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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Beckham Jr., Callaway, Landry, Richardson, Tretter

Odell Beckham Jr.

On if he can sense early in a game that an opponent will play him physically throughout a game, similar to the Ravens' approach:

"For the most part. Sometimes they pick and choose. It is kind of monkey see, monkey do or learn to do by doing kind of thing. If you have seen it done in the past, you might try and attempt it. Like I said, I have come so much further than that. In the heat of the moment, there was an opportunity for me to really take things way further. He was on the ground, and I was standing up still when I just kind of let the moment pass. I would not say I regret letting the moment pass but I have come a long way, like I said. I probably would have been suspended for the next game if I had done what I wanted to do or more, knowing how I get treated. It was just something I had to look for my teammates and not hurt them even more than the 15-yard penalty and be sitting out a whole game. This if football. This isn't MMA or Street Fighter. That is a different story so on the football field, I am trying to make it more football than anything else."

On if Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey was choking him:

"I do not know. We are grown ass men. Do you know what I mean? I can't feel that when we are out there. We get hit every day. We get hit every day by 300-pounders. Talking about something like that, I am good. We are grown."

On if the 49ers may try to frustrate him to limit his production following last week's approach by Baltimore:

"San Francisco, they more to what they do. With a corner being down, I do expect the same thing I have always seen. If teams are going to play us like that, we are going to put up 40, and (RB Nick) Chubb is going to rush for 200 yards – I do not know what he rushed for – run the ball and get (WR) Jarvis going. It works for us. We will keep putting Ws on the calendar and put ourselves in positon to work towards the playoffs."

On how comfortable he is with recording just two receptions but the team scores 40 points in a quality win:

"We beat a very good team. Of course, any receiver in the National Football League, you can ask them, and you all know what we want to do. We want to catch touchdowns and we want to catch passes, but just drawing attention over here, I run a hitch and two people will jump on me and you hit (TE) Ricky (Seals-Jones) right up the seam for 70 yards. If teams are going to focus on that, it will be a long day for me, but we will come out with what we need. Like I said, it is just about putting us in positon to make it to the playoffs. Stats are only stats, but the memories you have of going to the playoffs and winning championships, nothing is going to ever supersede that for me. I just want to get back to the playoffs. That is really it. I did not have my best game and it is still something I think about to this day so my only goal is to win the division, and it starts with Baltimore, it starts with the Bengals and it starts with the Steelers. If teams are going to do that, we will hang 40, and we will walk out of there with a win and get back to work next week."

WR Antonio Callaway:

On his mindset returning from suspension:

"I am just ready to get back and contribute, do what I do and do my part."

On if missing the first four weeks has made him hungrier to return to the field:

"It was hard watching them play Sundays. It was hard, real hard."

On how difficult it was to stay in shape while suspended:

"It was not so hard because I was here every day. I was still working out every day. It was just the game speed, coming back and catching up to the game speed. That was about it."

On if he is ready to hit the ground running and contribute on Monday night:

"It is go time. I am ready"

WR Jarvis Landry:

On how he is feeling:

"I am good. Good to be back, too."

On if he sustained his concussion at the end of the shovel pass play in the third quarter against the Ravens:

"Yeah. Honestly, I got to the sideline and nothing was wrong. New York called, and that is that."

On if he was surprised to clear concussion protocol today, given many players miss a full week:

"No, I was not surprised. It was a long process, even after the game and even during the game to go through the concussion protocol. I had never been through it before so I did not think I would even miss the rest of that game. I thought I would be back that game, but the NFL decided that it was best that I did not go back out there and go through the protocol first."

On if he had a sense in practice last week that the Browns offense would perform the way it did against the Ravens:

"Yeah, that is what we have been building up for. Obviously, it is that we have been trying to do. We have been trying to continue to get our playmakers the ball obviously and get in space. We are just getting more comfortable with the plays that we are running and we are executing. That is it."

On WR Odell Beckham Jr. blocking downfield for him and Beckham as a teammate:

"That is a big part of who he is and obviously what he brings to the game. Either way, he is going to make an impact, whether the ball is in his hands or not."

DT Sheldon Richardson:

On if the 49ers rushing attack is more difficult to stop:

"Yes, a little bit. The way they run, it is effective. Great running backs. The guys are really downhill and know how to press the gaps really well. We have to stay disciplined and do our job."

On the key to slowing down on the 49ers running game:

"We have to stay disciplined and do our job."

On what makes the 49ers run blocking schemes is challenging:

"It is harder for the back and second level. 49ers know how to get to the linebackers, get in on those guys and then the running backs know how to make linebackers and the safeties miss in the hole."

On the change in approach facing a dual-threat and pocket-passer QB:

"We get to be us now and rush the quarterback a little bit more."

On how much he was fined for his personal foul on Sunday and if he will let WR Odell Beckham Jr. pay for it:

"No. I did get fined. We will appeal it and see where it stands. It is what it is. Like I said after it happened, I would not have changed anything I did. I understand the intent of the rule. Usually, it is about pulling somebody off a fumble or a pile where you do not want a situation to escalate when it is a non-situation. When you got a guy mounted on top of another, choking him, if the answer is, we wanted you to stand there, then I will take the fine for that. That is not an answer I would work with. I did not throw a punch. I did not think I escalated the situation any more. I was there to deescalate the situation. We will appeal it, and we will see what they say. I think common sense should hopefully rule, but you never really know about that so we will see."

On the amount of fine:

"About $14,000."

On the Ravens website stating Beckham was not choked:

"I did not watch their Zapruder film, but I did hear that."

On the Ravens going to the extent of putting out the video:

"Obviously, they are trying to protect their guy so I get it. I think the film speaks for itself. I think it is pretty obvious what was going on."

On him having a good case to win the appeal as opposed to other players who appeal fines:

"Yeah, I am not concerned about it. Whenever that gets scheduled, we will get that done and we will see where the chips fall."

On most noticeable aspects of the 49ers defensive front, in addition to the first-round talents:

"I think length. Very tall, long arms and they are an impressive group. I think this might be the biggest test we will have just across the board. It will be a battle. I think we have a good plan in. We have been working on different things to try to combat their length. We will see how it all shapes."

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