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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Bitonio, Carrie, Hubbard, Robinson

OL Joel Bitonio:

On the advantage a defense gets when the offense has to use a silent count:

"It is definitely and advantage to play at home for them. They can start timing up our count more. When you go with a noise count – a voice count – (QB) Baker (Mayfield) can really trick them or use his voice a little bit differently. Where it is silent, we are all kind of looking at the ball. We have a timing mechanism, but they can kind of figure out the timing mechanism over time. That is why we have a few different cadences for them, a few different change-ups so that they are ready for it."

On if teams are creating more variations to silent counts:

"Yeah, but I think teams are starting to change it up a little more with the center [head] bob. There might be one or two or a side turn instead of just one center bob and snapping. It is a cat and dog game. We try and time it up and we try and fake them out a little bit."

On comparing the Broncos pass rush the Texans pass rush:

"They are a little different. (Texans DE) J.J. Watt is a bigger, stronger pass rusher. (Broncos OLB) Von Miller is more of speed, but he has actually implemented some nice power the last couple of years. They are kind of just different players. Von is really going to force your edge and counter back inside, where J.J. is going to come at you and then counter off of that. They have good players. They have two guys on both sides that can get sacks kind of like (Texans OLB Jadeveon) Clowney and Watt in Houston. They have some inside guys that can get some good push that really collapse the pocket."

On the Texans playing more coverage and if the Broncos may take notes from that game:

"I do not know. They have two guys that are top-10 leading the league in sacks so those guys are going to get after the quarterback as much as they can. They do have some pressures though. They have brought some looks and they brought in some different exotic things. I think it is just a week-to-week gameplan. It could be quarter to quarter. Carolina this week, they blitzed us a little bit and Baker did a good job of getting the ball out and taking some things off. I think it will just depend on what Denver think they can do."

On the Broncos having multiple rushers that can impact a QB:

"It is hard to pick a guy. If you have one guy that you can key on, you can slide the protection that way and you can shift that side every time, but when they have guys on both sides, you do not know where they are going to go. Sometimes they like to move (Broncos OLB Bradley) Chubb inside a little bit. It is dangerous. I think (offensive coordinator) Freddie (Kitchens) has a good plan, though, that we are going to attack them with, and we just have to perform as well as an offensive line. We have to be good this week."

DB T.J. Carrie:

On limiting Broncos RB Phillip Lindsay:

"It is everything. I think their offense runs heavily on him. It is not to say that they are not talented elsewhere, but when you have a good running back and a good run game, that opens up so many more things – the play action pass, the boot legs. All of those things are determined off of the run game. They have been very excellent and have excelled with giving him the ball in different positions, creating separation from the linebacker and front four and really allow him to work out in space. That is going to be definitely a big key to the game."

On DB Denzel Ward's impact on the defense:

"Honestly, I am happy to have all of our rookies. I feel like all of our rookies are playing exceptionally well. What they are doing upstairs with the picks that they have had this year, they have pretty much done a very excellent job. Denzel came in like a pro, and he has treated the game like it is not too big for him and the lights are not too bright for him. He has excelled in this league. That is a player that you are going to see a lifelong time of great achievements here because of the way that he has been able to approach the game within this year that he has been here."

On rotating between different positions within the secondary, as well as facing talented receivers throughout the year:

"That is football. You do whatever it takes to win the game. Those are things that when your number is called and when your name is called, they ask for you to rise up within that occasion. Fortunately enough, the coaches have put in a lot of belief and trust in me to have been able to do those type of things. From that, all you can go out there and do is go out there, play at a high level and be able to execute. That is something that I have really taken the challenge upon myself to just continue to grow with the team. I think that all of us are here for a strategic purpose, and our defensive staff puts us all into the best position to make plays."

OL Chris Hubbard:

On the challenge facing Broncos OLBs Von Miller and Bradley Chubb:

"Huge challenge. Those guys are great players. I know that those guys have something like 25 sacks put together. I watched them play a lot this year before we got to play them. I watched them previously during the season while the season was going on and watched those guys go off. They are great players, and we have to protect (QB) Baker (Mayfield) and do what we need to do to get the ball out."

On evaluating Miller and Chubb:

"Bradley Chubb, he is a young guy. He has a really good bull rush. He can lull you to sleep, as well as his pass rush moves. Von Miller, a crafty guy, one of those guys that you can't go to sleep on. He is one of those guys that plays the game at a high level. He is quick. He comes off the ball pretty fast. He reacts off of what you do. You have to be careful of what you do as far as blocking guys."

On Miller's strong snap anticipation:

"Oh yeah, you see that a lot. That is what he gets guys off of. He uses that to his advantage because a lot of guys panic as far as getting back. My goal is to get back quick, and once I get back quick, just work on reacting off of what he does."

On if it is important to remain settled when knowing Miller is rushing:

"Oh yeah. From the first snap to the end of the game, you have to time up that count. You have to look at (OL) JC's (Tretter) head bob and see when to get off the ball. My thing is I want to be early, never late."

On if Miller has an advantage playing at home when teams have to use a silent snap count:

"Oh yeah, it does. He has the home crowd. I have played there before. That crowd is always loud. The stadium is always rocking. He has that advantage, but my advantage is to get off the ball fast."

On not surrendering a sack at Houston and if that is a blueprint for this weekend's game:

"I think that between (Texans DE) J.J. Watt and (Jadeveon) Clowney, and they have Von Miller and Bradley Chubb, those guys are different. These guys that we are facing are fast. You have fast body type guys. They remind me of (LB Genard) Avery and going against Avery. He has that speed to come off the ball. That is why I love going against Avery because he is giving me a good look. That is what I see coming on Saturday night. Once you see that preparation, I am constantly telling myself slow down, it will come to me and just use my technique."

OL Greg Robinson:

On Broncos OLBs Bradley Chubb and Von Miller:

"They are great players. I feel like just looking at them on film a little bit, it is very obvious that they have good quickness off the ball and they do a lot of things well. I feel like you do not really need to change much. Just be aware of some of the things that they are. They have good strengths in them."

On the Browns only surrendering one sack in the past four games:

"I feel like we have built this level of confidence to where we can play well with one another. We are learning to communicate a little better each week just tweaking a few things here or there and just trusting each other really. That is the most important thing. I feel like there is no surprise. We put in the work in the film room and on the practice field. It is carrying over to the game."

On if not surrendering a sack to the Texans provided a boost to the offense:

"Yeah, it was no surprise though. I feel like week in and week out, you are going to see good players, but you just have to stay within yourself, don't really get out of whack and trust the process. If you do that, I feel like that is the most important thing."

On how QB Baker Mayfield's elusiveness has helped the Browns OL:

"When we get in bad positions, he helps us out a lot. We appreciate it because some guys can't get out of the pocket. They just have to stay there so you have to block longer. It is just a great feeling when you are getting beat at times because it is liable to happen. At that moment and you see him scramble out of the pocket, it is like you can take a deep breath. You do not want to relax because you do not want that to happen again, but it is just a bonus when you have guys that can do that."

On Mayfield not necessarily being extremely fast but quick and agile:

"A lot of that just goes with knowing where you are at and knowing what guys are going to do. A few tips and the guys give it away. When you get an up the field rush, you can climb the pocket and get out. He has been doing it since he was a kid so it is not a surprise to me."

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