off of the ball on time and just little details for this upcoming challenge."

On if the week after a tie feels similar to a week after a loss in the respect to emphasizing mistakes to correct:

"Yes, always honing on the small details to get us better. The extra edge that could help us win this week is extremely important. I am glad that we are back in here on Wednesday to get everything back to the basics. We know what they are capable of on the base stuff. Today is really a foundation day to get that prepared."

On confidence in QB Tyrod Taylor:

"I know that he is going to work his butt off because that is what type of person he is. He is going to come in here just like us. We are going to get better. He is going to be well prepared for Sunday, I know for sure."

LB Joe Schobert:

On if stopping Saints RB Alvin Kamara is one of the keys to the game:

"Yeah, I think he is a special player. We just have to know they are going to try to take their shots on matchups and be at your best in those situations. We have a lot of athletic guys on defense who can do a good job of staying with him, and hopefully, limiting him. I think the biggest key is to know when they are trying to target him and how they are trying to target him. Once you know those kinds of situations, you try to be able to take it away and I think making (Saints QB) Drew Brees go elsewhere is key."

On if defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is emphasizing run defense after last week's performance and the team's success last year:

"A little bit, but I think the biggest thing, like we preach in the offseason, leading the NFL in run obviously is good, but you need to lead the NFL in pass defense and being able to take the ball away. Obviously, we are talking about our gaps and setting the front and being a vertical, violent and knockback kind that team, and it has to improve this week, but we focus more – especially with this week with the Saints – on the passing game and making just sure we are on top of that. Because that is how they can really hurt you and they can hurt you fast."

On Saints QB Drew Brees:

"He is a well-oiled machine. He gets the offense into the looks. He has seen everything in his career from what defenses can do and checks the offenses into certain schemes to attack the coverages he sees or he thinks he is going against. He throws the ball off timing, and he is very accurate. He throws the ball before receivers get out of their breaks. I think the biggest way to impact that is just get in his face, disrupt the timing and make him scramble. I think that is the biggest way to get him off his timing and playmaking ability."

On how impressed he was with DB Denzel Ward and Avery in Week 1 and their takeaways:

"Oh yeah definitely. I think it showed the kind of players they can be as long as they keep improving and taking things in the right direction. Both have a lot of natural talent and work hard. You could see it in the spring and training camp that they had a chance to be special, and seeing them produce on Sunday is no big surprise and hopefully keep on progressing from there."

DL Chris Smith:

On if defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is emphasizing run defense:

"Yeah, I mean that is something about 41 at running back (Saints RB Alvin Kamara). He can do a lot of special things so that is one thing about it. We have to make them one-dimensional, and (Saints QB) Drew Brees, we even have to slow him down in the passing game. There are a lot of quick passes and things of that nature so we have to get our hands up and make them frustrated with the rush. I think the main thing is they do a lot of stuff through 41, and that is one thing where we have to contain him."

On if he prefers to not be high profile, given much of the discussion in training camp was focused on DL Myles Garrett and Emmanuel Ogbah:

"That is the thing about it, when they bought me in I knew I would be a rotational guy and stuff like that, but I am not really worried about all of that. I always mess with them I say, 'Y'all are getting all of the flash.' I'm like, 'Get out of the mud' (laughter). That is what I do. I just put my head down and work, and whatever happens happen."

On if he has previously faced Brees:

"No, I actually have not. I have not played him before. I was inactive my second year [at New Orleans with Jacksonville] so I did go down there. I know the atmosphere and stuff like that, but I kind of get like a (Patriots QB) Tom Brady feel from him. The ball comes out quick. He is very active in the pocket, stepping up in the pocket and things of that nature. That is one thing about it is that do not get frustrated to rush and stuff like that because it is a lot of quick throws. We have to get our hands up."

On how to not get frustrated in pass rush when QBs like Brees release the ball quickly:

"Just have to keep coming because there is going to be one time where he holds it for one or two seconds longer, and you get there. That is one thing about it because a lot of guys on film, they kind of stop on their rush or whatever because they are coming out so quick and he holds it. Just have to keep going and be consistent in the rush."

On DL Myles Garrett's impact in Week 1:

"Amazing (laughter). Like I said, big time players make big time plays in big time games, and we were down 21-7. Coach said we need someone to get the ball out, and next thing you know 'boom.'

On if the defense feeds off of Garrett:

"Yeah, it is contagious. One thing, you know when the offense was struggling, we had to help them out, and you know if we struggle this week or whatever, you know it goes hand in hand. That is the thing about it though is we are making those big plays and those turnovers."

OL Kevin Zeitler:

On facing the New Orleans Saints in Week 2:

"Great challenge for us, especially with all of the noise and the home field advantage that they have, but I think that we will be up to the task." 

On the Browns OL's protection in Week 1 against the Steelers:

"They are a talented group. Pittsburgh, too, had some things here and there. All I know is that we can be a lot better, and we are going to get a lot better. Moving onto the Saints this week will really give us another good test right away."

On Saints DE Cameron Jordan:

"Just kind of a jack of all trades. He is strong. He is fast. He has a big motor. He can rush anywhere along the line. Whoever has the opportunity to block him, they have to step up and get it done."

On evaluating the Saints' film from Week 1 despite the defense surrendering 48 points last week:

"They have a lot of talent. Some of those things, they were right on the QB and some things did not break their way. We can't look at the fact that they gave up points or yards in that game. They will be coming up fresh and ready to go this week."

On if he could face Jordan on Sunday:

"Absolutely. I think that anyone on the line could face him, depending on where they want to rush him."

On confidence in the Browns offense's ability to rebound:

"I just have faith in our guys – Tyrod, the line, our skill positons. I have faith in our guys that we all want to be better. I know that can be better. I know that we are going to work hard this week and get it done."

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