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Press Conference

Browns player press conferences - Landry, Kirksey, Ogunjobi

OL Joel Bitonio:

On the team staying grounded as it gets more national attention:

"As a whole, we have not played well enough to be like 'Man, we are unstoppable.' It is not like we are 5-0 right now or something like that. We have had a lot of mistakes on offense where if we can clean this up, we can be a lot better. You look back, and we scored 12 points. That usually does not win you games in the NFL. Then the week before, we have three or four turnovers where it is like, 'Man, we could have really blew these guys out,' but we had some turnovers and lost. (Head) Coach (Hue) Jackson is not going to let us take anything for granted. He is really pushing us at practice, making sure we are focused on the next opponent."

On if people may start jumping on the Browns bandwagon, given Coach Jackson's comment about Snoop Dogg attending practice:

"I am not sure. I feel like it is always fun to kind of root for the underdog. Like I said, we have not been very good for the last few years. I am not sure why Snoop Dogg was here, if he knew somebody at one of the concerts or something like that. He was only there for like 10 minutes of practice, but it was a surprise for sure. I am not sure where that is. I am not sure if he is a fan, if he is just stopping by or if he knows somebody in the department or something, but it was cool to see him for a couple of seconds."

On former OL Joe Thomas' consecutive snaps streak being enshrined in the Ring of Honor:

"I think Joe is going to be in the Hall of Fame someday so for him to go in the Ring of Honor for his snap count and just what he has done for the city and the work he has put in for Cleveland is pretty cool. He is kind of one of the first guys that I have played with that has had the opportunity to be recognized, and it is going to be fun. I am going to playing the game, but hopefully afterwards, I get to hang out with him and get some dinner or something like that. I know he is excited for this event. He has been talking it up this weekend. I know he is going to be really appreciative of the fans, and hopefully, we get a win to keep the fans happy after that ceremony." 

On the Browns establishing a home field advantage:

"I think the crowd had been great. I think (QB) Baker (Mayfield) has been a part of that, and I think the defense have been a part of that. I think the more we can win, the more they will be behind us. It is hard to be a great home crowd when you are losing games and not really playing for anything late in the season. So far so good, and they have done a good job. It has been loud on some of those defensive possessions. It has been cool to see."

WR Jarvis Landry:

On if expecting and preparing for teams who are aggressive about turnovers:

"I think that every team is coached that way. Some teams make an emphasis on it. (Defensive coordinator) Gregg (Williams) makes a heavy emphasis on it. It is playing off for our team. It is something that as an offensive player, ball security is job security. For us, we always have it in our mind to protect the ball by any means."

On if he hears Williams emphasizing defensive takeaways in practice:

"Oh yeah, absolutely. They have stations and drills that they go through in practice about taking away the ball. That is part of it."

On if the Browns are on the verge of a winning streak:

"Absolutely, I hope so. It is about that time to kind of create some momentum and get over the things that we have been doing. (Offensive coordinator) Coach (Todd) Haley has been saying, 'No past mistakes. We want new mistakes.' Penalties, assignment errors and things like that, just try to get better. Hopefully, that will allow us to score more points and win more games."

On if an NFL stadium can create a college-like home field advantage:

"Yeah, we have it here. It is here already – the energy, the excitement level that is in the stadium already that is from the fans. Obviously, it has been a packed house every time that we have played at home. That is something that we have to use that to our advantage – the crowd noise when we are on defense and as an offense, try to find way to create the momentum form the special teams plays and also the defensive plays, getting turnovers and stuff like that. Feed off of it. It would be a tough place to play."

On if that atmosphere is building at FirstEnergy Stadium each game:

"Yeah, it is. Obviously, the fans want to see us win. It is always good to cheer for your team when they are winning. For us, we have to try to find a way to execute at a high level and feed off of the energy from the crowd."

On passing Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald's record of most receptions through a player's first five seasons:

"It is a great feeling. Larry, being an idol of mine, I hear stories from Haley all of the time, and I talk to (QB) Drew (Stanton) about him, as well. To have an opportunity to pass him in that category, it feels really good."

