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Browns player press conferences - Bitonio, Schobert, Ward

OL Joel Bitonio:

On how his Chief Slam looked on film:

"Better than I thought when it was happening. When it happened, I was not really sure, but after watching (QB) Baker (Mayfield) and him (TE David Njoku) both jump with me, I thought it looked pretty good and pretty choreographed. It was just off the cuff. I was pretty pleased with it. The rest of the O line room gave me a lot of jabs for it, but I liked it."

On getting some air on the Chief Slam:

"Right, right. I was floating. Obviously, not as high as David (laughter). He has one of the highest verticals of all time. For my size, I was happy with it."

On challenges facing the Texans' talented front seven:

"This is the best group we will have faced probably overall all year. They can do it in the run. They can do it in the pass. The tough thing about them is with (Texans DE J.J.) Watt, (Texans DE/OLB Jadeveon) Clowney and (Texans OLB Whitney) Mercilus and their big guys inside, a lot of them kind of have free reign to do what they want. Sometimes when you see a defense, you know that they are holding a specific gap, but if Watt makes a play, they do not really mind it looks like. He will take himself out of his gap and make a play in the backfield. He is such a big, powerful guy that you think that he is going to want to try to run you over, but then he will hit you with a quick move, a quick swim. They are a talented group. It is definitely going to be a good test for us."

On if defensive lines often have freedom to be more creative:

"Usually, it is the good players. You see guys like J.J. Watt and you see guys like (Rams DT) Aaron Donald. Those guys kind of have freedom to make a play because 90 percent of the time when they get out of their gap, they make the play. The 10 percent, they are like, 'We can live with it.'"

On if the team pays detailed attention to potential playoff scenarios:

"No, I think (Head Coach) Gregg (Williams) has done a really good job of focusing on going 1-0, treating this game as like its own season and trying to be 1-0 this week. Once the game is over, though, you look to see who won games. Did Baltimore win? Pittsburgh? You know, the teams that we play and the teams that are right around there. You always check – at least me who is a player. I like to see how the rest of the NFL went. I am a fan."

On how the OL can counter the Texans' pass rush:

"I think that we are going to try to do as much as we can to help each other out when we come. It comes down to winning your one on ones. Hopefully, Baker continues to do a good job of getting the ball out of his hands. Hopefully, we can establish the run so that we do not have to be in third-and-long situations, and we can slow them down in that way."

LB Joe Schobert:

On the Texans winning eight consecutive games after starting 0-3:

"I have not watched too much from earlier in the season, but they got on a roll. They won two overtime games to start off their streak. A team with a lot of momentum is a team that is hard to stop. I think they have been good." 

On Texans QB Deshaun Watson's ability to run and how that puts pressure on a defense:

"I think that is obviously why he is the way he is in the NFL. He is a unique player to play against. He has great feet and great pocket awareness. You see a lot of teams surround him, and he is able to kind of escape out from a side or a gap right up the middle. A lot of times, he has thrown the ball just as much as running it down the field on scrambles. He is making good throws down the field so he definitely presents a challenge kind of unique to any other quarterback in the NFL."

On if it is demoralizing when a quarterback has a long scramble:

"Yeah, definitely. Especially when you are in coverage and especially if you are in man coverage, you are turning and running with your guys and everything is covered up and the D line does their job, and he just kind of pulls one of his escapes and nobody is there to kind of watch him and check down. He can make plays with his legs. It is definitely demoralizing on the defense to see that stuff happen."

On lessons from Texans QB Watson from playing last year:

"I think just stuff I kind of said. He is extremely talented in the pocket, very hard to bring down, very slippery and when he gets outside of the pocket, he has a good arm, he is pretty accurate, he can put the ball in places and he has a couple of playmakers that he knows where they are going to be and he can throw it up to them and make plays."

On if he has seen Watson improve:

"He started off so hot last year, so I think – I forgot. When we played them Week 4 or Week 5, he had like 16 touchdowns or something. I think it is hard to improve on that, but he is pretty similar. I think just the film study to what he was and he presents a big challenge."

On Texans RB Lamar Miller's success and if Watson's running ability impacts it in zone-read schemes:

"Yeah, that is part of it, but also I think you watch the plays, [Miller] is hitting the hole and he is hitting it fast and violent, and he is breaking arm tackles. There are linebackers and D line are in the holes and just trying to reach out trying to bring him down. He is running through it and you see he has the speed to take it all the way to the house like we saw the other day. I think a part of it is with the zone-read scheme, but part of it has just been hitting the holes hard and being a very physical downhill runner."

DB Denzel Ward:

On if the Browns will play less man-to-man defense, given Texans QB Deshaun Watson's ability to run:

"No not necessarily. We are still going to play man-to-man. It is just depending on if you are going to play two-man, have more guys back to the ball or spying him." 

On Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins:

"We are still watching film so we are just getting started really. I have to watch more film to give you a good description."

On Hopkins as a premier matchup on the schedule:

"Yes, just going against all of the top receivers in the league I look forward to. He is definitely one of those guys that is one of the top players at his position. I love going up against guys like that."

On if he knew Watson was going to be this successful in the NFL:

"I am not sure. I did not watch much of him in college besides the one time when we played him, but I did not watch that much to know. He is a really good quarterback."

On how different the team feels after winning back-to-back games:

"We are really confident in this team right now, and we just have to keep it rolling. We have two wins. We have to see what we have to do to get the next one."

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