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Browns player press conferences - Bitonio, Schobert

OL Joel Bitonio:

On receiving the local PFWA Dino Lucarelli 'Good Guy' Award and where he learned the significance of working with media:

"It is just something that I have been instilled with my whole life. It is something about respect. You respect people for the job they have to do, the job that you have to do. You guys are just trying to do your job. It is not hard to give you a day of the week or a couple of times a week to talk to you guys. It is something that you see (former Browns OL) Joe Thomas do, something (Falcons C) Alex Mack do, (Chiefs OL) Mitchell Schwartz so you just want to just be a team player about it. Someone has to talk to you guys so you might as well put a good foot forward(laughter)."

On the Ravens defense now compared to Week 5:

"They were good in October. We only got 12 points on them then. They are playing at a really high level – probably if not the best, one of the best defenses in the league right now. They are getting after the passer. They shut down the Chargers this last week pretty handily. It has not been fun to watch them, but the way that they have been running the ball and getting there, it has been pretty impressive."

On motivation provided by having an opportunity to keep the Ravens out of the playoffs:

"I think you think about it, but for us honestly, it is trying to go out there and finish at 8-7-1 more than anything. Whatever kind of happens after that, happens. We are really focused on ourselves, and (Head Coach) Gregg (Williams) has done a really good job of being 1-0 each week and treating kind of each game as a playoff game, even though we are not in the playoffs. Just trying to be the best version of ourselves because we think that if we can be the best version of ourselves, that is enough for us to get a win this weekend and then kind of whatever happens after that, you will sit down and read the cards afterwards."

On QB Baker Mayfield and his ability to help the Browns' turnaround this season:

"I think he is the guy. When you find a quarterback that is right, you kind of get that feeling. He takes it from the practice field and if he makes a mistake at practice, he takes it to the game and fixes that. If he makes a mistake in the game, he fixes it there. He is what you want in a quarterback, and I think that is a credit also to the people around him – (QB) Tyrod (Taylor), (QB) Drew (Stanton), (quarterbacks coach) Ken Zampese. All of those guys have really instilled in him to come in and get his work done, see that so when he is in the game, it is not the first time. He is ready. He is prepared. Then he has the talent. You have to be talented to be a good quarterback. All of those guys are, and then if you put in the work and you take it seriously off the field, that is when the really good ones come. He has a long way to go still – he will tell you that – but what he has done for our team in giving us someone to rally around and lead us has been very impressive. When you have a quarterback, it makes a lot of things easier."

On if Mayfield has displayed his work ethic to the team this year:

"Yeah, one of the most impressive things I have seen from Baker is when during training camp, Tyrod was the starter and he was the backup, he took every meeting, every practice and every snap like he was still the starter, even though he could not compete really. It was just, 'Hey, I am going to do the best I can, and eventually, I will get my opportunity.' It was impressive to watch. He comes in, he gets his work in the weight room and he gets his work in the meeting rooms. If he ever has a question with the O line, he will come and talk to us. He is what you want to see in a quarterback. I think that is him personally, and like I said, the guys above him helping him out and showing him the way."

LB Joe Schobert:

On challenges facing Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

"I think the Ravens are by far since he has taken over as quarterback the heaviest run offense in the NFL on first, second and third down if it is not third-and-long. There is a chance that they are going to line up and run the ball and try to run the ball downhill on third-and-five. You really have to some into it with a little bit of a different mindset as anybody else in the NFL. It is going to be a challenge, but I think we are up for it."

On if anyone is comparable to Jackson right now:

"No, not the way that they use him and how he kind of runs the ball. All the quarterbacks who are mobile and running and are getting around, but then they are sliding and he is trying to dive for first downs. He is not just running around and bouncing to get to the sidelines. I do not think there is anybody quite like him right now."

On difficulties created for defenses as more rules are instituted to protect QBs in and outside of the pocket:

"I think you can't really worry about that too much. Once he is outside of the pocket running on whatever their zone reads or quarterback runs, he has the same protection as any other player so you can't really think about it. The only thing is other players usually aren't going to slide so if he does slide, then obviously you can't go and hit him after that point, but once he becomes a runner, you can't really worry about it. Go play football."

On needing good eye discipline to defend play-action and mobile QBs:

"Oh yeah, definitely. especially when they are good at play action which the Ravens have done a lot of good things this year in the last couple of games. Mixing in play action off of runs and looks that they have used previously in the game. It all comes down to eyes. It all comes down to everybody knowing their responsibilities and doing their job and having people over the top being kind of safeties, angels of the defense not letting people get behind you."

On if Jackson creates more stress on a specific area of opposing defenses:

"It is everywhere. The way they have run their offense the last couple of games, it could be up the A gaps, it could be up a nose tackle, it could be up the linebackers and it could be the D ends, corners or safeties. It stresses everybody on any given play so everybody really has to come in locked in and laser like focused."

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