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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Chubb, Johnson, Landry, Robinson

RB Nick Chubb:

On his prediction for the SEC Championship Game:

"I am going with my Dawgs (Georgia Bulldogs)."

On if he still feels fresh at this point of the season:

"Yeah, I feel good. When I was not running the ball, I was still doing certain things. I still had a little contact here and there. For the most part, I do feel good."

On offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens saying he would get to call some plays if Georgia beats Alabama:

"He said that if Georgia wins, he would let me calls plays as if he has no belief that we will win."

On if Kitchens will move to RB if Georgia beats Alabama:

"No (laughter). I do now know what he will do."

On if the Bengals defense presented different elements to contain the Browns running game:

"It was a bit different. We heard all week about how they were ranked last in run D, but they came out and played extremely well. They did many things well. I do not know what to tell you. They played very well against the run."

On if the Browns left rushing yards on the field:

"Maybe here and there, but it was a lot of tough running. Like I said, Cincinnati did a great job against the run, and they played very hard."

On his TD reception and if it felt like it was happening in slow motion:

"It did seem a little slower. The ball was kind of landing right there. I just grabbed it and held onto it on the way down."

On if believes he has surprised people with his catching ability:

"I guess I did because everybody is making a big deal about it. It was a pretty good catch. I never caught the ball in the past so people are surprised a little bit."

On why he is able to catch so well:

"Because they throw it to me (laughter)."

RB Duke Johnson Jr.:

On if how the offense has been clicking the past two weeks is the best during his career with the Browns:

"Yeah, I would say so. It definitely has been the best couple of weeks since I have been here."

On the Browns offense's production and rhythm the past few weeks:

"Not only are we talented, but we are putting it together. We are all being responsible, holding each other accountable. We have a lot of young guys stepping up. We are trying to carry the momentum into this game."

On if he knew RB Nick Chubb was capable of making a catch like his TD reception against the Bengals:

"No, we were all surprised. I think even he was surprised he caught it. We are definitely happy he did."

On Chubb's ability as a pass-catching RB:

"He can be a pass-catching back. I think what people do not understand is he probably does not run the best routes, but he can catch the ball. That is fundamental football, and he works at it every day after practice so he is going to get better one way or another."

On if he can give Chubb advice about pass catching:

"It is just about repetition, working technique and just running mentally when it comes to running routes and defenders. As far as catching, his repetition, he has doing a great job at getting catches after practice."

WR Jarvis Landry:

On if he is happy with how things are going due to the fact the team is winning:

"Yeah. At the end of the day, the end goal is to win. That has been our focus. That has been our purpose. We have accomplished that these last few weeks. We want to keep it going."

On his mindset on receiving fewer targets in recent weeks but the team ultimately has won:

"As a competitor, I want to do my part. I do not want to be one of those guys that came here and got a check and did not earn it. I want to earn my check. To some degree, but at the same time, it is translating into wins. For me, that is what is most important. I think that when it comes, it will come and I will make the plays when they do."

On what makes Sunday's game winnable as the Browns remain in the hunt for a playoff spot:

"Any given Sunday. It is any given Sunday. Any team can win. For us, we are focused on this game, obviously, knowing that the playoff race is something that has not been talked about here. Everybody is excited and wants to talk about it. For us, we are focused on one game and that is this game and trying to get the W."

On confidence growing in the locker room:

"Oh yeah, we definitely are a confident team. Each and every guy in this locker room, we are believing in each other. That is the most important part is just believing in each other and trusting that everyone is going to do our 1/11th."

On if the confidence level is higher now compared to the first half of the season:

"I just think that things fell into place. With experience and time, it gave us more of the ability to learn about each other, learn more about the system that we are playing in. It allows us to almost now find our identity, find out who we are and are putting games together, complete games. Special teams is playing well, defense is playing well and the offense."

On the next step for the Browns after winning on the road and winning back-to-back games:

"This game. This game – win this game. That is the next step. Like you guys said earlier, against a great opponent, an eight-game winning streak they are on right now. Win this game. That is the next step for us.

On QB Baker Mayfield personality becoming more visible in the NFL:

"We knew that. That has been his personality. Nobody is trying to stop that. We are actually encouraging him to be himself all of the time. For us, we do not have a problem with it. We stand behind him. That is our quarterback. He is our quarterback.

OL Greg Robinson:

On if the Texans DL move around or if he will have a primary matchup:

"Yeah they move around side to side, and then the guy No. 59 (Texans OLB Whitney Mercilus), he plays a little bit on both sides, also. It is going to be a good challenge. I am up for it."

On what makes Texans DE J.J. Watt so productive:

"I would imagine his work ethic, but I am not in the locker room with him. I do not really know. It seems like he does not quit and that is very important in the league because you need that motor to line up each week against decent and sometimes great offensive linemen."

On why the Browns offensive line has been as effective the past three weeks:

"Honestly, it is the communication most importantly. I feel like we are clicking and really bonding on the O line, and we can trust one another and that is very important from the entire line."

On when he last played this well:

"I really do not know. I feel like I have always been up and down, but I am really comfortable now and I have had time to deal with the things I have had to deal with my body. I feel like it only it only makes it better playing with a good offensive line and guys outside you that you can trust, and you have confidence in that and it takes you a long way."

On why it took time to get to this point in his season and career:

"I have always had confidence in my ability. I feel like at times I was given the short end of the [stick], but all I can do is show up each day continue to get better and work my butt off."

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