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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Johnson, Randall, Schobert, Taylor

RB Duke Johnson Jr.:

On if his role will change due to transitions with the Browns WRs:

"No. It is Wednesday. We have not really practiced yet. We will figure out more as the week goes on. As of now, my role is my role."

On how the Browns offense can improve:

"Start faster. We are not starting fast at all. We are starting off slow and waiting for someone to make a play. No one has made that play early. It is about starting fast and giving our defense and our special teams more momentum going into the game or going into their drive."

On if coordinator Todd Haley has been stressing faster starts to games:

"We all have been stressing it. It is just about somebody making a play – find somebody and somebody has to make a play."

On where QB Baker Mayfield can improve to have success, specifically in reference to Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn's comments about keeping Mayfield in the pocket and its impact:

"We preach protecting him but also him protecting himself. Just getting the ball out quicker. Getting open for him. Running backs chipping as we are getting out to help secure the pocket a little bit longer for him."

On the Buccaneers defense having a high total for points allowed:

"That means nothing. This is a very physical and fast flowing defense. They chase the ball. They get after the quarterback. They are going to play physical and have fun. The one thing that we can't afford to do it start slow with this team. We have to start fast, and we have to try to get on them quick the first couple of series to be successful."

On the Buccaneers changing defensive coordinators this week and if they will be able to make significant changes to its defensive scheme or if it will remain similar:

"Not sure. We have to go to our training camp rules. We have to block what we see. It is football so we have basic coverages. We really just have to expect everything."

DB Damarious Randall:

On the Buccaneers offense having multiple explosive WRs:

"Explosive man. They look good on film. I am pretty sure they are one of the best if not the No. 1 passing offense in the league. They look really good."

On Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston:

"He has poise in the pocket. He can make all of the throws, a very, very talented, smart quarterback. Just looking forward to playing him."

On defending a big physical player like Buccaneers WR Mike Evans:

"You just have to know that there are going to be contested balls thrown his way in a lot of one-on-one situations. You just have to get mentally ready and prepared for that."

On getting his hands on Chargers WR Tyrell Williams' contested TD catch:

"It was a 50-50 ball, and tie goes to the receiver."

On if both of his hands and Williams' hands were on the ball:

"I guess when the referee came over there, that is the way it was and that is the way they called it."

On how the Browns defense is preparing this week after last week's performance:

"The same thing we do every week. We just have the 24 hour rule. After we watched the film up on Monday, we just put every game behind us win, lose or draw. Obviously, we have been on the winning side, the losing side and the draw side. That is just the way it has worked this year for us."

LB Joe Schobert:

On how long his injury will keep him off the field:

"No, this is the first time for me. Take it week-by-week. Have to do everything I can to get right and get back to the field as fast as possible. First time so I do not know."

On the degree of his hamstring injury:

"I am not sure. I got an MRI. The team doctors took a look at it. I am not a medical guy so I was not able to see from the pictures. It is not as bad as it could be. I am looking forward to getting back out there as soon as possible."

On if wear and tear from his total number of snaps and extra snaps in OT games may have contributed to the injury:

"It possibly could have been. Like I said, I have never had a soft-tissue injury in my life before in this, youth, college or anything. I do not have the answers really for it. It could have been a reason, but it could have been some other things."

On the Browns initially announcing he was out of the game after sustaining the hamstring injury and if that is an indication the injury is serious:

"No, I do not think [it is serious]. I think with hamstrings sometimes – like I said I have never had one before – but when people say that there is a lot of pain walking around and you feel it laying down and sitting down. With me, it is not really that. It is when I try to run that it kind of gets hitched up. I think if we can just take it day b -day and keep getting it better, I do not think it will hopefully be too long."

On estimating how many weeks he might miss:

"I wish I knew because then it would make me feel better. Right now like I said, I do not know."

On if the Browns medical staff has provided a timetable for his return:

"They say hamstrings are different for everybody so people depending on degrees and variations can be different. I know there are a lot of guys in the NFL this year who have had hamstrings, and they have been out some of them two weeks and some of them have been much longer. People like (Vikings RB) Dalvin Cook have tried to come back, and he is still dealing with issues. I think it is up to each individual person if you just attack the recovery in your own way you can really get after it. For me, hopefully, I will be on the short side of any injury."

QB Tyrod Taylor:

On how he is handling his role on the team:

"Taking it day by day, helping the team anyway I can, giving the defense a good look and also helping myself physically, mentally to continue to keep getting better."

On how he feels physically:

"I feel good. I feel good. The first time I practiced full [was] two weeks ago before the Baltimore game. Feel good and body feels good."

On if it was frustrating lose the starting job following an injury:

"It is frustrating, but it is a part of the game at the same time. Eight years in, you understand some things happen that you can't control. Not wanting to complain, just have to continue to keep being myself day in and day out, continue to be a leader and like I said, help the team in any way. This is a different role, but I am here to offer as much knowledge, as well as just trying to share my view point of things, that can help the defense or offense." 

On if has considered asking for a trade:

"It really has not been a part of my mindset. Just more so have been focusing on getting better each and every day. Those things happen in the league. That really has not been a part of my mindset."

On if he is open to a trade:

"I really have not thought about it. Of course, I love to compete and I want to be out there playing, but I have not thought about those opportunities. Like I said, more so just focusing on getting better and doing things that I can help this team in any way."

On if a potential trade could become more of a mindset as the trade deadline approaches:

"I just continue to keep my head down and continue to keep working, like I said, helping the team."

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