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Browns player press conferences - Chubb, Landry, Ward

RB Nick Chubb:

On expectations for offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens in his new role:

"He is going to do a great job. He is going to call the right plays. It is on us to execute it. We are going off of him. Whatever he calls, we are going to make it work."

On Kitchens calling offensive plays during the Lions preseason game:

"He was great. That is my first experience of him calling plays. He did a great job. If you look back at the game, everything was working in the run game and the pass game. It looked like a great game called by him. We executed well, too. Hopefully, we can keep that going."

On if there is an indication the Browns will be more focused on the running game, given Kitchens was previously the running backs coach:

"I am not sure. That is what you would expect with him being a running backs coach, but he is going to do what he has to do no matter what it is – run the ball, pass the ball – he is going to have to open it up and just be more than a running back coach. I think he is going to do a great job at it."

On challenges transitioning to a new position coach midseason and early impressions of running backs coach Ryan Lindley:

"Yeah, it is tough. He is very impressive. He knows the playbook in and out. He has been here a couple of days, and he already knows it all. It is great to have someone there in the room because Freddie is busy with other things. It is good to have someone in the room continuing to coach us and prepare us for the game."

On experiencing multiple midseason transitions during his rookie year, including trades and coaching changes:

"It has been a lot this season as you know. A lot going on with trades and coaches going and coming and things like that. The main focus is just for us to keep going and keep getting better. Keep that outside stuff outside. No more distractions. Stay focused, stay together as a team and keep moving forward."

WR Jarvis Landry:

On the team coming together following the coaching changes:

"I think that we are off to a good start, great start. We have two days under our belt with practice, getting back on the same page and obviously, getting ready for this game on Sunday."

On the coaching changes:

"I respect both guys, but none of those calls or decisions were my decisions."

On if he noticed any 'internal discord':

"I do not know what that means. I do not know what that means. I am sorry."

On if he was close with offensive coordinator Todd Haley:

"I was close with everybody. We spend almost 12 hours a day together. Having that type of relationship was something that automatically builds."

On Head Coach Gregg Williams:

"Gregg obviously is a very passionate person, a very passionate coach. He is just trying to make sure the energy is there and that we are moving forward. That has really been the biggest emphasis. It is about us. It is not about who we are playing."

On if the offense will be different with offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens:

"You have a ticket to the game? You are going to see (laughter). You will see then."

On if there will be 'significant differences' with Kitchens calling the offense:

"You have a ticket, right (laughter)? You will see."

On Kitchens:

"I have not worked really too much hands on. He was working with the running backs and stuff like that. Obviously, he is a very detailed guy. He has stepped up to the plate. I am sure that he is ready to do his job, and I am sure it is going to be a good job. He trusts us, and we are going to trust him. We are all in this together. You will see how it goes."

DB Denzel Ward:

On the Chiefs offense:

"Very explosive, starting with guys like (Chiefs WR) Tyreek Hill. Everything has been ran through their quarterback. We have to find a way to slow those guys down. They are definitely a great looking team."

On if Chiefs Tyreek Hill looks like the fastest player in the league on coaches film:

"Yeah, he does. Fastest guy on that team, definitely. He seems pretty fast."

On how much of the Chiefs offense is based on the team's speed:

"They have a good quarterback, too. It is not just speed. That specific player (Hill), he is a really good player. He is fast, but they have other weapons too like their tight ends and No. 14 (Chiefs WR Sammy Watkins) on their team. They have a lot of guys in each position that can make plays and it all starts with their quarterback."

On what stands out about QB Patrick Mahomes:

"His big arm. He has a very big arm. It seems like he can make every throw on the field."

On Mahomes' throwing ability and how it impacts an opposing defense:

"We have to have tight coverage this week, just like every week. We will see how it goes."

On a head coaching change midseason during his rookie year:

"It is obviously new to me. It is business as I see it. It is never personal as they say. We just have to move forward. Wish the best for Hue. Just have to take it from there."

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