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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Chubb, Njoku, Tretter

RB Nick Chubb:

On his first NFL start:

"It felt great. Going out there and getting comfortable with the team. Getting things going."

On what the Browns offense has to do to produce earlier in games:

"Do the small things right. Do what we are supposed to do and what we are doing all week in practice. Not getting into the game and making small mistakes. Keep working hard. For now, all we do is keep working. Just keep preparing mentally and physically and going out there and doing everything that we can right."

On his reaction to the trade of RB Carlos Hyde to Jacksonville:

"It was a shock to me. It was a shock to everyone here. We had no idea that it was happening. I know for me personally, I was enjoying playing with him and learning from him. He taught me so much in just the time we were here. No one saw it coming. It is what it is. Have to keep moving forward."

On if he has spoken to Hyde since the trade:

"No, I have not talked to him yet. I am going to reach out to him later."

On if his preparation for Sunday changed following the trade:

"Somewhat. I like to stay prepared no matter what. You never know what could happen during the game. My mindset was different. Just being a special teams guy and getting in when I could in the game, you never know what could happen so you have to be ready."

On if he will improve next week after having a full week of preparing as the starting RB:

"Who knows. I am going to stick to what I do. Keep working hard."

On what the trade meant for the team's belief in his potential:

"A lot has to go into. Belief in not only me but the offensive line does a great job making it easier for the running back. I still have a veteran guy in (RB) Duke Johnson (Jr.) helping me out and a lot of support from everyone on this team. I am just happy to be here and playing for the Cleveland Browns."

On areas of improvement for Week 8:

"Pretty much everything. Definitely pass protection. Route running and catching the ball. Things that I have never had to do. Continue working on those things."

TE David Njoku:

On how the Browns offense can improve:

"You just have to make plays. When you are being call, you have to make plays. Handle business."

On if the team is comfortable with the scripted opening plays, given low production in the first quarter:

"We always come out comfortable, and we feel like we are well prepared before the game. The past few first drives obviously did not go our way, but we just have to keep trying to perfect our craft in practice and in meetings. We will be alright."

On if adversity is testing the bond of the team:

"I think so, but I do not think it is affecting us. I think we are all as one for this team. I feel like we just have to pick up the pieces. Obviously, it sucks to lose. Just bounce back."

On if players remain in support of Head Coach Hue Jackson and the coaching staff, given fans' reaction:

"110 percent, yes ma'am. We are not really affected by the outside noise. We are focused on what we have to do in here."

On what the Browns can do to start games better offensively:

"We must execute. That is probably the most important thing is that we have to execute early and often. We did not execute early last game, and we have to focus on getting better at that."

On if playing multiple OT games is taking a toll physically or mentally:

"Do I feel a toll? No."

On how close losses are impacting the team:

"If you lose by one or 100, it is a loss, and we have to bounce back. That is what we are focused on doing."

On if Jackson contributing more input on offense may be helpful:

"That is not my job. My job is to play tight end so I am focused on that. I hope whatever happens, happens in our best interest. I am focused on just being the best I can be."

OL JC Tretter:

On if he expected to be able to play every snap through an OT game, given his ankle:

"It was tough. It was sore, but it was what we expected. Going in, we knew it was going to be a battle. Obviously, the extra 10 minutes make it a bigger battle, but I was confident once I got started, I knew I was going to be able to finish it."

On how his ankle felt this morning:

"It is sore, but that is what we knew. We knew it was going to be kind of a battle of soreness for a while. We are going to just kind of stick to the same plan, try to get ahead of it and get as much rehab and recovery as much as possible during the week. Same plan going forward. We understand that until it gets healed up, it is going to be sore, but I plan on continuing to play and try to play at a high-level."

On if his ankle slowed him at all:

"I think there are some things you can't do that you are used to. The Friday practice was important to that to kind of feel that out ahead of time where you kind of know how your body can move and bend with it kind of taped up and wrapped up. We got ahead of it. We had a really good plan last week so it is all about kind of staying ahead of it and understanding what you need to do for it."

On running QB sneaks:

"You just try to get as much movement as possible. Those are just kind of battles. We have the middle linebacker jumping over top, which kind of adds a layer to it. As offensive linemen, we are trying to get lower. It is a battle of pad level at that point. You are just trying to get enough push. Sometimes, it is going to be an even battle and the quarterback has to try to find the little crease or bounce it out outside. It is a tough play. Based off of where they aligned, they kind of knew it was coming. It is pretty common idea of at that point having a quarterback sneak, and they bumped their linebacker. As an offensive line, we have to try to get more movement there and then whatever we do, (QB) Baker (Mayfield) has to try to make us right. It was a big stop by them."

On if multiple close losses can create more frustration as opposed to encouragement:

"We are not in the game or the league of moral victories. We come out here to win. We have been frustratingly close at this point where we have been right down the wire, and we feel like almost every game – obviously the Chargers game stands out as one we did not play near well enough to win – but other than that, we have been there in all those instances. I do not think anyone leaves the game like thinking 'Oh, at least we were clos that time.' We expect to win football games here. Coaching staff, management, owners and players, we all expect to win now. We do not take anything from being close. That is not good enough. That is not what we play this game for. We play to win the football game."

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