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Browns player press conferences - 9/26

WR Jarvis Landry:

On if the Browns' game preparations change with a rookie QB:

"No, it is the same approach. We want to attack teams. We want to go after matchups. At the end of the day, it is about us executing our plays and making the plays."

On how much a week of practice with the first team offense helps QB Baker Mayfield:

"A lot, getting the opportunity for all of us to be in there catching balls from him and just hearing him in the huddle, hearing his voice. Obviously on the road, it is going to be loud. That is going to be a big thing – communication – for us. It is going to be good for him, especially getting the whole week."

On when he knew Mayfield was ready, understanding challenges all rookie QBs face throughout their first seasons:

"Since the day that that they drafted him. Obviously, understanding the potential and the things that he can do and what makes him special and having the guys around him with the trust level at a premium to make the plays, as well."

On if the Browns offense is different with Mayfield as starting QB:

"No. He can make every throw. He can make very check. He can make every read. Our offense will continue to be us. Execute our gameplan and go from there."

On how impressive it was for Mayfield to execute in Week 3 without having first team reps:

"Very [impressive]. Very. It was very impressive. This week is another challenge for us. It is another challenge for us as an offense and us as a team. We are excited, and we are looking forward to it."

On Mayfield's ability to enter midway through the game and execute:

"He is a football player. He is a guy that is extremely confident. In those situations, he did not panic. He stepped in, stepped up and did what his team needed him to do."

On Mayfield elevating the play of the players around him:

"That is his attitude. Obviously, knowing the things that he went through at Oklahoma. One thing that I know about him, he walks it like he talks it. That is something that I appreciate and I respect about him and that he has continued to do."

On Mayfield delivering the football to him in tight windows and their connection on difficult catches:

"It is just trust. He is a football player and so am I. The trust level. To say that we have not gotten any reps seemed pretty high on Thursday. Now, with a week under our belt, it gives an opportunity for all of us, as an offense and as skill guys to create that same trust and be able to go out there and make the tight plays and make the plays that we are supposed to make."

OL Joel Bitonio:

On if he is looking for another personal opportunity to run the ball this week after his fumble recovery and run last week:

"Technically, it did not count so I guess not, but I got enough pub from that. I am good. I will go back to the O line life."

On questions involving roughing the passer penalties across the NFL:

"If we give up less sacks that is pretty cool, but I think some of them were really 50-50 right now. I think the defensive linemen do not really understand how they are supposed to sack the quarterback, and I think (Green Bay Packers LB) Clay Matthews has been a pretty good example of that. If you hit them in the head, you hit them in the legs, you know that is a penalty; but landing most or all of your body weight is kind of a subjective thing so I think they need to lay something out where it is like – I do not know how they are going to do it – maybe fix the rule and change it so you can land on the guy just do not like body slam him down or something. It is a tough rule to officiate. It is a tough rule to coach. It is not one of those things where it is just like 'do not use your head.' You are just landing on the guy. It is gravity."

On understanding why there may be confusion related to roughing the passer penalties:

"Yeah, it is confusing to me. I think everybody is looking back and every time there is a sack and seeing is that legal or was that not legal. Like I said, if it eliminates some of our sacks, that is cool, but yeah, it is a tough rule for sure."

On facing Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden, who returned to the sidelines as a high-profile personality:

"I think once you start playing the game there is not really too much of that going on because you are playing against the guys on the field. He signed a big deal this offseason. There were a lot of big moves for their team, and he has been in there. For us when we play, we are just going against the Oakland Raiders. It is not like we are playing against a different team or anything like that."

On not having to face Bears OLB Khalil Mack following his trade:

"They have some good players, but he is one of the best in the league and to not have to go against him as an offense – it is a big game planning nightmare when you have to play against that guy –and to not have him in there is big for us."

DB T.J. Carrie:

On playing at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum with the baseball diamond:

"It is definitely a change because you just never play on it. You play on turf and you play on grass, but this is a surface that you never play on. There are some players in here, and I think there are some players in this league, that have probably never played on a baseball field. When you go in and you bring it to that element, it is definitely something that we have to worry about."

On the surface changing from grass to dirt while playing defense:

"It is hard. That is something that you have to be conscience of as a defensive back, as a linebacker and even as our D linemen are getting off of the ball. That is something that you have to really worry about. We are not going to put too much stress on it. At the end of the day, it is just football."

