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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Greedy Williams, Sione Takitaki, Nick Chubb, Jermaine Whitehead

RB Nick Chubb:

On the first day in pads:

"It went well. The rust is going to be there because we have not been in full pads in so long since like December or January. You know what comes with that – there is going to be rust, a lot of anxiety and guys are ready to get after it."

On how much more comfortable he feels compared to last year:

"I feel good. I am still learning. Every day, I learn something new, and since I got here, I have learned so much more about football. Just take it to another level and trying to learn things that last year I did not necessarily have to know but I want to know just to further my game."

On if working with the starters to start camp has impacted him:

"Even last year, I still approached it as I did not look at any numbers or any depth charts. It was just me trying to get better every day and improve. Learning as much as I could from someone that was over me last year. Now, I am just still trying to learn more anywhere I can, asking questions and getting better."

On if feels a need to help take a leadership role in the RB room:

"In a way I do because I know that as of right now, I am the starting back. Whatever comes with that comes with it, but I am ready for it. I am ready to help this team out in any way that I can and lead the other running backs. They lead me, too. We all learn from each other, and we all teach each other. We are very critical of each other. We love to compete with each other and just play this game and try to win some games together."

LB Sione Takitaki:

On the first three days training camp:

"The first three days have been good. Camp has gone well. Learning state for me coming in as a rookie. Just trying to grasp it all and continue to improve every day."

On if it was hard for him to turn down his intensity during the first two days without pads:

"Most definitely. I feel like I am a high-energy guy so I just go out there and try to attack stuff and do everything right. Like you said, it kind of got chippy. That is just me being a rookie not understanding what the NFL is and coming out here and practicing right. That is kind of one of the learning things that over these three days I have been learning from the vets and the coaches to just to play under control, keep everyone healthy and things like that."

On if the coaches told him to dial it back a little:

"Yeah, I was out there and we are in shorts. I am kind of rough on some guys, but it is not the smart thing to do. Somebody can go out there and roll an ankle because I am being too physical. I need to learn how to practice. I am a rookie coming in trying to prove something – come in and earn the job, fight for the job. I just need to learn how to practice."

On how to practice differently:

"Play to the level of understanding that to get better, but do not get anybody hurt. At the end of the day, we are all teammates out here."

S Jermaine Whitehead:

On the unique role of the dynamic S in the Browns defense:

"It is a versatile role. One that plays in the box, run fit versus two tight end sets, 21 personnel, especially in pass situations. Just a dual-threat guy, one that has seen a lot in the pass and run game."

On if the position incorporates more LB elements:

"It is more of a safety role. It is more of an extra safety on the field. I fit outside the tight ends a lot, set the edge and just be another force on the defense."

On creating his opportunities in the offseason program to contribute on the Browns defense, particularly in five DB sets:

"It is a defense (defensive coordinator) Coach (Steve) Wilks has ran before. He used (Panthers LB) Shaq Thompson in it, and he used (Cardinals S) Buddha Baker in it. He was looking for another safety that can fit in those roles. After watching the film, I figured out that is probably my quickest way to stay on the field so I found out what to do in that role and have just been trying to progress ever since."

On if the Browns may play a five DB set frequently, given the tendencies of NFL offenses:

"Most definitely. Base personnel has kind of has left the game. It is a pass league out of almost every set on the field and out of almost every personnel. We just try to be one step ahead of them and not have any mismatches on the field."

CB Greedy Williams:

On if he played as many multiple coverage looks at Louisiana State as the Browns do:

"It is different up here. We ran a lot man at LSU. Up here, we are doing a lot different things, and I feel like I am pretty comfortable with whatever they throw at me."

On his two interceptions in practice yesterday:

"It was a great feeling to started early in camp. Getting an interception definitely brings a lot of confidence and makes you go out there and grab another one. Having fun with the game. When plays come my way, I make them."

On the two interceptions:

"I was just doing what I am I supposed to do – being in the right position and making a play."

On his comfort and recognition to adjust to the routes and ball before high-pointing the interception:

"Yeah, the game of football it is all football. Just being in the right position, and when you are in the right position, plays come to you. That gives you the opportunity to make an interception."

On if the coaches are emphasizing positioning and being in the right spots to make plays:

"It is just doing your job. Doing your job first. If you do your job first, you can help out others."

On if he was surprised or disappointed to not start with the first team to open training camp after a strong offseason program:

"No, I just know I have to keep building. Come back every day, just keep building and put myself in a great position to be with the ones. Right now, I am just happy where I am. I am ready to keep building each and every day."

The annual Orange & Brown Scrimmage will take place on August 3rd at FirstEnergy Stadium.Click for information and tickets.

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