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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Carrie, Mitchell, Schobert

DB T.J. Carrie:

On DB Terrance Mitchell returning to the active roster:

"It is really important. T-Mitch has been very productive in the games that he has been here and the games he has played in. A very highly talented guy. He knows the game. He has played for a while. It is always good to get another dominant cornerback out there."

On impact if DB Denzel Ward is not able to play:

"I definitely think that we lose just his capability and his ability as a teammate, but for so long, we have had to battle with injuries through the season that we have always had to have that next man up mentality. Every cornerback that is coming in – me, myself – we have all been able to hold ourselves to a higher standard and have been playing some very great football. If we do lose Denzel, then we have a bunch of guys that are going to be able to come in and step up."

On Panthers QB Cam Newton:

"Cam is Cam. He has been in this league for a long time. He has a very strong arm. He is very hard to tackle. They use him a lot with his statute of ability to run the ball. He is very two-dimensional in the abilities that he has. He has some very talented guys around him that he is able to get the ball to and distribute it to get it out of his hands. They do a lot of good things over there. There are going to be things that we are definitely going to have to stop, like the run."

On preparing for Newton compared to preparing for Texans QB Deshaun Watson:

"I would say that Deshaun is just a little faster. He is not as big, and I do not think that his arm is as strong as Cam. I think he has a very strong arm, though, but Cam is a guy that can throw the ball 70-80 yards with his abilities and his statutes. Those are the things that we are definitely going to have to try to take away. I do not think that we did a good enough job of taking Deshaun away in his ability to run last week. He got them out of some very crucial situations. We are going to have to eliminate those going into this week."

On Panthers TE Greg Olsen being placed on IR and the rest of the Panthers offensive weapons:

"Greg is a very talented tight end. With him not being in that lineup, I definitely think it puts their offense in a different perspective. Not saying that they are not as high-powered but it takes something away from the weapons that they normally use. Now, it puts Cam into a situation to where he lost one of his main comfort pieces, and he is going to have to distribute the ball somewhere else."

On if Newton's four interceptions last week caught his attention:

"A little bit, but I think throughout the season, I want to say that he has thrown a very limited amount of interceptions. What Tampa Bay did the week before playing them, they just had a really good gameplan. That is something that we are going to try feed off of, as well. I think that we did a poor job. Turnovers are something that we feed ourselves on and we did not get any last week. That is something that we really have a pride about. We have a chip on our shoulder going into this week."

DB Terrance Mitchell:

On returning to practice and being eligible to play this week:

"It feels cool. I am just trying to do my best."

On preparing to play in a game after missing time:

"I came off of the practice squad in Kansas City and went straight into the game so I can do it."

On not playing in a game for the past eight weeks:

"I was eight weeks of not even playing and then played in a game."

On if he can get back to the high level was playing prior to the injury:

"I will just go out there and just do my best. Let the chips fall where they may."

On if it has been tough to watch from the sideline:

"No, not really. It was more like therapeutic. It is however you look at it. It kind of helped me, honestly, appreciate the game a lot more."

On if he will wear anything on his wrist for protection:

"Just protecting things like that."

On Panthers QB Cam Newton throwing four interceptions last week and if that provides opportunities for the Browns secondary:

"No quarterback is 100 percent, and with that being said, there is always a chance."

On if his wrist injury may impact his ability to catch the ball:

"No. It is all mental."

LB Joe Schobert:

On challenges the Browns offense face against Panthers MLB Luke Kuechly:

"Obviously, when you get an individual like that – I have no clue what they are going to be doing this week – but their defensive staff obviously with the situation they are in down there and having a guy in the middle like that when you watch them play football he is calling out a lot of plays and getting the defense in the right spot. It is going to be huge so hopefully our offense puts some wrinkles in their game to throw them off balance and takes advantages of some of the things that they see."

On challenges playing Panthers QB Cam Newton, particularly given his size:

"There is nobody like Cam Newton who I think has ever played in the NFL at that position as long as the NFL has been around. He is a unique individual. He has a unique skillset. Like (Head Coach) Gregg (Williams) said, size wise he is bigger than (DL) Myles (Garrett) or at least Myles' size. When you have a tight end/defensive end kind of body back there really mobile moving around can really play strength and he can throw the ball down the field. You really have to contain him and make him be more of just a pocket passer and not allow him to use his athletic traits to beat you."

On if Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey is more dangerous as a runner or a receiver:

"Pretty even that way. I heard he is on pace to be 1,000 receiving yards and 1,000 rushing yards in a season. The way they use him out of the backfield and the pass concepts and the way they use him in the run concepts, they just get the ball into his hands and try to get him in space, and he uses his explosion to create explosive plays. You just have to be aware of wherever he is at all times in the backfield or if he is split out."

On if he will face McCaffrey in space on Sunday:

"Yeah I think just especially in the box there is the way they use him and the way their offensive schemes are, pretty much every underneath level defender is going to be on him in space at some point of the game with how many touches they try to get him the ball. Everybody just has to swarm and make sure if one person gets there and takes their shot, the next guy has got to be there as he is making that guy miss to get him down." 

On Newton throwing multiple interceptions last week:

"I think some of them were just hurried reads. I think the play clock was running down and trying to get the snap and the ball fast. He is taking care of the ball this year very well up until last game. It could just be an anomaly or hopefully, for us, it is something that we can continue this week and take advantage of. There are just a couple times I think where the situation kind of forced him at the end of the game trying to throw the ball down the field and make plays and a couple times where you could just tell that things were kind of just rushed and hurried so maybe he did not take a good enough read."

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