On the importance of having another good performance and continuing to make forward progress as a team:

"Very important. Week in and week out, we want to win. The importance of going out to Oakland and being able to play a great team – despite their record, they have been in it every game – they have a lot of weapons over there offensively, defensively and special teams wise that we are going to have to take care of in order to be effective and get this win."

On the Raiders offense:

"They have talent. They have speed. They have a good plan week in and week out as you consistently can see. They are putting up points. They are averaging about 400 yards a game. That is a really stout, pretty good offense. They have skill guys that we are going to have to try and take away to the best of our abilities. Then you have (Raiders QB) Derek Carr who is the manager and the quarterback of that system. He really takes over that offense and gets them going."

On returning to Oakland to play his former team:

"Definitely emotional, going back to home where all of the family is. I have a number of ticket requests that are going out. Definitely a lot of people want to come out and support. Just going in there and being on the opposite side is going to be different."

RB Duke Johnson Jr. :

On excitement with QB Baker Mayfield starting and how he will impact the Browns offense:

"My excitement level does not change, regardless of the quarterback. I think he is going to run the offense the way that he started off Thursday night so I am just looking forward to him continuing to grow as a player and help lead this team to more victories."

On if Mayfield has an infectious personality:

"It is definitely true because he is a genuine guy. He is a fun guy, a good guy to be around, and when you are a good person, people have a higher chance of gravitating towards you."

On if he thought Mayfield's impression of General Manager John Dorsey was funny:

"For the most part. Yeah, for the most part."

On Mayfield's ability to perform Thursday night, despite not previously taking reps with the first team offense:

"In this league if you are not a starter, for the most part, you do not get too many reps at any position so have to get a lot of mental reps and kind of work your way through situations mentally without actually being out on the practice field. He was prepared. It is always about the next man up. When the guy gets in like that and perform what he did just shows he was prepared."

On if Mayfield is different than other rookie quarterbacks he has played with in the past:

"A lot."

On Mayfield having command of the huddle, especially in reference to past Browns rookie QBs:

"Yeah, he definitely commanded the huddle as the quarterback typically does. Regardless of whoever you are, that really does not matter. I think his performance is what showed more than anything that he is different than the previous rookie quarterbacks that we have had, but I still think it is one game – really a half – so he still got a lot more to show and a lot more to prove."

DL Emmanuel Ogbah:

On roughing the passer penalties in the NFL and challenges for coaches to address it:

"As we progress, I know that it is going to get better. We just have to do a better job following the rules so that we do not hurt our team. I feel like they are definitely going to change some stuff. They are going to definitely tweak it."

On if defensive line coach Clyde Simmons has shared messages on roughing the passer penalties:

"He said that they really do not know what they want. I guess the league is going to tell us apparently what they want us to do. We will see if they change it."

On if he will be back from injury this week:

"Oh yeah, I am back this week."

On how tough it was to miss the past two games:

"It was definitely tough, but I believe in those guys. Next man up philosophy, that is what this defense is about. They stepped up and made big plays when they needed to."

On the emphasis on takeaways:

"(Defensive coordinator) Gregg (Williams) says that every year. We have to have turnovers. We have to have turnovers. Do whatever we can to get our hands on the ball. We have to disrupt the offense. That was his big emphasis last year. This year, we are putting it into effect."

On DL Myles Garrett and Larry Ogunjobi getting sacks and if he can also produce multiple-sack games:

"Yeah, I told them that I am coming for them (laughter)."

On how his ankle injury occurred in Week 1:

"The offensive lineman landed on my ankle, and it was stuck to the ground after making the tackle. I was in rehab every day and monitoring it. Ready to go now."

DL Larry Ogunjobi:

On if defensive line Coach Clyde Simmons has talked about changing the way the DL tackles QBs:

"Really you just have to be wary. It is not really about changing technique. It is more about understanding where you have to put yourself in position in order to even make that type of play. Try to make sure that you do not put yourself in position to get flagged for it."

On if the NFL may change the roughing the passer rule, given the public focus on it:

"There is a lot of stuff going on about it. I feel like if enough people talk about it, possibly, but it is the league so you just never know."

On causes of his fast start this season, in addition to his talent:

"Just Year 2, a different focus and understanding of the game. Just being able to recognize things faster and just be more comfortable out there."

On how his improved understanding of the game developed:

"Through the offseason training, watching a lot of the film and talking to different people. Kind of competing with yourself within the game and figuring out what works for you and doing that."

