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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Chubb, Hubbard, Perriman, Ward

RB Nick Chubb:

On how offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens called Sunday's game:

"I thought that he called a great game. I thought that we executed pretty well, too. We tried to keep the ball as long as we could from that explosive offense. For the most part, I that we did. There were a lot of great things that came out of that game. Just have to keep going and keep rolling with it."

On if he is the type of player that gets better as he receives more touches in a game:

"Yeah, definitely. I think that as the game goes and the more and more carries that I get, I definitely get better. It just starts coming more naturally to me to get rolling and get going. I think so."

On being spoiled at first by his two-TD performance at Oakland:

"It does not happen that easy anymore."

On if he was a Falcons fan growing up, given he grew up in Georgia:

"I liked everything Georgia. I was not like a die-hard fan, but they were in Georgia so I cheered for them."

On how his physical, persistent running style can wear down a defense:

"I think just with everything – our O line starting it up front, just beating him those guys down and me just going in there and doing like you said, fighting for every yard, I think after a while that yeah, it does wear on them. The defense does not really want to tackle a guy or hold the blocks for the whole game. You could catch them slipping every once in a while if you keep at it. I think that is the whole mindset."

On if he can feel an opposing defense wear down as a game goes on:

"Not really as a game goes on but like on a long drive, on certain plays. From when I have been in the NFL, those guys do a great job of even though it is a long game, a four-quarter game, they are up every play are ready every play. I think that longer drives just take more of a toll on them."

OL Chris Hubbard:

On if he has made strides in his pass protection:

"Oh yeah, I am changing up things that I do as far as taking on the bull rush and everything like that. Just focused on my angles to the defensive rusher and just changing that. That is what I have been working on lately and get my hands on those guys before they get their hands on me."

On how QB Baker Mayfield is handling the pressures of his role as starting QB:

"He has handled it like a champ. He still goes out there and does everything he needs to do. That is the measure of this business. You have a job to do and that is to win. He comes to work every day with a chip on his shoulder. That is just who he is. I know he is going to do that, and I am going to do the same thing too and carry him on the way."

On if Mayfield is part of the reason for the Browns' optimism:

"No matter who it is back there, you have to protect the guy and you have to trust that he is going to make plays. That is the game we play. We have to make plays and make things happen." 

On how Mayfield has handled adversity during his rookie season:

"He has handled everything very well. To me, you would never know he is a rookie the way he handles everything. He does a great job with what coaches ask him and see him go out there and get the job done no matter what it is. For us as the O line, we trust him, and I am pretty sure he trusts us so we have to take care of him."

On the team having confidence in Mayfield and Mayfield's future:

"Just how he goes out there and works every day in practice. He is one of those guys that he is going to bring it to you, his attitude and his demeanor. He has the right things that is leading up to be that guy – that franchise guy, the quarterback guy. He has that poise. I trust in him, and I know as an O line and as an offense, we trust in him. He is getting the job done for us."

WR Breshad Perriman:

On if he is becoming more comfortable with the offense each week:

"Yeah, definitely. 100 percent. I feel like just the more time I am here, the more I am just getting comfortable with everything playing in different roles, playing a different positions and just starting to get really comfortable with everything."

On if he has developed chemistry with QB Baker Mayfield have developed:

"Definitely, Baker and I always talk about different ways just visit the same page when it comes down to different plays and different things that we have in our playbook. That relationship has been great, and hopefully, we can just continue to build on last week."

On if he likes running the ball on end arounds and reverses:

"Yeah, it was fun. I like them (laughter). I like them."

On differences getting the ball in space on runs:

"I do not know. I guess it is a little different, but it is not. I feel like once you have the ball in your hands, you become a runner. I feel like it is the same in that way. I do like handoffs. They are pretty fun."

On if he had rushing plays in Baltimore:

"No, I never got that in Baltimore. I have not got that in a while actually so we will see. I was very excited to get it."

On Mayfield and his potential as the Browns franchise QB:

"I feel like he is one hell of a quarterback. I feel like he is going to be great and go down as a great [quarterback]. He has a crazy arm, he can move outside the pocket and he can make plays with his legs. There are things that just the way he is able to stay calm under pressure, he just has everything you would want in a quarterback. Definitely the swag – the swag is at 100 at all times. That is why I love him. I feel like he is a great quarterback, and he is going to continue to get better and better."

DB Denzel Ward:

On returning to practice following a hip injury:

"I am getting better. I had monitored reps today. It felt good to be back out there. I am getting better, though. I should be good."

On if the hip injury is related to a hip flexor earlier in the year:

"It is just like what I had around rookie minicamp when I first got here. I kind of had the same issue a little bit."

On if the recent hip injury is related to the back injury in training camp:


On if he has been dealing with symptoms from the hip injury since rookie minicamp:

"I have not been fighting it since rookie camp. It kind of went away but then reoccurred throughout the week leading up to the game."

On clarifying that the injury did not occur on Sunday for the first time:


On the Falcons' receiving corps:

"They are a very talented group, starting with No. 11 Julio Jones obviously, (Falcons WRs) Calvin Ridley and (Mohammad) Sanu. They have a lot of talented players that can make plays. We just have to try to take those guys out of the game to the best of our ability."

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