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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Carrie, Garrett

DB T.J. Carrie:

On Ravens QB Lamar Jackson having pinpoint passes but also errant passes in games:

"I think he is a rookie man. He is going to make mistakes. Playing in this league is definitely hard in every position, especially at quarterback position. Yeah, there are going to be occasional bad throws and occasional situations where he does not make as good of judgement calls, but doesn't take away his talent, ability and things that he can do on that field as far as his arm strength and what he can do with his legs."

On his performance as a starting CB following injuries this season, given Head Coach Gregg Williams' comment that he is playing like one of the best CBs in the NFL:

"I came in this position as a starter, and I hold myself to a high standard. That does not seem indifferent to me that he thinks or feels that way. I feel like that going into every game being able to be one of the best corners in this league, and that is how you have to look at yourself in every situation going into every game. I think that is the confidence that you need to play at this level."

On Williams comments providing confidence:

"Definitely helps. Definitely helps that all of the hard work that you work with it pays off and you start to get the recognition of your coaching staff, but our coaching staff alone has put us all in great position to make plays. Definitely a big thankful situation when you know your coach can go out there and say, 'Look, we are going to put you in the best situation to make plays and be the best corner you can be, and all you have to do is work at it and go out there and compete.' Definitely a lot of the success is part of theirs, as well as mine."

On if he gets excited to face some of the premier NFL WRs:

"Yeah, it definitely gets you excited, but you also know that going into practice, every rep is game-like. You have to take that approach. When you are guarding a top-tier caliber receiver like them, you know that you have to anticipate the ball is going to come your way pretty much every down. There are no downs you can take off or you think it is not coming my way. In critical situations, it is coming your way, and situations where they need a play, it is coming your way. Definitely has been a fun ride to be able to go against those players and be able to have some success."

DL Myles Garrett:

On the opportunity to finish the season with a win:

"We are going there to have the first winning season in a while and ruin their playoff hopes."

On if it means anything to him to prevent the Ravens from winning the division:

"It would be nice. Do not want to see either of [the Ravens or Steelers] in. If we can win this last one, it will be special to us."

On what the Browns can take from the end of this season to help next year:

"We won more games than last year. It has been a fun ride and it is something to build off of, and we now know that we have the pieces to control our own destiny."

On facing Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

"Corral him and do not let him outside of the pocket. We know he is special when he can make things happen with his feet and get outside, and he can throw on the run and he can make people miss. Do not let him get that opportunity."

On the importance of setting the edge against the Ravens:

"It is important for run and pass. We know that we do not want them to get outside. We know that they have this running game that has been going north and south on everybody."

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