On if he was aware of the opportunity after Patriots DL Danny Shelton was traded:

"I thought the opportunity was there, but it was still my choice to go after and take it. I knew nothing would be given to me so I had to make sure I earned the position. It did not really change any of the goals that I had from before he got traded, but I just knew that now the opportunity is more in front of you and now you have the opportunity to really make a push for it. That is what I did."

On Raiders QB Derek Carr:

"When I watched him live – I have not really watched too much as far as now just because he is kind of a different player than he was before he got hurt – but I feel like he is still solid. I think he goes through his progressions really well. He knows how to get the football down the field when he has protection. I feel like the biggest thing is we just have to get him off his spot and start moving him around the pocket."

LB Joe Schobert:

On if roughing the passer penalties called involving body weight on the QB will change his play:

"Not changing the way that I am playing. I do not think that I am heavy enough to be impacted by it. I am lighter than some of the quarterbacks that I am trying to sack so I do not think that it is doing much for me, but obviously, the defensive ends and stuff, you see that they might have to change what they are doing."

On NFL rule changes continuing to be 'stacked against defensive players':

"I think that the NFL wants more points to be scored. It wants it to be higher scoring, more exciting games to draw audiences in. I think that is their main goal at the time, and what they are trying to make it better and safer in that respect. Obviously, some things have come in and have been taken out. Some things have come in and stayed in. They are always going to try to implement it, make it safer and make a better product for their perceived audience or what they think is going to happen."

On his reaction to Dolphins DL William Hayes' injury, which involved him changing his position to potentially avoid a penalty:

"You never want to see people getting hurt at any position. It is unfortunate. A D end is trying to keep his body weight off of the quarterback and tears his ACL and is going to be done for the year. I do not agree with that rule, but we will see what the NFL decides to do. I think they have a meeting this week or something."

On if Williams' play and injury in particular could serve as a 'wake up call' to the NFL:

"Because somebody got hurt during it, maybe it will cause them to revise their stance. I am not in the meetings and I do not have a say so we will see."

On his impression of QB Baker Mayfield:

"I think that he is an ultra-competitor. He came in from Day 1 slinging the ball around and trying to make plays. Obviously, if he made a mistake or the defense got a play on him, he came back and tried to make us look foolish the next play. You could see that from Day 1. He is a great guy to have around our locker room and leading the team."

On Mayfield's performance last Thursday night after not taking reps with the first team offense:

"It was awesome. Not even just that just being a rookie stepping into the in the NFL, that is the hardest spot to make the transition – at quarterback. He was able to step in there and make it look seamless and lead us to a couple of scoring drives. It was great to see. Defense, we really appreciate when the offense is on the field with extended drives and scoring points. It was big."

DL Chris Smith:

On roughing the passer penalties in the NFL and discussions about it in the DL room:

"I asked (defensive line coach) Clyde (Simmons) and (defensive coordinator) Gregg (Williams) what we are supposed to do. I feel like maybe it is a call they are doing at the beginning of the year, and they might be a little lenient later in the year. Gregg just said we have to play and see what happens (laughter). 

On if recent roughing the passer penalties means more awareness of it on the field:

"Yeah, just being aware I mean obviously as far as a late hit or whatever, but it is not roughing the passer; it is kind of like tackling pass. I do not understand that, but I know it is very frustrating for Green Bay. They had the tie with the Vikings because the hit of (Packers LB) Clay Matthews on (Viking QB Kirk Cousins). It was a clean hit, a good firm hit. It was not late. It is just crazy."

On the NFL admitting the penalty called on DL Myles Garrett's was incorrect:

"Yeah, that was a pretty hard hit by Myles (laughter). To me, that was a pretty hard hit by Myles, but that is the thing about it – we have to play within the rules of the game, but I think there needs to be something said. The league needs to change that."

On if he has faced Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch:

"No, I have not. I have seen him play, but I have not played against him before."

On Lynch still playing at a high level as he did earlier in his career:

"Still Beastmode. He still has it. That is one thing I feel like the main thing of beating the Raiders is making them one-dimensional, stopping the run – that is every week – and wrapping him up. He is a guy that you can't hit him up high. From watching film, guys try to hit him up high and stuff like that and they just bounce right off of them. I feel like that is the main thing is stopping No. 24 because he still has it. He has not lost a step. He has not lost a step."

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