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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Garrett, Landry, Ward

DL Myles Garrett:

On NFL Senior Vice President of Officiating Al Riveron saying his roughing the passer penalty should not have been called:

"I think that he is right."

On the comments on the penalty being too little too late:

"It is because I was directly connected to that four extra points that they gained. They most likely would have made that field goal, and then they gave them those four points and that changed the momentum of the game. It hurts, but hopefully, that call goes a different way next time."

On duplicating his Week 1 performance:

"Do the same things that I did last week in my preparations."

On if it is unrealistic to expect that performance each week:

"I do not think so. Have to have those types of expectations every week. If I hope for four or five sacks and I only get two or three, that is still a good week for me. You have to go out there with high hopes and high expectations and try to achieve them."

On stating this offseason he said he wanted to play as much as possible and playing every defensive snap in Week 1:

"When I say as much as possible, I was not thinking 82 out of 82 (laughter). I had fun. I like being out there on every down being able to rush the passer and them not feeling like they can get away from me. 'Oh, he is on the bench right now. He is trying to get a breather.' I am out there affecting the game in every quarter on every drive. That is a plus for us."

On if his physical conditioning helped him make plays late in the game:

"Absolutely. Once it starts getting later in the game, that is kind of when it tipped off having that discipline after fatigue. That is what we have been training for. I have been training all offseason with these strength coaches. That is just a testament to them."

On differences trying to sack Saints QB Drew Brees compared to Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger:

"He is a smaller target (laughter). He gets the ball out quickly. Going against two Hall of Famers back to back, it puts a smile on my face because you grow up watching these guys, but obviously, getting an opportunity to hopefully introduce myself to him, as well, on the field. You have to make sure that he can't step up. He has a tendency to set back pretty deep and then step up into the pocket and make those throws when he is going deep or he is going to be for sitting in the pocket and make those throws quickly at different angles With those shorter guys, you try to bat the ball down. He has been doing it well for many years so it is not as easy as I put it."

WR Jarvis Landry:

On if he has the mindset that the offense's performance was unacceptable in Week 1:

"Yeah, it was. It is what it is. We did the things obviously that we could do, weather permitting. There were a lot of things that we can go back and clean up, grow from and get better from. We will see."

On if the Browns offense can have a significant turnaround in Week 2:

"I hope so. I think the goal is to obviously correct the things that we got wrong last week. Coming into this week, it is a new week. Learn from those things, go out there and execute and play at a high level."

On why the offense was unable to score more points off of turnovers:

"First of all, penalties. On the first drive, I think we got into a second-and-1, second-and-3 or maybe it was third-and-two, and then we took two penalties and it took us back to like third-and 13. As I spoke about in the preseason, those things are hard to convert in this league, especially against a good defense like those guys. We pretty much put ourselves into those positions all night. Those things can get you beat."

On what a win against New Orleans would mean for the team:

"It is huge, obviously. We just want to win one game and take it like that. For the most part, all of them are huge for us. Every last one of them. No matter who we are playing, no matter what the team has, previous record was or their past history, every game is big for the Cleveland Browns organization."

On QB Tyrod Taylor bouncing back in Week 2 after uncharacteristic statistics last week:

"I am just looking forward to him continuing to make plays the way that he did in that game, whether it is with his feet or in the air or getting us into the right plays as he does so well. That is really what I am excited about."

On the Browns offense needing to score a lot of points to win the game no matter the defense's performance, given the Saints offense's ability to score:

"We do not want to get into that kind of matchup. If it comes down to that, then obviously that is the objective – score more points than they do. We know that he (Saints QB Drew Brees) is an extremely great quarterback. They have an extremely great offense. We want to slow them down, take them off of the field as much as possible. That is up to the offense being able to execute and not have penalties that set ourselves back and give the defense good positions."

On if the Saints defense is better than what stats showed in Week 1:

"Yeah, I believe so, but Tampa (Bay) played really well on offense. They converted a lot of third downs. Their guys were winning one-on-one matchups. When you have a team that is converting on third downs, as a defense, I know that can be demoralizing. That is tough, especially when you are scoring points and making big plays. That tends to get under the defense's skin and that kind of spilled over. They could not catch up really."

DB Denzel Ward:

On his first game:

"A little frustrating. We did not get the win."

On if he received a lot of messages from friends and family after his first game:

"Yeah, just told me I did a good job, keep it up and keep playing hard."

On if his first game met everything he could have hoped, despite the tie:

"Yeah, it was a little bit. I am disappointed I gave up a score though to (Steelers WR) Antonio Brown, but it was a great catch by him."

On what he could have done to prevent Brown's TD:

"Get the ball out (laughter). Get the ball out."

On if he saw the TD pass to Browns coming:

"I thought I was in good position. I just did not get the ball out."

On if he knocked the ball loose at all:

"I did knock it loose. He caught it, though."

On challenges facing a big WR like Saints WR Michael Thomas:

"I went against receivers like him in college and I will in the league so the size does not really make a difference to me. It does not really matter who I go against so I am looking forward to that matchup."

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