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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Avery, Callaway, Kirksey, Landry, Randall

LB Christian Kirksey:

On containing Steelers RB James Conner after his 135-yard performance Week 1:

"Do not let him rush for 135 yards. He is a guy that can break a lot of tackles. We just want to make sure that we gang tackle – 11 men to the ball. Just get him on the ground. One thing last time that we played them, we were not as disciplined as we are now with gap responsibility and things like that."

On if facing Conner before helps the team's preparations:

"We know the exact style of runner that he is. He is getting better and better each week. I guess that it will help that we have already faced him, but at the same time, it always just boils down to simple technique and fundamentals, tackling and not allowing him to break tackles and get extra yards like that."

On if this week's game is a potential turning point in the season:

"For us, we take it one game at a time, but all of our goals are in front of us. Just to see that we tied with them the first time, we definitely want to get this win. We still have not had a division loss. For us to have the opportunity to play another division opponent and with this rivalry that we have with them, it would be good to get a win and keep our momentum going."

On if it feels like a sense of unfinished business following the Week 1 tie:

"It does. Things in the last game could have gone different ways. I am pretty sure that they are thinking the same things. If a play or two could have gone a different way then it could have been a different outcome of the game. This game will definitely be intense. It is a road game for us. We have to win on the road, and I think we will."

On knowledge about Conner's play compared to Week 1:

"He is playing more confident. Earlier in the year, it was the whole 'Is (Steelers RB) Le'Veon (Bell) coming back? Is Le'Veon not?' Now, he has taken on that full starter role. He is a good back. He meshes well with the offense now. He is getting more and more comfortable in his style of running. He is doing great things. It is up to us as a defense to not allow him to be a spark."

On the Browns struggles winning road games:

"It is really something that I can't really answer what the problem was. In all, we were not winning any games on the road or at home so I do not think it was any magic 'Oh, what is going on with us on the road?' I think that it was just us in general with winning. Now with a couple of wins under our belt, we just have to do it on the road, as well."

On the atmosphere at Heinz Field:

"I do not really get caught up in all of that. I have the same approach whether I am playing at FirstEnergy Stadium or I am playing in Heinz Field. That is a question that you kind of have to ask someone else because my mind is just focused on playing. I do not really get hyped or get into, 'Oh, this is a loud stadium' or this and that. I just focus in and tune in on my game."

LB Genard Avery:

On pressuring Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger:

"Just dialing in and everybody setting up doing what they are supposed to be doing and making plays."

On what he has learned about Roethlisberger since Week 1, including in-game experience against him:

"He is a great quarterback, and he knows how to read defenses well. He is a veteran so he is very experienced. We just have to put in time. That is a part of the game."

On the Browns having confidence it can snap a losing streak at Heinz Field:

"The only thing you can do is control what we can control, and that is our play. Do not worry about the fans and this and that. We just have to do our job."

On tying the Steelers in Week 1:

"Everybody wants to win. It was alright, but I expect to win so we are going to get this win this week."

On if there is a sense of unfinished business entering Sunday's game:

"Most definitely. Most definitely. It is one of those deals where there is a winner or a loser – no tie."

On if this game could be a turning point for the team:

"Most definitely. It is a division game. We tied the first game so it is just one of those deals where it is a big game and division game."

WR Antonio Callaway:

On how his body feels:

"I feel good."

On if he feels there are opportunities left to make plays this season:

"There is a whole lot of football left. My time is going to come. Just have to be patient in this league. That is it."

On if he talks to Steelers WR Antonio Brown when he is not 'making a ton of plays':

"No. Talk to my teammates."

On advice from his teammates:

"Just keep working. I do not read too much into it. I want the ball, but I do not complain too much about getting the ball. I want everybody producing."

On if he gets down about limited production:


On if he is getting open consistently and the ball is just not coming his way:

"The quarterback has reads. You can't put too much pressure on him. He already has a lot on his hands. He will make the right read. Just have to believe in him to make the right read."

On if he feels he is getting open consistently:

"Sometimes. Most of the time."

On improving consistency after making some tough catches but also drops on catchable passes:

"No ball should be on the ground. As a receiver, you should not drop anything that touches your hands."

On the Browns offense starting faster:

"We just have to really eliminate the negative plays. We had some negative plays that have stopped us. We would be having a good drive and then have a negative play that would set us back. That kind of knocks us off a bit."

WR Jarvis Landry:

On the Browns believing it can win this week, referencing the losing streak on the road and at Heinz Field:

"We are not focused on that. We are focused on going in against a division opponent and winning the game. I think that is our primary focus and that is our attitude this whole entire week."

On improving his connection with QB Baker Mayfield in Week 7:

"Just continuing to get the reps in practice, continuing to be on the same page, seeing what each other sees and going from there."

On if the Browns are playing better than in Week 1:

"Obviously, we have been able to correct mistakes that we have made along the way. We are understanding who we are and our identity and figuring what we want to do going forward out. Now, it is just putting it together."

On points of emphasis on offense this week:

"Obviously, penalties – pre-snap and post-snap. From there, it has just been about making plays, giving every guy an opportunity to make plays and guys making them in practice. Hopefully, it translates to the game."

On context of this week's game in respect to the AFC North and season:

"It is a big game. We understand that. We understand that. It is no secret, we have to win the game. We want to win the game. That is our mindset going into the game and going against any team, but obviously, more importantly in the division. If you can win in the division, you have a pretty good chance of making it to the playoffs. That is part of our goals and one of our goals. This is a big one for us."

DB Damarious Randall:

On his groin/ankle:

"I am just taking it day by day. Just getting treatment and taking it day by day."

On playing CB last week and if he is open to playing at CB if asked:

"Yeah, definitely. I just try to do what I can to help this team to put this team in position to win games,. Any way possible that I can do that, that is just what I try to do each and every week."

On if there is a mental adjustment moving from FS and CB:

"I am an athlete. I don't think you see many free safeties going down there to play corner. I am a guy that I do not think you can put a position on."

On if he received a lot of reps playing CB last week:

"Thursday, yeah. I was strictly at corner on Thursday."

On Steelers WRs Antonio Brown and Juju Smith-Schuster:

"They are a pretty good duo. They are one of the best in the league. I am a big fan of both of them. I love the way they play the game – toughness, grit and fight that they have each and every play. Just looking forward to playing against them."

On if he studies both receivers since he could match up with either, given their different styles:

"I just know both guys from being a student of the game. I have been studying them the entire offseason obviously because I am a part of this division now, and I am going to see them twice a year hopefully for years to come. Antonio is a do-it-all receiver – short routes, screen routes and deep routes. (Steelers QB) Big Ben (Roethlisberger) has a lot of trust in him, and you can start to see Big Ben having a lot of trust in Juju Smith-Schuster because he will throw him a lot of one-on-one, tight, 50-50 balls. Both of them do a really good job coming down with it."

On if he could transition between CB and FS during the season:

"I do not know. I am just taking it day by day. Whatever the defensive coordinator (Gregg Williams) wants."

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