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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Garrett, Landry, Peppers

DL Myles Garrett:

On goals for the final six games after the bye week:

"Win. Win out and see what we can do from there."

On individual goals for the final six games after the bye week:

"Keep dominating. Just make the plays I can make and am supposed to make. I can't get frustrated."

On if the Browns have been a different team in the past few weeks than prior to the coaching changes:

"No, I just think we are more comfortable, more fluid and better practiced. There is more chemistry going around, and how we have been running things and how we have been handling possessions has just been changed around a little bit, and it has been suiting us a little bit better."

On having former Browns Head Coach and Bengals special assistant to the head coach Hue Jackson on the opposing sideline:

"I am not playing Hue Jackson. I am playing the Bengals that are on the field. I am not worried about him or what he is doing. I am worried about my matchup, (Bengals QB) Andy Dalton and (Bengals RB Joe) Mixon. I will see him after the game if he is there and pay my respects. He was my coach, and I appreciate what he did for me. After that, what is done is done."

On if Jackson now being with the Bengals adds to the rivalry:

"No. Go there, beat them and go home."

On the Browns looking to win on the road and end the losing streak:

"It is no different from playing at home, other than you have people cheering for you and you go somewhere else and you have people cheering against you. I like beating people away. That has always been a thing for me. When I go there, I will definitely be amped to make some big plays for the defense."

WR Jarvis Landry:

On former Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson being named Bengals special assistant to the head coach:

"I did not really have a thought about it. He is just doing what he has to do, I guess."

On if Jackson's role adds to the Bengals-Browns rivalry:

"For me, it does not. I want to beat them as badly as before he was there. I want to beat them as badly as when he was here. For me, it does not make a difference."

On if Jackson's familiarity with the Browns gives the Bengals an advantage:


On differences in the Browns offense with offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens:

"We had the run game going this past game. The game before that, we did not win."

On the Bengals defense, given their ranking in several statistical categories:

"Obviously, we see those things and them being the 32nd ranked defense in the NFL and stuff, but any given Sunday, these guys are going to come out and play tough. They are not going to play us any softer or just let us have games. They are going to compete at a high level and we understand that, but we also want to take advantage of things that we feel that they could be potentially weak at."

On QB Baker Mayfield's performance and personality the past few of weeks:

"Just continuing to grow and continuing to lead by example and vocally. From there, just making the plays that he can make and understanding that it is his offense."

DB Jabrill Peppers:

On if DB Denzel Ward and he trash talked prior to Saturday's Ohio State-Michigan game:

"Not really. I asked him to put a wager on it, but he did not want to put a wager on it (laughter). I think he knows what is up (laughter)."

On the suggestion that Ward might have wanted to put a wager on the game:

"No, he did not want to put a wager on that (laughter)."

On the friendly wager discussion potential including wearing the rival's gear:

"That is the first thing that he said. I said, 'Let's bet.' He said, 'I am not putting on any Michigan [clothing].' I am like, 'Are you scared? You do not have belief in your boys (laughter)?' We will figure something out. It is not going to be as fun if he does not do that in my opinion, but it is what it is."

On how the Bengals offense is different when WR A.J. Green is not available:

"He is one of the most dynamic receivers in the league. Obviously, when he is off of the field, it definitely hurts them, but they have had a lot of guys who have stepped up in his absence – No. 83 (Bengals WR Tyler Boyd) has been coming on strong; you have (Bengals WR) John Ross who is also a deep threat. (Bengals RB Joe) Mixon has been able to get their ground game open. That opens up their play-action pass game and those intermediate and deeper routes down the field that they like. It definitely hurts them, but they have a lot of guys that can step up, as well. We have to be on our p's and q's."

On if containing Mixon is a point of emphasis this week:

"Absolutely. Our main goal every Sunday is to stop the run, but when you have a work horse like that back there who gets their offense going, you definitely want to make it a big issue to stop."

On the difference in attitude of the locker room at this point of the season compared to last year, given the Browns are still in contention for a playoff spot:

"We do not think about that because we know that we left a lot of games out there. We know that we should be a lot closer than we are right now. The great thing is that we still have a change. We just have to go out and put it together each and every Sunday. We have been practicing great – a great energy, great enthusiasm – but none of that matters if it does not show on Sunday. We are not thinking about the playoffs. We know that if we take care of each and every game week in and week out, everything else will take care of itself."

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