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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Chubb, Landry, Randall

RB Nick Chubb:

On being named a Pro Bowl alternate:

"It feels good to get the recognition."

On if he hopes other players will not attend the Pro Bowl and he will have an opportunity:

"Whatever happens, happens. If I have a chance to go, I will definitely go. If not, there is always next year."

On if it is a goal to reach 1,000 rushing yards, in addition to winning:

"Something I take pride in every year. Dating back since high school, I always get at least 1,000 yards. I think I have done that almost every year, except for the one year I got hurt in college I was not able to get it. It is definitely a goal I set for every year."

On if reaching 1,000 rushing yards in college provided additional motivation following his injury:

"Yeah, it was. I think pretty much every running back looks forward to getting that 1,000 yards. Something about it just makes you feel good. Hopefully, I can do it every year."

On if 1,000 rushing yards is still significant:

"Oh yeah."

On if he can sense when a long run is going to break:

"Not until you have already broken it. You can't see into the future (laughter). With the line we have doing a great job, I know that I am are going to get a couple of big runs during the game."

On how quickly rushing lanes close in the NFL:

"Very fast. I see so many holes before I even get the handoff. At the line of scrimmage, things are moving a lot faster so I have to stay true to my track and my reads and get my eyes where they need to be."

WR Jarvis Landry:

On if he expects to go to the Pro Bowl, given players may not participate:

"Truthfully, it does not matter. Obviously, that is definitely an accomplishment that every year I work towards and with hopes of obviously playing in the Super Bowl, and if not playing in the Super Bowl, being able to play in that game. There are some damn good receivers in this league that have pretty good years, and I was not at the top this time so I have more work to do. I know that."

On if he looks at this list of Pro Bowl receivers and thinks he is just as good as the players selected:

"Yeah, obviously, truthfully from a confident standpoint, but just did not make it in. Now I have some things to work on, some things to learn from and grow, and I am going to be in it next year."

On if this season has been different than his seasons with the Dolphins:

"Every football season is going to have ups and downs, injuries and whatever it is that is going to attack the team, but when the team starts to pull it together, you see the wins start to happen and I think we did that. We showed that, and that happened in Miami, as well. For us looking at the season that we have had, we have two more games. We are looking forward to this one, and we will let the rest just play out how it plays out."

On if he and QB Baker Mayfield are among the players who have helped changed the culture within the team:

"Our culture change is everyone. It is not just the players. It is the coaches. It is everybody. It is a collective effort, and that is where it starts. Obviously, the key part about this whole thing is you see the players and you always see them together and you see us out there performing. That is what you think of as a culture change, but it is also about the guys you are working with and guys that are in the building. All of those things matter. Somethings happen and we [have won] 4 of 5 so just little things like that. Not saying that that is the true cause, but I am just saying little things like that builds team chemistry and camaraderie with the guys."

On individual goals for the final two games, in addition to winning, given he won't reach 100 catches this year:

"Don't say that. We have two games. You never know (laughter). Honestly, I want to win, and outside of that, that is really all I can be happy about – just getting the two wins."

On if he is excited about the team's potential for next season:

"I am excited any chance I get an opportunity to compete. Honestly, being here and the longer I have been in here and understanding each guy and every guy and what we have here and what is in place now and the potential, it definitely could be a special year for us next year, but we also have to finish this year. I know you do not want me to say that, but we also have to finish this year on a strong note. I think that creates the momentum, the motivation and the push that we need coming into training camp and starting next season. I am a firm believe that your past season pushes you to your next one so we will see."

On expectations for Sunday with Bengals WR A.J. Green out:

"We are just going to go out there and play football and do what we can to bring another win back to the Dawg Pound."

On if he felt overlooked by not being selected for the Pro Bowl:

"No, I just look at it like I respect the guys that made it, and I am just going to say that my time is coming."

On if he felt like he was having a Pro Bowl-caliber season:

"Oh yeah, definitely. Of course, but that is not my job to try to put that into perspective. I am just going to do what I can to help my team win games. We are just going to keep moving forward."

On if he will repeat handing off an interception to someone on the sideline:

"I promised some different people some balls so they have to go to some different people."

On if the 'different people' who will receive a game ball from an interception are members of the Browns:

"Yes (laughter)."

On if he regrets handing the ball to Bengals special assistant and former Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson following his interception in Week 12:

"What I did is what I did. I am moving forward from that. We are looking at the second game versus the Bengals in Cleveland. We are just trying to get our record back even because we have some goals that we have to accomplish ourselves."

On challenges beating a team twice in one season:

"It is just hard to win games period in the NFL. Then when you talk about divisional games, those are even tougher because you see those guys each and every year and they have a lot of familiar players. They know a lot. Those games are tough to win, back-to-back games in the division."

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