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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Boddy-Calhoun, Callaway, Kirksey, Landry, Randall

WR Jarvis Landry:

On if the gameplan was different in Week 13, given his number of targets:

"No, honestly, we were behind and we were trying to find big plays. We were trying to find plays any way that we could. I know that when the ball came my way, I just wanted to make a play to help the team."

On QB Baker Mayfield's second half performance:

"He is resilient. Obviously, he has a short-term memory with those types of things. It is always high risk, high reward when you are trying to make plays. We stand behind him. We support him. I think that if we can limit turnovers, we have better opportunities of winning, but you can't make big plays if you are not trying to create them either."

On what is in front of the team following the loss:

"Four games. We are going to fight as hard as we can and do as much as we can to try to make sur that we win all four of them."

On if the Texans defense presented anything that showed defenses have identified opportunities to combat Mayfield's tendencies:

"No, not really. I think a lot of our faults and a lot of the things that happened miscue wise. Obviously, those guys did make plays, but it was down to us. It came down to us. Things that we saw got corrected. Hopefully, this week will show that."

On his advice to WR Antonio Callaway on routes where interceptions were thrown:

"No true advice. When we have the ball and you have a route that is stopping to work back to the quarterback but still in some situations, as an offense it goes on everybody. It is not just one person. It is not just quarterback. It is not just the receiver. There were three other guys on that play that were running routes that probably did not get open. It is on everybody."

On Callaway's development:

"He is continuing to grow. He is continuing to find himself. We are starting to get him to talk a little bit more(laughter). After the game, the simple thing I told him is you are putting it on tape that you can make the big plays, that you can catch the ball in traffic and still use your speed to score. Teams will see that, they will recognize that and you will just start getting open more and more. I think that the door is definitely about to open up for his career."

On if Callaway's catch in traffic showed him anything:

"Absolutely, I think that it showed a lot of people something. It is something that our team is going to need here and in the future."

DB Briean Boddy-Calhoun:

On if the Panthers are continuing to throw the ball downfield, given reports about Panthers QB Cam Newton's shoulder:

"This is my first time playing Cam so this is really my first time diving in and watching film on him. He looks capable to me. He still looks like he can move the ball down the field. I really do not know how it is compared. At first, people say his arm does not look the same as it did in previous years, but like I said, this is my first time going against him. He looks capable to me."

On Newton being difficult since he is also a great runner:

"It is tough. You usually do not have enough guys to cover everybody and the quarterback running the ball. You have to choose. Either you are going to have to buck up and stick everybody one on one or you are going to have to kick an extra guy for the guy running the ball. Whenever you have a running quarterback, it is always extremely tough, because you can't cover the pass and the running quarterback. It is different stopping the running back or stopping the receiver, but when you have one person that can do both, it is going to be tough to stop regardless of who you are going against."

On Newton as a passer:

"I feel like he is capable. This is my first time playing him so I do not really see anything as far as the shoulder, but I did hear that his shoulder, his arm does not look as good as it did on the pass. Like I said, he is capable and he can come out here and do whatever he needs to do to get a win. We have to be ready to go."

On Newton's four interceptions last week:

"I just feel like it was one of those days. Whenever you get a veteran guy like that is throwing four interceptions, it is either going to come down to a few things – scheme, maybe what he saw pre-snap or post-snap. You never know so I just feel like it is one of those things where you can't expect him to come in here and throw us four picks after he just threw four picks. He is going to come in here and he is going to be ready to go. We just have to be on our best game and just make sure and see, even if he threw four picks, but we know he is going to be ready to go. He is a veteran quarterback, and he has been playing this game for a very long time."

On if the Browns are catching the Panthers on a downswing since they have lost four consecutive games:

"I really do not really look into that too much. I know they have some things going on with their defense. They just fired someone on their defensive staff. We were just there just a couple weeks ago so we know what it is like to be on that end. We were not looking for any pity or we were not looking like we do not have a chance. I am not going to look at them the same way. They are going to come in here and they are going to be ready to play just like we were versus Kansas City. Every game is a winnable game. We just have to do the same things we have been doing. It did not go successfully in Houston, but as long as we do what we have been doing and clean up the little things, we will be fine."

LB Christian Kirksey:

On being named the Cleveland Browns Walter Payton Man of the Year:

"I am honored. I try to do as much as I can in the community and try to be a positive role model and influence a lot of people. I am just happy that the Cleveland Browns organization nominated me and how I am viewed by my peers, it definitely humbles me. I just going to continue to work."

On his team leadership being recognized:

"Obviously, football is my job. I put everything that I can into football and try to be the best leader that I can be. At the end of the day, when you walk out of the locker room and walk off of the field, you have to be a person. I just want to be the type of person that people can really look up to and the type of person that can really relate to a lot of people. A lot of people see players and say, 'We do not understand their personality or we do not get the chance to know this person.' I want to be that guy that no matter how big time I get or all of the accomplishments, I am still going to be humble. That is just something that I pride on. That is just how I was raised. That is to my parents. That is how they taught me to live my life is to just always put other people before myself."

On his strong connection with the City of Cleveland:

"I was drafted here. This is where I started my career. It was my dream to play football. Cleveland is the team that gave me opportunity so I have an attachment to them. Being here for five years and being one of the longest tenured Browns on the team, I take pride in that. I just want to give back and show the team that I appreciate them."

On if he is ever disappointed that positive stories like his are often overshadowed by negative news on NFL players:

"That is the world that we live in today. People praise negativity and they do not see anything wrong because it is exciting. For me, I am not doing it for the cameras. A lot of guys in the league that do community things, they are not really doing it for 'look what I did.' It is just more so this is what I am supposed to do. It is unfortunate that bad things are put out there, but we just have to continue to always look at the positives and try to have that be [positive role models]."

On Pro Football Hall of Fame RB Walter Payton:

"I know that he was a hell of a running back (laughter). I watched his highlights, (Pro Football Hall of Fame RB) Barry Sanders. I watched all of their highlights because I wanted to be a running back. Then my coach came up with the idea of me being a linebacker and it worked."

On his reaction when Dee Haslam informed him he was selected for the honor:

"I was excited. I did not know what the meeting was about at first so I am thinking, 'What could we be possibly talking about?' She came in and told me that I was nominated for it. I really appreciate it, Mr. (Jimmy) Haslam, as well. I am just excited and am going to keep on working."

WR Antonio Callaway:

On learning experience from interceptions when he was targeted:

"I know that on one of them I was supposed to come back to the ball, but we had not worked that. Now, we have worked it. Everything is looking right."

On which interception he is referencing:

"The one that went to the corner (Texans CB Johnathan Joseph)."

On how he feels physically at this point of the season:

"I am good physically, mentally. I am good."

On his season thus far:

"Some ups and some downs. That is part of life, though. Everything will work out."     

On if he believes he is a better player now than when training camp started:

"You get better every day. You can only go up. You can go down, but that is not the goal. We are trying to go up. I am working every day. Doing what I have to do. Doing what I am told to do. I feel like I am getting better. I'm not trying to stay the same."

On avoiding a potential rookie wall late in the season:

"I had to change my eating habits, and I had to change the way that I eat and how I go about things. A lot of the little stuff that I used to do throughout the day, I do it differently now."

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