On if the record and recording more than 450 passes in five seasons entered his mind when he first entered the NFL:

"It really did not kind of hit me until my second year. I think in my second year, I broke the second-year mark, then the third, the fourth and now the fifth. That is when it kind of hit me my second year. I want to say that my first year, (Giants WR) Odell (Beckham Jr.) broke it. That it when it kind of hit me, and it has been like that ever since."

LB Christian Kirksey:

On the Browns emphasizing takeaways in practice:

"We have a certain number that we try to aim for in practice. We have this thing called Takeaway Thursdays. We want to get five-plus. It is just something that we are trying to fix into our minds, our mentality, how to attack the game, how to go get the ball out and really focus on that. I think that we just are really trying to focus on the small details. When we are going to make a tackle, the second man is coming in and trying to strip it out. Always just watching where the ball is at. Little things like that that just keep you thinking about the football."

On how often the Browns defense reaches five takeaways on Thursdays:

"Oh man, I am not going to put our offense out there like that (laughter). We have had some practices where we reached five. I am not sure how many, but we have had some practices where we did."

On ability to balance stripping the ball while securing tackles:

"Sometimes, you go after the ball and you miss, but that is why there are 10 other guys on the field that are pursuing to the ball. In all honesty, the first person there wants to secure the tackle. The second man in can come in and try to go for the ball. For the most part, the first man makes sure that he is securing him, making sure that he is not breaking tackles, is not getting yards after the catch and things like that. It kind of is just a mentality thing with all 11 guys just knowing, 'OK, somebody is going to wrap him up, next person is going to come in and try to shoot at the ball.' It is really nothing that you can kind of like pinpoint to see, 'How can they do this differently?' It is just a collective thing to do with all 11 guys."

On defensive coordinator Gregg Williams also emphasizing takeaways last season and the defense's dramatic improvement this year:

"Keep working it. He came in last year saying that we didn't get and needed turnovers. Just keep working it, working it and working it, and eventually it comes. Just being aggressive with the play calling and just understanding this is how he wants us to attack, this is how he wants us to attack the ball. Good things will come out."

On how close the Browns are to 'taking off':

"We do not get too high. This is Week 6. We have a lot of football to be player. We are sitting here at 2-2-1. We do not want to get a big head and say, 'This is the time. This is the year.' We want to keep chopping wood every day, keep working hard and preparing like we are right now. We just want to stay focused on the next game. Right now, that is L.A. coming in here. They are trying to win a ball game, too. We have to make sure that we do not allow them to win. We just have to stay focused. We do not want to get too far ahead or too far back. We just want to control it right now and keep moving forward."

DL Larry Ogunjobi:

On the source of his drive and intensity:

"I guess when I was coming up when I first started playing football. A lot of people know the story, but I just wanted to be the best. I always felt that hard work and dedication would take me where I needed to go. Every day that is what I try to come out and do. Come out and try to be the best."

On where the Browns defensive line ranks in the league:

"I think we are doing fairly well, but we can be more productive. I feel like there are areas that we can clean up in the pass rush and the run game. For right now I feel like we are making strides because we are a young defensive line, but I feel that we got the right pieces to go out there and do what we need to do."

On his development from last year to this year:

"Just the ability to play more and understanding and recognizing the different blocks and being able to rush the passer better. My offseason training, I really focused on pass rush. I always felt like I could run stopper, but I wanted to be able to be good at the pass, too. That way, I could be able to get to get after the quarterback I feel like with just me being on the field more and me just paying attention to detail."

On being labeled as a 'grinder':

"Yeah, that is what I am. I work really hard. Every day I work really hard. Every day I try to put my best foot forward and find ways to just continue to get better so I do not mind it."

On Chargers QB Philip Rivers:

"He is a veteran. He gets the ball out really quick. A lot of teams – same with last week – you see an O line that does not give up many sacks, and you wonder if they are really stout or is it more that the quarterback is just getting the ball out so fast. That is what Philip is really good at is getting the ball out really fast."

On if the Browns are emphasizing to finish plays, given the defense was close on multiple sack opportunities last week:

"Every week we want to finish your plays. Especially when you get there, it is kind of frustrating to get there and see the ball come out or when you think you got him and he is squirting the ball out. Just being able to wrap up, knowing where to grab him by, start swiping at the ball to get the ball out that way because if the ball hits the ground, sack-forced fumble and it makes it easier on everybody. Just finding ways to get him down, wrap him up and finish the play."

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