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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Chubb, Garrett, Peppers

RB Nick Chubb:

On if it was tough to not get as many carries in Week 13, given the score of the game:

"No. It is tougher getting carries. It was a lighter day for me. It is what it is. I am trusting in the play caller and the execution. It is not really my decision."

On the Panthers run defense:

"For one, they have a lot of older guys on defense, a lot of veterans. They do a lot of things right. They are very smart with their MIKE linebacker (Panthers LB Luke Kuechly). They are just tough. They are very big and physical."

On Mayfield bouncing back from a tough first half for a productive second half:

"That does not affect his play. We all knew that we could have done some things better. It is not just on him. A lot of things could have been done totally different. The way he just came back and bounced back, that just shows what kind of guy he is. He does not let anything get to him. He is just going to keep playing."

On running backs coach Ryan Lindley:

"He has been great. He has been very helpful. No matter what we need or any questions that we have, he has the right answer for us. He looks to help us out in any way that he can."

On if it is evident that Lindley is a former QB:

"You can definitely tell it. Not by how he throws the ball to us (laughter), but more of him just always knowing the protections, how to run and what things should look like. From that direction, he has been great."

DL Myles Garrett:

On how meaningful it would be to set the Browns single-season sack record:

"Honestly, I have not been thinking about it. I am just trying to get as many as I can. For me, the bar is the guy at the top and exceeding him – not the sack record because once you pass that, it is still more season to go, hopefully."

On Rams DT Aaron Donald not making it easy to lead the league in sacks:

"Not at all, but nobody wants it easy. Everything that is great, you have to work for."

On if he is aware of what the Browns single-season record is:

"Fourteen. I just have not thought about [breaking it]."

On if Panthers QB Cam Newton is as big as him:

"Pretty close. He is 6-5, 245. I have probably 30 pounds on him, but he is full grown (laughter)."

On if he won't be able to bring down Newton with one arm like he did Texans QB Deshaun Watson last week:

"I never know until I try (laughter)."

On if he was aware there was no horse collar penalty if the QB is in the pocket:

"Oh yeah (laughter)."

On players saying that rule should be changed:

"He does not have any momentum going so it is not like it is going to harm him in other than his head hitting the ground."

On if there was another option for tackling Watson on that play:

"When the guy has my other arm occupied, I do not think so."

DB Jabrill Peppers:

On facing Panthers QB Cam Newton, specifically after Newton had four interceptions last week:

"You do not really think about it like that. You think about it as he is not going to want to come out and repeat those same mistakes. You know that he is going to come out putting his best foot forward. It is a new week, a new game. You have to wash the bad taste out of your mouth – that is for sure what he is doing – and get ready to win the game."

On if Newton presents a unique challenge:

"Definitely. A guy that big and can move that well and is so nimble, it definitely creates a problem in terms of bringing him down in the pocket or even when he gets out on those designed quarterback runs. He can be a problem. He is 6-5, 250-260. He is bigger than most running backs. We are just going to try to make him beat us with his arm and take away what they do best. Go out there and put our best foot forward."

On if he notices any indications Newton's shoulder is bothering him:

"He is a gamer."

On defending a QB of Newton's size in space:

"Swarm. Swarm. Gator tackling. More than one guy to the ball. He is bigger than most running backs. He definitely poses a potential problem. We will see how the refs allow us to play because he is still a quarterback at the end of the day. We will see how much we get after him. He definitely is a threat out there."

On Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey:

"He brings everything. He is their guy. If you watch the games, you can see that he is their guy – pass game, run game. Explosive. Quick. Great hands out of the backfield. It is all stuff that you knew while watching him at Stanford. He has just elevated his game and gotten stronger. He is more comfortable this year. Obviously, you see that from the film study. Have to try to slow him down. Hit him. Hit him hard. That is the guy that you just have to try to slow him down."

On trash talking with QB Baker Mayfield in practice:

"We are just both the ultimate competitors. At this late in the season, you rarely get chances to compete ones versus ones. When we get those opportunities, we take full advantage of them. This is as close to game speed as you are going to get. You definitely need those reps throughout the week in practice to be ready to go for the game. It is just fun. A lot of jawing. A lot of smack talking. He feeds off of it and plays better. I feed off of it and play better."

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